Police reopen probe after video surfaces of cop brutally beating homeless woman


This is the most disturbing barbaric act of violence upon a woman I have ever seen. What did she do to justify such extreme violence? She didn’t kill anyone nor was she threatening anyone. If the cop beat an animal this way, there would be outrage across the country & he’d be jailed. The cop is a savage beast who belongs in a cage, not on a police force. He beat that poor woman with full force and without mercy like she wasn’t human. How is this any different from the slave masters, & slave catchers violence on black women? How is this violence any different from ISIS? And then have a police department claim it was justified until a video surfaces is mind numbing.

Police Officer Filmed Beating Homeless Woman as She Cries for Help

ELLIHASS: This evil man in uniform paid for by taxpayers, is pure evil…

I’m shaking with anger…

The way he struck this poor woman again and again at full strength …and knelt on top of her…

She was so disoriented from being struck, she practically hit the wall as he led her out handcuffed..

And shame on all the folks looking on as he mercilessly hit this poor, helpless woman…Not one bold enough to say stop striking her…instead telling her ‘not to resist’…

Hopefully this cruel, evil in uniform paid for by taxpayers will be severely dealt with…and may Karma visit him in ways that’ll permanently destroy him..

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5 Responses to Police reopen probe after video surfaces of cop brutally beating homeless woman

  1. Liza says:

    I was thinking about this…

    This is the PERFECT example of a RED FLAG that says “Fire this cop and charge him with assault because HE IS GOING TO KILL SOMEONE.” And I strongly suspect that in the case of this cop there have been prior red flag incidents that would have proved him to be unsuitable for the profession. This is not his first time,

    The protection of cops at the expense of the citizens, the taxpayers who pay for them and their settlements with victims and the victims who pay with their lives and permanent injuries, is the very source of this problem.

    First there is the screening problem, who gets to become a cop. But sure, mistakes can be made. However, as soon as a cop shows he can’t do the job without ACTING OUT HIS RAGE, have a system in place to get him out of the Police Department. The current system does exactly the opposite, it protects ALL cops no matter how badly they are doing their job.

    • Liza, I said the same thing…this is not his first time doing this.

      • Liza says:

        He is a very angry person, violent and dangerous.

        This is the problem from hell and none of these politicians, our so called leaders, have the will to deal with it. Despite the videos, it’s getting worse.

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