Senator Ed Markey confirms a #TrumpRussia Grand Jury has been empanelled in New York

Senator Ed Markey confirms subpoenas have been issued in Northern Virginia with regards to Michael Flynn and his associates and a Grand Jury has been empanelled in New York.

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54 Responses to Senator Ed Markey confirms a #TrumpRussia Grand Jury has been empanelled in New York

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  2. Ametia says:


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  13. *******************


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  19. Woooo🍿👀


  20. It’s On & Poppin‼️


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  24. Oh dear God!


  25. Lord Jesus! Russia is in the WH running ISH and Trump is giving us the finger.


  26. Russia is running ISH…


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  28. Breaking News: Washington Post: Deputy AG threaten to resign after WH narrative cast him as prime mover to fire Comey.


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  30. Breaking News: Senate Intel Committee Issues Subpoena for Michael Flynn #RussiaInvestigation


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  34. #Maddow Breaking: New Acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe, Once Reportedly Told White House FBI Investigations Is BS.


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  37. nedhamson says:

    Serious old school Republicans should be ready to cut and run to start a new party or face their own political demise. This crap is just too obvious.

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