Watch Live: A Conversation with President Obama

CHICAGO (AP) — Former President Barack Obama is set to hold the first public event of his post-presidential life in the place where he started his political career.

Obama will speak Monday at noon the University of Chicago, where his presidential library is planned.

College students from around the Chicago area are expected to attend. The invitation-only event is being billed as part of his post-presidency goal to “encourage and support the next generation of leaders.”

Obama delivered his presidential farewell speech in Chicago in January.

His first public engagement since then comes as President Donald Trump nears his 100-day mark in office.

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30 Responses to Watch Live: A Conversation with President Obama

  1. eliihass says:

    We have a dumb, corrupt, ignorant, Putin-owned kleptocratic buffoon, playing pretend in our White House … lining his pockets, and that of his family and friends, while decimating protections with the assist of his white supremacist cohorts and greedy, self-interested plutocrats…

    But Democrats are so busy as usual, eating the very best of their own…once again reappearing from their hiding places to join in badmouthing and weakening and demeaning their own …the most popular to be elected and to leave office politician and most successful, dignified and scandal-free President in modern history, by steadily chipping away, trivializing and throwing him under the bus …while allowing the media distract, shine up, normalize, absolve and elevate the Putin-owned buffoon and his dumb, complicit brood – by focusing instead on some bogus narrative about Democrats ‘out of touch’ and losing ground because they’ve become too ‘Ivy League’…and have ‘lost touch’ with the all-important white demographic …and blaming the last Democratic President who they never even really rallied around and who pulled off historic accomplishments with little or no help from even members of his own party …and nothing but hate and obstruction, from republicans…and all to crickets, and in most instances, complicit egging on by the media and the plutocrats who own them and urged and encouraged the disruption of the historic presidency because they weren’t getting what they wanted …

    Fact is, a vile, corrupt, ignorant, classless, treasonous, white megalomaniac buffoon will always be infinitely more ‘superior’ and preferable in the minds of, and the prime and only choice, as far as those so-called poor, ‘forgotten’, opioid-addled white folks in Appalachia and middle America are concerned…and even for the sober, non-drug addicted, middle class, union and wealthier ones who’ll always find white, no matter how starkly uninformed and incompetent, to be infinitely more ‘representative’ of them and thus, infinitely preferable and more acceptable in ‘their white House’…

    Fact is, that those who are turned off by, and cite ‘black lives matter’ as one of those ‘irritating’, ’boutique’, issues, are not really about ‘economics’ no matter how much the media and they insist otherwise..

    It’s offensive when folks pee on you and try to convince you that it’s just rainwater…it’s just as offensive when people who pussy-foot about the raving buffoon and his silly brood, show no such restraint in negatively and harshly opining and criticizing the historic President…it’s offensive in my opinion when folks play games and every side …no matter how much they try to justify it…like Angela Merkel unnecessarily elevating and inviting the buffoon’s daughter to speak at a world leader event she’s hosting in Berlin…while chumming up to the historic President by having him invited to an event a week or so later, where she’ll have a conversation and audience q &a with him..

    It boggles the mind the nerve of those who assume that they can willfully disrespect and attack the historic President in subtle and not so subtle ways….trash him and his legacy at will, and still somehow assume that they’ll manage to shame, guilt, charm, or strong-arm the historic President and his also incredibly popular, extremely effective and valuable asset to Dems, wife and historic First Lady, into fundraising and even campaigning for or participating in their events in the future…

    It’s always irritated me to no end just how brazenly insulting Dems have always been in assuming that some of us are so stupid that we couldn’t possibly notice or care when they disrespect and dismiss this historic President and First Lady …until of course they need them to campaign and fundraise for them…or herd the votes and money of those of us who respect, love and support the Obamas, into party coffers…

    At some point, some of these folks have to be clearly sent a message if they still don’t get it, that it is precisely why they don’t get our votes even as we enthusiastically voted for the historic President…

    How they miss something so obvious, boggles the mind…the distinct point that our respect and support for the Obamas is not transferable..

    And contrary to the warped logic of some DNC mouthpieces – including those spouting off recently – us outrightly rejecting some of the unimpressive candidates, hand-picked and forced upon us, is in no way an indictment of the historic president…

    As much as we respect the Obamas, and in fact, because we love and respect the historic First Couple, we won’t just turn over our votes and money to those who even dare disrespect them …even if and when the culprits somehow still manage to guilt or strong-arm our historic First Couple into variously campaigning and fundraising for them…

    Not gonna happen…so Dems better watch it…

    If republicans can without an ounce of shame or embarrassment rally around, and not only fluff up, talk up, tout and elevate, but brazenly lie, spin, ignore, actively participate in and cover up the continuous in your face bungling, conflicts and crime of an ignorant, bumbling, dumb treasonous buffoon that’s selling our country down the river…how and why on earth can’t Democrats honor and tout – without trivializing and inserting rubbish disclaimers – the important accomplishments of the brilliant and dignified historic President who not only pulled off important wins for the country in the face of untold obstruction, but managed to elevate this country in the eyes of the world after years of global anti-American sentiment ..? Yet, how is it that the same folks who not only won’t respect but continuously participate in the trivializing of the historic President and his historic accomplishments, want and expect us then to get in line and do as they command us…including, picking our pockets and automatically getting behind candidates they in their all-knowingness, pick…

  2. ChrisJansing asked if PBO needed to be more vocal. So now folks want President Obama to be more vocal. They’re looking for the black guy to clean up y’all mess. Clean it up yourself‼️

  3. Mythe: President Until Further Notice‼️

  4. rikyrah says:

    That’s my President…sniff sniff….

    • Ametia says:

      Thank you! This means DEMOCRATIC PARTY to stop RECYCLING the same, tired, rundown, dinosaurs for elected office. Step aside and let the next generation LEAD!

      And get Bernie Sanders off the stage. He is not adding anything to the Democratic Party, and is not a DEMOCRAT!!!!

  5. Ametia says:

    Finally, we get to hear and see a REAL STATESMAN!

    Thank you for posting, SG2.

  6. President Obama is back, y’all!

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