First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts “Hidden Figures” White Event

Transcript of FLOTUS remarks here.

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6 Responses to First Lady Michelle Obama Hosts “Hidden Figures” White Event

  1. I can hardly wait for the movie.

  2. eliihass says:

    I’ve only seen the trailers, but I thought Taraji was pretty good from the bit I glimpsed…and extremely convincing in this nerdy role that’s completely different from what she normally plays..

    She’s been shut out thus far from nominations however …the Golden Globes, a conglomerate of mostly white foreign men…mostly European, with a distinctly low tolerance for black folks…and an even lower tolerance for black women – who aren’t playing to type in mammy mode…and who don’t meet their secret and strictly forbidden, entirely sexual ….demure, choose me…approve of me please massa…use me as you please thank you massa…overpowered black slave girl fantasies …

    The concept of a girl like Taraji as the lead playing a smart nerd – in a story about a supposed white brainy outfit like NASA… no matter how convincing on screen, and no matter how non-fictional in reality, doesn’t play well into mainstream Hollywood’s ideas of unaffected, uncontrived and real black women…you’ve got to bleach your skin, talk in an affected valley girl way with a pout…and be faux-shy, wilting white damsel in black girl skin image…

    The SAG awards …the ‘peer’ awards…voted on by fellow actors …often instructed and driven also by narrow minds…stereotypes…pettiness…vendettas…and other shallow ‘considerations’…

    Folks campaign directly and indirectly for these noms all year long…celebrities and those who manage them targetedly and aggressively and relentlessly sucking up with endless like me please and feigned play of ‘team spirit’….endless fakery – including kiss-ups and ‘supportive’ shout-outs to other celebrities…and power players…even when they hate and resent them…

    Taraji as far as I can tell, doesn’t really play phony …and doesn’t do manufactured, valley girl affectation, unfortunately …nor does she ingratiate herself with high profile figures, or inject herself into every high profile happening..

    We’ll see if the Oscars come through …and even if they don’t, the real reward is what young black girls take away from it…priceless …and incredibly powerful..

  3. rikyrah says:

    Absolutely love this. I will love this woman always. Her being FLOTUS…I am so thankful to have witnessed it.

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