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Neil Gorsuch | Trump pick for Supreme Court Justice

Nope, NOPE, NOPETY NOPE! A Scalia robot. Democrats better filibuster this dude. Former President deserved the right to pick Merrick Garland and receive an no or ye vote. The GOP NEVER even considered or allowed Merrick to come forward for … Continue reading

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Hat tip Rikyrah TRUTH Thank you!

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Tuesday Open Thread | Trump fires acting AG who defied him on #MuslimBan

US President Donald Trump on Monday fired the acting attorney general, a holdover from the Obama administration, after she ordered Justice Department attorneys not to defend his controversial executive order on immigration. “The acting attorney general, Sally Yates, has betrayed … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Trump’s Muslim Ban Conflict of Interest

The Telegraph

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Sunday Open Thread

Have a BLESSED Sunday, Everyone

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Rudy Giuliani says Trump asked him to help craft a ‘Muslim ban’ legally

Rudy Giuliani said Donald Trump came to him for guidance on implementing a so-called “Muslim ban” and from that, he helped construct the controversial order crippling international travel from predominantly Muslim countries. The ex-NYC mayor said he pitched the ban, … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Bans ALL Refugees From 7 Muslim Nations

So insulting and offensive! …And UNCONSTITUTIONAL! We have FREEDOM OF RELIGION here. This extreme vetting is bullshit. It’s targeting Muslims. Get ready ACLU and sue these racist bigots to the knees.  The country can’t take 4 years of lies, conspiracy theories, bigotry … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

Happy Saturday, Everyone. ICYMI Serena Williams defeats sister Venus at the Australian Open to win record 23rd grand slam title. SHE’S DONE IT! No. 23@serenawilliams is your #AusOpen 2017 women’s singles champion. 🏆 — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 28, 2017 … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread

TGIF, EVERYONE! Take a look at yourself, AMERICA.

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Donald Trump ordered Park Service to lie about inauguration crowd size; it refused

It turns out the story of the National Park Service defying Donald Trump runs a whole lot deeper and bolder than any of us had previously known. It had already been documented that after the Park Service tweeted photos of … Continue reading

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