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Taking this time to plug Still Star-Crossed again.

Check it out, Mondays on ABC at 10 pm EST

Why Everyone Should Be Watching ‘Still Star Crossed’
June 12th 2017

It’s ironic that Shonda Rhimes’ “Still Star-Crossed,” a show where crucial plot points turn on marriage, is being told by a diverse cast of actors. It highlights the ways in which marriage is traditionally used to increase power for one or both members of the couple. The Prince, the Montagues and Capulets are all very clear about what they stand to gain by the proverbial joining of two hands. Marriage in the “Still Star-Crossed” universe is a mere means to an end for the most powerful citizens in fair Verona and this is well… awesome! The point is not marriage itself per se but that the show, because of the intersection of history, race, and geography forces the viewer to think. Concepts such as marriage and blood ties embody new complexity when viewed through this lens. That marriage is a vehicle for the amassing of power for instance, hints at an important social truth about the roots of intransigent attitudes against interracial marriage in American culture.

“Still Star-Crossed” is also a standout and unfortunately, a rarity, in that it has given all of its female characters their own agency, their own motivations independent of male romantic partners. It’s especially poignant given the youthfulness of the characters. Rosaline, her sister Livia, her old friend Princess Isabella, Lady Capulet, even now-dead Juliet, all had very clear motivations stemming from their own emotional needs. Although Shonda Rhimes’ shows routinely showcase brilliant and complex female characters, much of what they do centers on men, especially “Scandal” and the long-running “Grey’s Anatomy.” “Still Star-Crossed” manages to deliver on romance while keeping a laser focus on the dreams, desires, aspirations, and preoccupations of the female characters even when they long, as Livia does for a traditional female role. Rosaline, the main character represents what perhaps would have been the feminist of her medieval day. Who would have thought a Shonda Rhimes show, known for over-the-top drama could also be so quietly subversive? Even “Game of Thrones,” with its plethora of female central characters can’t boast the same. Instead, seemingly strong, independent female characters end up being subtly circumscribed by the male characters whether they be lovers, advisers, or family members. “Still Star-Crossed” has achieved quite the feminist coup.

Speaking of Rosaline, her conflicts with the people in her life, make her one of the strongest female characters on television right now. Rosaline has clashed with every member of her family thus far, her love interest the Prince, and her best friend Isabella who happens to be the Prince’s sister. That isn’t to mention her palpable dislike for her fiance by fiat, Benvolio. He inevitably manages to elicit GIF worthy reactions from Rosaline whenever she is in his proximity. Still, Rosaline manages to stand up for herself without becoming a shrew or resorting to cheap theatrics. This takes us to another reason to watch this show; the conflict between Rosaline and Benvolio. Neither one of them wants to marry the other and they aren’t shy about letting each other and the world know, peace in Verona be damned. However, the chemistry between the characters is off the charts and their scenes together are electric. The thing is, Rosaline and Benvolio are more alike than they would like to admit. They are both rebels committed to individual freedom. Rosaline hates Benvolio but doesn’t know him. To add to the intrigue, there is a burgeoning love triangle situation happening. Prince Escalus represents the other sixty degrees. Rosaline actually loves Prince Escalus but it is increasingly clear that she doesn’t know him either. To her shock and utter bewilderment, he is the one who has demanded that she marry the detested Benvolio. It will be interesting to see how the characters evolve as newly crowned Prince Escalus continues to grow into his role as ruler of Verona and the scales fall from strong-willed Rosaline’s perhaps puppy love blinded eyes.

Then there is the obvious. This show expands history for audiences in a fun and engaging way. It brings to the fore that there were black people in Europe during the medieval ages. There is even evidence of pre-Renaissance existence of blacks in the Americas as well. There is hardly any time or space devoted to this aspect of history in traditional history courses from elementary through high school. It is said that history is written by the victors, so here, “Still Star Crossed” continues to slay at the subversion thing. Without calling attention to it, the show has refocused the lens of history. It illustrates that blacks were contributors to history in roles other than simply as servants or slaves. If anything, they were discriminated against as foreigners, not because of the color of their skin. Strong evidence of a black presence in Europe during the medieval era can be found in artwork from that period. Indisputably, blacks were part of the social landscape then. It is a well documented, if not well known fact that at least one member of the powerful Medici family was black. “Still Star Crossed” goes even further and indicates that in many households, there were white servants as well as black servants and they all had the same social status. This was also the case in the US prior to the onset of laws beginning around 1640, that incrementally and increasingly limited the rights of blacks.

I just love this show. However long it lasts, just want to thank Shonda Rhimes.

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    • rikyrah says:


      Before the statistics were kept, Black folk were told that what we knew about the criminal justice system and US – was all in our imagination.

      Well, then, we went about the time to get the statistics to prove what WE already knew.

      About OURSELVES…..

      and, this thread just confirms what we thought White folks thought about us and the criminal justice system.

      THEY SAY that White folks got mad about BLACK LIVES MATTER.

      I call that bullshyt.

      what they got mad about, is that Black Lives Matter, and other social media presence groups, proved, with video, about what the statistics said .
      they put the bodies in their face, and then dared to tell White folks, who comfortably ignored the black and white statistics…

      How DARE Black people actually think that their EXISTENCE shouldn’t mean a DEATH SENTENCE.

      HOW DARE US.
      So, they go out, and do the bullshyt of All Lives Matter, and Blue Lives Matter, and try and find every reason possible to excuse summary executions of Black folks by police…

      And, think that Black folks will just shut up about it.
      That time has passed.

      And, even though we have that phucking racist in the White House

      And Attorney General White Citizens Council….

      We are not going back to the time where Black folks could be killed and folks wouldn’t speak up because they were scared. That was our grandparents.

      That shyt’s over. Period.

  1. Ametia says:

    Report: Steve Bannon under investigation for obstruction and physically threatening White House staff
    By Bill Palmer
    Updated: 4:22 pm EDT Fri Jun 16, 2017

    The investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is expanding by the day, and in some instances by the hour, with the reported list of investigative subjects and targets continuing to grow longer. Now comes a report that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is under investigation for obstruction, and for allegedly physically threatening his fellow White House staffers.

    • Liza says:


      • eliihass says:

        The irony is that in the end, when push comes to shove, people like Bannon are actually just cowards at their core..

        Hate-filled and callous ..but ultimately just simple cowards..

        Watch him whimper and weasel out when the wall closes in on him..

    • Ametia says:

      Cosby is not a victim, and neither were those women who met up with him, knowing he was MARRIED. I’m DONE with all of them.

      • vitaminlover says:

        I truly love his sitcom ‘the Cosby Show’. I love what it represented. I didn’t know at that time he was such a heaux. I still love the show and family theme . However he should be ashamed.

    • rikyrah says:

      Case never should have been brought.
      Either statute of limitations exists, or it doesn’t, but don’t pretend and to be creative when Cosby comes along. I am not on Team Cosby, but let’s not pretend that they didn’t make up new rules to bring this to trial.

  2. Breaking News: Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby case after jury remains deadlocked.

  3. Ametia says:

    MISTRIAL for Cosby

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😐😐 😐

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