Mental health experts say Trump is unfit to serve

The Last Word

Some psychologists and psychiatrists are speaking out about Trump because of a duty to warn. Lawrence talks to two experts with this view: Dr. Lance Dodes and Dr. John Gartner, whose online petition of mental health professionals has more than 26,000 signatures.

As psychologists and psychiatrists continue to warn about President Trump’s mental health, the Columbia Journalism Review called Trump’s mental health “the elephant in the room.

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29 Responses to Mental health experts say Trump is unfit to serve

  1. Julia Vazquez says:

    I keep telling people this man has serious mental issues. If they don’t get him out. We are headed for a 3rd World war.
    He is the new ADOLPH HITLER. If you look at pictures of Hitler and him they have the same expressions and same mannerisms.

  2. eliihass says:

    The crazy goes beyond the buffoon…

      • eliihass says:

        LOL, Ametia…

        This has always been one of my favorites…that little boy knows…so wise beyond his years too..

        But honestly, the lying and crazy is off the charts…

        But isn’t it also really something watching folks like Bob Woodward who were all red-faced and bursting blood vessels at the drop of a pin – and obsessesively indicting the historic President every time he even dared breathe…really something watching Bob Woodward (who clearly has some sort of understanding with the buffoon), suddenly acting all demure and being all mealy-mouthed about the buffoon…and now that he actually has stuff to investigate and good, legitimate reasons to burst blood vessels over..

        And the other virulently anti-Obama mister, Jonathan Turley, hasn’t been seen since he made the rounds arguing in support of the Muslim ban and helping out his bff the buffoon…

        There’s so much material and so many future books to be written about not just the past 9 years, but what’s still unfolding..

  3. @CNN @nytimes @latimes @politico @BuzzFeed

    The truth will always stand. Be encouraged. Pay no mind to the barking dog.

  4. All media need to take a page from @CNN. Refuse to cover Trump because he has a severe problem with lying. If the media continues to cover Trump KNOWING he is lying then they’re enabling him.

  5. Ametia says:

    Please INCLUDE the rest of the folks who have fallen in line with the Cheeto Bandito!




    • eliihass says:

      I think I shared the link to this NYTimes article from last December; but these particular bits stand out: like father, like daughter. The entire family, grifters and con artists..

      “…I always thought her father was tacky. But she’s elegant and classy and strong,” Ms. Wohl said. “So I can’t understand this.”

      Tell that to the mogul Barry Diller, a social acquaintance for many years, and one who in 2009 did a business deal with Mr. Kushner.

      “I think it’s delusional to believe there’s any difference between Mr. Trump and his children on any of his extreme positions,” Mr. Diller wrote in a recent email. “They’ve had every opportunity to publicly modify them and have not done so.”

      There has even been some dissension within family ranks. The supermodel Karlie Kloss has been involved with Mr. Kushner’s younger brother, Joshua, a New York entrepreneur, yet spent the fall making her strong opposition to a Trump presidency known to near-total strangers. Shortly before the election, she posted an Instagram shot of herself filling out an absentee ballot and put the hashtag #Imwithher below it.

      Joshua Kushner, in July and August began “liking” a number of vociferously anti-Trump tweets from his Twitter account.

      For a long time, Ms. Trump’s popularity owed (at least in part) to her ability to smooth out her father’s rough edges. Where Donald Trump was brusque, Ms. Trump was tactful.

      Mr. Trump and his older sons are not fixtures of the New York power scene, but Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner, who bought The New York Observer in 2006, are more socially nimble.

      As with many people eager to move up the New York social ladder, the couple engaged in “philanthropic” endeavors. But they didn’t leave strong footprints. Indeed, to look at Ms. Trump’s charitable deeds is to find echoes of her father’s much-chronicled pattern of claiming a lot while giving just a little.

      In 2010, Ms. Trump became a founding partner of the UN Foundation Girl Up initiative and then showcased her involvement on the Trump Organization’s website, where it remains today as one of just three outside causes the family supports, along with the New York City Police Foundation and the Police Athletic League.

      Ms. Trump’s main contribution was to post a promotional link to her fine-jewelry collection, where she sold a Girl Up bracelet, with part of the sales said to be going to the initiative. Peter Yeo, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, United Nations Foundation, says that while Ms. Trump is on paper still associated with the organization, which is non-partisan, she has not been active in it since 2012.

      Ms. Trump did even less for the “blood diamond” cause.

      In 2011, she announced she was starting a sustainable bridal jewelry line using ethically sourced Canadian diamonds. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Ms. Trump talked about the “multitude of ways” she was planning on building her brand into “a truly socially engaged and responsible company.”

      But using Canadian diamonds cost more, the line did not get traction, and it was soon abandoned, although Ms. Trump did manage in 2012 to accept a “Good” award from the Diamond Empowerment Fund, a nonprofit co-founded by Russell Simmons.

      Along with Mr. Kushner, Ms. Trump made inroads on the benefit circuit, popping up at galas for New Yorkers for Children and the New York Public Library, where they were guests at *other* people’s tables.

      Messages about empowering women have been woven into her sales pitch, which blends inspirational mottos with “shop this look” appeals on her website,

      For instance, her company sent out a newsletter presenting a giving-back feature to — philanthropy tips for millennials. Beneath the “Get Inspired” rubric was a different message: “Give Warmth.” But it wasn’t a coat drive. Instead it was a link to buy Ivanka Trump winter apparel on sale at Nordstrom (a $325 faux Toscana shearling coat knocked down to $199.90).

      Shannon Coulter started a boycott of Ms. Trump’s brand over social media, with a #GrabYourWallet hashtag that went viral.

      “People think that because she’s polished and well spoken, that she isn’t like him,” Ms. Coulter said. “I think she is more dangerous because she is more polished.”

  6. Julia Vazquez says:

    Finally someone has actually realized. That this man is a PSYCHOPATH.

  7. SwedishSquadleader says:

    Now, that is scary. There’s no self awareness in these type of diagnosis. The only one close to him that might have a clue seem to be his wife. She seems to have a healthy distance.

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