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John P Kee.Pastor John P Kee (born John Prince Kee on June 4, 1962) is an American gospel singer and pastor.

John P. Kee was born the 15th out of 16 children in Durham, North Carolina. At an early age he began to develop his musical talent both instrumentally and vocally. He attended the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem and at 14, he and his brothers Wayne and Al moved to California where he began attending the Yuba College Conservatory School of Music in Marysville, CA. During this time, he began playing with various groups such as Cameo and Donald Byrd and the Blackbyrds. After having a hard time adjusting in California, he left and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina only to find himself living in a part of the city known for its violence and drug activities. After watching one of his friends being murdered in a drug deal gone bad, he rededicated his life back to God during a visitation to a revival meeting.

About SouthernGirl2

A Native Texan who adores baby kittens, loves horses, rodeos, pomegranates, & collect Eagles. Enjoys politics, games shows, & dancing to all types of music. Loves discussing and learning about different cultures. A Phi Theta Kappa lifetime member with a passion for Social & Civil Justice.
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  1. eliihass says:

    Perfect…sums up my loooonnng epistle..

  2. Ametia says:

    Tony Awards. BORING!!!!

  3. Look at this ISH, y’all. This is too much. It’s the craziest ISH I’ve ever seen. White people stop it!

    • eliihass says:

      But Mr. Garrow – the greasy, lip-smacking, thinks he’s so slick with his desperate and dubious appropriation of phony, dubious ‘knowledge’ of and ‘more than a passing familiarity’ with ‘civil rights’ and ‘leaders of the movement’ bonafides,.. and the ingratiation and cultivation of all manner of dubious, envious, hostile, petty, aggrieved folk, most nursing all manner of grievances, and many telling all manner of uncorroborated, one-sided, skewed ‘perspectives’ of long ago events…this malevolent ‘academic’ and his equally malevolent, spiteful, passive-aggressive, ‘shouldabeenme’ accomplice -shameless Sheila whatshername, insist it’s really all for show and political expedience …no love…just calculation and political opportunism designed entirely to cultivate and win over the support and votes of silly black people …

      We’ll have to wait and see now won’t we …

      As my wise mother has said, desperate people looking to be seen as relevant to and in another’s story, will stoop to any level to forcibly insert themselves into it…No matter who they hurt, and how much damage they inflict in the process…But that is precisely the entire point of this disrespectful and salacious assertion based on events from over 30 years ago …to hurt, inflict pain, chip away, discredit and permanently damage…And one wonders what sort of 53 year old woman – married with kids herself, not only disrespects the wife of 25 years of an ex she rendezvoused with way back when they were all in their early twenties, but now shamelessly disrespects her own military-man husband…gleefully and publicly over-sharing for posterity, sleazy tidbits of sexual romps from over 30 years ago, including the very sly bit specifically targeted at the black wife of 25 years…talking about still sleeping with the now long-married public figure – even after he first started dating the ‘politically expedient’ black woman he went on to marry and have children with..

      This woman, a supposed associate professor at a college FLOTUS delivered a commencent speech at a couple of years ago, proudly and very cockily – and with no ounce of shame or embarrassment…even though she glibly insists she ‘felt bad about it’, 🙄,…she declares that he told her all about the black woman…while the black woman was kept in the dark and remained completely unaware of the secret gleeful romper and the shenanigans being orchestrated behind her back in Boston as she toiled away at her law firm in Chicago …because had she known, we all know that the very proud, self-respecting young black woman with self-worth in spades, would have had absolutely none of it…And would have immediately kicked him to the curb…While Ms. Sheila assumed it was somehow a feather in her cap, and something to tout and be much proud of, to be sleeping with a man who was now seriously courting another woman – and telling her all about it too…😏And gleefully sharing all about it 30 years later…

      The goal is as yarns like these go, publicly spun and preserved in so-called ‘biographies’ for eternity, have the potential to not only distort and devalue, but wreak havoc and do real long-term damage…if not now, later – and even more so when everyone is dead and gone…And especially if there has not been any formal and categorical rebuttal on record – preferably by, and directly from the main subject himself…Nothing more outrageous and disheartening and damaging than to have folks hijack and distort not just one’s high-point career legacy, but most importantly, one’s marriage and family…colluding with others to disrespect and essentially devalue one’s proud black wife – and reducing and dismissing her not only merely as incidental and future collateral damage – after all’s said and done – but as some inferior consolation prize – only calculatingly ‘picked and tolerated’ entirely for ‘political expediency’…

      So many of us would sooner ignore it all- or pretend not to notice or care, but for what it’s worth, others are paying close attention and taking it all in…And there are those who are delighted and gleefully clinging tightly to the story that the black wife was after all, not only not the ‘first choice’ as they’d all previously resignedly assumed to their chagrin,..but now they find out she was only a mere politically expedient ‘pick’…After the ‘callous, calculating, ambitious’ future politician ‘coldly’ ‘sacrificed’ his ‘true emotional’ choice and damned his deepest emotional needs and sexual desires, ‘dumped’ his ‘real love’, his ‘passionate and most important relationship’, to go with some random black woman he didn’t really love, but who would make him appear more ‘black’ than he really ever felt or was…and ultimately make it ‘easier’ for him to be accepted by the black community he needed to get ahead …and who otherwise would never have embraced or supported him politically..

      I, like so many people I know, have no intention of buying the book…I have however read snippets when I see them…I’ve pretty much read quite a bit …and frankly, as much as I care to…But I’ve carefully followed, and watched/listened to just about every discussion about this…including every interview with the greasy lip-smacker himself …I always want to know and put a face to every player and their various roles, views etc – for now and the future….What stands out mostly is how all anyone is really interested in the book, is this ‘relationship’ bit…And what especially stands out is the fact that folks are not so much interested in or even care that the main subject of the book supposedly ‘callously and calculatingly ditched’ ‘the woman he really loved’…they are quite content with the ‘winning’ ‘idea’ and the whole white is superior ideal that they are delighted to find the one ‘real love’ was in the end, white after all – or some version of it…They all universally seem to have until now, struggled to reconcile or embrace the ‘anomaly’ of a well-loved black wife beside and on the arms of a now successful man …It appears to have bothered a whole lot of folks for a very long time it seems…and you could see most of them breathe a sigh of relief…All was well with the world again now that they were told that it wasn’t so…But most importantly, they are all thrilled that the black wife is not really ‘loved’, but merely a politically expedient ‘arrangement’…and thrilled too that she’s surely been humiliated by this public disclosure by her husband’s ‘white’ ‘true love’ …Quite something to see how a book that set about mostly to ‘expose’ and take the shine off an elected politician, became for most of those interested in it, entirely gratifying only for the nugget told by a ‘white’ ex-girlfriend from his 20’s, that his unelected black wife of 25 years and mother of his children, was merely a cold-blooded calculation and ‘political expedience’ on his part…and they’re not at all mad at him, but completely thrilled that his black wife is officially demoted in the hierarchy of who he ‘actually loves’…and has been thoroughly humiliated..

      For 9 years the dehumanizing attacks on this same black wife went completely unanswered…and the hurtful and harmful slanderous narratives began to take hold over time…And not once was she ever formally – or even in passing, defended – or the damaging narratives pushed back against…Instead we keep getting supposedly ‘endearing’ descriptives of her cast not in tender, sweet words, but in mostly bizarrely violent and negative and unflattering terms and adjectives…And now, even some black kids and folks from as far away as other continents, believe, cling to and spread some of the same hurtful, slanderous fake narratives about her as ‘true’..

      For far too long, attacks on her have been ignored or dismissed because she’s supposedly ‘strong and tough and can handle it’…No damsel in distress rescues happening…as other women are quickly rallied around, defended and protected…This cannot be easy for her having people publicly diminish her relationship and 25 year old marriage…publicly speculating about whether her husband truly loved or loves her – or only used her to advance his political ambitions…and frustratingly ‘stuck’ with her now that it’s all over..
      As some wise person said, at what point will her feelings, burdens, contributions, sacrifices, scars and losses, ever be fully acknowledged and not denigrated or cast as irrelevant or incidental..? 
      Shame on us for allowing them do this to her…disrespecting and denigrating this historic first black FLOTUS in ways most of us would never tolerate in our own marriages and relationships..

      For what it’s worth, my wise mother insists, and I wholeheartedly agree, that it’ll be pertinent to publicly correct the record on this one…especially in what’s inherent in the vile insinuation asserted by this ex..and gleefully recorded for posterity…For a wife’s honor, and for their 2 daughters who will carry a humiliating burden of uncertainty otherwise, one must correct the record. As a wise person noted, a presumption that one’s wife privately knows the truth is simply not enough in this case. These are both historic figures and it’s important that their journey together – for which she’s made and continues to make untold enormous sacrifices and invaluable contributions, must not be hijacked, negatively distorted, irreversibly diminished and substantially devalued, courtesy of thirsty ex-girlfriends from one’s youth.

      Exes from one’s youth cannot be given the unfettered power to distort, tarnish and devalue one’s wife…and by extension, one’s 25 years and counting, marriage and 2 daughters, as mere political expediences.

      If categorically left unanswered, long after everyone’s dead and gone, there will be those touting these preferred innuendos; And the unsettling, easily malleable narratives will be twisted to further the dubious agenda of others.

      If this black wife of 25 years is truly loved, honored and valued….and not some political expedience that’s ‘stuck’ and ‘stuck around’, categorically declare it then…Nip this crazy in the bud once and for all. Ex-girlfriend accounts and “love Letters” must not be used to distort future historical accounts – to advance false, obnoxious narratives of relevance by exes, and ultimately, to humiliate, demean, dismiss and permanently devalue this historic first black FLOTUS…a favorite sport of those who gleefully embrace said tales –and clearly, the m.o of spiteful exes from over 31 years ago, who now seek to very aggressively and publicly insert themselves and assert their relevance atop perch a now historic figure’s story. As one smart person said, how can anyone allow a ghost from the past maliciously intrude upon one’s marriage and family?

      The entire world is watching. It shouldn’t be hard to shut down all speculation about what the wife one married 25 years ago, and has walked this historic journey with, means to one. This is not the time for niceties, or to be mealy-mouthed or to parse things …and only to still assuage/placate and impress and remain in the good graces of malevolent exes from one’s youth, and random malevolent others – and only to be thought of as ‘nice’ and a ‘gentleman’, but entirely at one’s humiliated wife’s expense. One’s wife and her feelings…that’s all that matters now…She’s the only woman who counts and whose feelings must be considered and assuaged and placated .. All the other folks from one’s previous life have been more than indulged for far too long…Enough already..

      This is very much a wife’s journey too now…28+ of the prime years of her life….And 2 impressionable daughters will be watching along with the rest of the world to see how and if this disrespect of their mother is nipped once and for all…BOLDLY. .And not merely in some coy way…

      It might appear not to matter too much right now, but it certainly will in the future when folks try to come again and again for their black mother in a country that gleefully denigrates and devalues black women, and takes extra pleasure in seeing them cut down and hurt…again and again…A country that takes even more pleasure in especially seeing this particular black woman, humiliated, broken and cut down to size..

  4. eliihass says:

    Hope everyone’s having a lovely Sunday…

    This was so funny, I had to share…and I apologize for posting the entire thing..

    “…And it came to pass, in the land of Britain, that the High Priestess went unto the people and said, Behold, I bring ye tidings of great joy. For on the eighth day of the sixth month there shall be a general election.

    And the people said, Not another one.

    And they waxed wroth against the High Priestess and said, Didst thou not sware, even unto seven times, that thou wouldst not call a snap election?

    And the High Priestess said, I know, I know. But Brexit is come upon us, and I must go into battle against the tribes of France, Germany, and sundry other holiday destinations. And I must put on the armor of a strong majority in the people’s house. Therefore go ye out and vote.

    And there came from the temple pollsters, who said, Surely this woman will flourish. For her enemy is as grass; she cutteth him down. He is as straw in the wind, and he will blow away. And the trumpet of her triumph shall sound in all the land.

    And the High Priestess said, Piece of cake.

    And there came from the same country a prophet, whose name was Jeremy. His beard was as the pelt of beasts, and his raiments were not of the finest. And he cried aloud in the wilderness and said, Behold, I bring you hope.

    And suddenly there was with him a host of young people. And he said unto them, Ye shall study and grow wise in all things, and I shall not ask ye for gold. And the sick shall be made well, and they also will heal freely. And he promised unto them all manner of goodly things.

    And the young people said unto him, How shall these things be rendered, seeing that thou hast no money in thy purse?

    And he spake unto them in a voice of sounding brass and said, Soak the rich. And again, Pull down the mighty from their seats.

    And the young people went absolutely nuts.

    And they hearkened unto the word of Jeremy, and believed. For they said unto themselves, Lo, he bringeth unto us the desire of our hearts. He cometh by bicycle, with a helmet upon his head. And he eateth neither flesh nor fowl, according to the Scriptures. For man cannot live by bread alone, but hummus is quite another matter.

    And the High Priestess saw all these things and was sore. And she gathered unto her the chief scribes and the Pharisees and said unto them, What the hell is going on?

    And they said unto her, It is a blip, as if it were a rough place upon the road.

    But they said unto themselves, When the government was upon her shoulders, this woman was mighty. But now that she has gone abroad unto every corner of the land, she stumbleth. For surely it is written that ruling and campaigning are as oil and water, and there shall be no concord betwixt them.

    And the chief scribes wrote upon tablets, saying, Jeremy is false of tongue. He hideth wickedness in his heart. And his sums do not add up.

    And nobody paid any attention.

    And the elders rose up and said to the young people, If ye choose Jeremy, he will bring distress in your toils and wailing upon your streets. Do ye not remember the nineteen-seventies?

    And the young people said, The what?

    And the elders spake again, and said to the young people, Beware, for he gave succor in days of yore to the I.R.A.

    And the young people said, The what?

    And the young people said, Jeremy shall bring peace unto all nations, for he hateth the engines of war that take wing across the heavens. And he showeth respect for all peoples, even unto the transgender community.

    And the elders said, The what?

    And it came to pass that the heathen of this land came among the people, with fire and sword, and slew many among the faithful. And great was the lamentation.

    And the High Priestess waxed exceeding wroth and said to the people, Fear not. For I shall bind your wounds and give ye shelter from the heathen, and shall take up the sword against them.

    And there came again pollsters from the temple, who said, Will the people not vote for her in this hour of need?

    And nobody paid any attention.

    And it came to the vote.

    And the elders went up to vote, and the young people. And the young people were as a multitude. And in the hours of darkness there was much counting. And the young people watched by night, and the elders went to bed.

    And there came in the morning news that the High Priestess had vanquished the prophet Jeremy. But the triumph of the High Priestess was as the width of a nail. And she was vexed.

    And the elders and the chief scribes and the Pharisees spoke among themselves, yea, even in the corners of their houses.

    And there was great rejoicing amidst the multitude of the young. And they took strong wine, and did feast among themselves. And there were twelve baskets left over.

    And of the pollsters there was no sign.

    And the people saw Jeremy and said, Surely this man has won? Doth he not skip in gladness like a young hart upon the hills?

    And there was great murmuring among the elders. And they said unto themselves, Weep not. For the High Priestess doth but prepare the way. Cometh there not one who is greater than she?

    And they said, Behold, for the hour of the redeemer is upon us. And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Prince of Peace. And they cried in one voice, Boris.

    And the young people said, Oh, shit.

    And the people gave tongue, and made supplication unto the Lord, saying, Lord, let our cry come unto thee.

    And the Lord thought the whole thing was absolutely hilarious.

    And then the people said, Lord, what shall we do regarding Brexit? For henceforth the High Priestess shall be as weak as a newborn lamb. How shall we hope for continued access to the single market?

    And the Lord said, The what?

    • eliihass says:

      When things are so bad that even Willard suddenly looks like a ‘great’ Statesman..

      • majiir says:

        The problem for the GOP is that even if Romney decides to campaign on behalf of GOPers seeking re-election to Congress, most voters will know that even if they win those elections, little/nothing will change in D.C. because Orange Trumpet will still be POTUS.

    • eliihass says:

      They’re denying this report, SG…but it’s said that a date has still not been set..

      The truth is that Theresa May should never have strong-armed Buckingham Palace into fêting this impostor..

      Besides, this was entirely way too premature, even under the best of circumstances..

      • majiir says:

        I also can’t forget how often those who flocked to his campaign events last year described him as being “a strong leader.” He’s not, and he never was. If he were a strong leader, he’d go to the UK and take his lumps, but he won’t. As SG 2 mentioned below, “Good luck with that,” especially if he’s waiting for the time when he won’t be met by thousands of protesters in London when AF1 touches down at Heathrow. He can count on that happening no matter when he schedules the visit. When he was in Europe last month, pulled his pants down, bent over, and told European leaders to kiss his butt. No right-minded person would expect to be welcomed with open arms in someone’s home after pulling a stunt like that.

  5. Ametia says:


    • WaPo is so full of ISH. How can Comey “leak” his own non classified personal recollections? They were his own recollections, they were not classified and he wasn’t FBI director because Trump had FIRED him.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😐😐😐

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