Footnotes for Jay Z “4:44” | Black Men Keeping it 100% REAL

I’m not a fan of Jay Z. But I love the footnotes from his release of album 4:44.

Enjoy, it’s very informative.

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8 Responses to Footnotes for Jay Z “4:44” | Black Men Keeping it 100% REAL

  1. Ametia says:



    • eliihass says:

      Et tu Michael Vick..?


      To think we spent years fighting for this weasel against the very same folks who made sure he understood that he was less valuable than a dog….now they’re wheeling out his blackface to run Kaepernick over now that they’ve thrown him under the bus…

      If indeed this was being done in good faith…and was simply all about ‘advice’ as Vick insists…it would not be done on television…he would reach out to Kaepernick privately, and offer him as much advice as he wishes…behind the scenes…

      But it isn’t..

      Further evidenced by his slam of Kaepernick’s playing ability…



  2. eliihass says:

    Thanks to Rikyrah for posting this a while back…

    This should be required watching for every married man…and those thinking of getting married…

    If this young man can figure it out and have it right, there’s absolutely no excuse for other black men …

    If this young black husband not only gets it, but unabashedly declares for all the world to hear…that his black wife comes first…not their children, not their extended family, but his black wife…she who came first and before their kids were born…she who then birth their kids …she comes first…and will always come first he says..

    Finally…a guy who isn’t dangling fatherhood as somehow replacement/compensation for being a lousy husband…a guy who isn’t using and effusively and loudly touting being a ‘great father’ and his ‘love’ for his kids, as sufficient cover for his shoddy treatment of their mother..

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  3. eliihass says:

    Boo hoo..

    Excuses, excuses..

    As if black women in America haven’t had even worse burdens to contend with and overcome, in this hostile society…and in spite of it all, still keep fighting for their black men…still going to bat for them…even when they never did appreciate or reciprocate the love and fierce loyalty…and even when their black ‘men’ have even helped a hostile society disrespect, malign and stomp on black women…and worse, even their own black wife…

    It is these black ‘men’ who’ve often armed the enemy with the ammunition to tear down, to devastate and destroy black women…disrespecting and demeaning their black wife in endless ways ..and exposing them again and again to public ridicule .. These black ‘men’ who’ve actively helped set up and propagate the negative narratives…who’ve actively stabbed their black wife in the back, thrown her under the bus again and again, and actively helped society dehumanize the black woman as a whole…brand their black wife and black women as ‘ugly’, ‘angry’, ‘bitter’, ‘difficult’, ‘aggressive’, ‘unattractive’, ‘undesirable’, ‘not feminine enough’…not worthy of protection or chivalry…’money hungry’…And only because at some point, black women after being the breadwinners and ‘strong woman’ for so long, and bearing most of the financial burdens…And having watched their black men again and again shirk their responsibility as head of family…not pull their weight when they could…finally tire of the rubbish…exhausted and frustrated from playing the ‘man in the marriage and household’…working their fingers to the bone every day while juggling the kids too…doing everything to keep her family afloat…but now realizing that her black man is just selfish and trifling and will only ever prioritize himself and his needs if she keeps letting him…

    Listening to this clip as some of the worst offenders try to somehow explain away, to absolve themselves of their complicity, cruelty, passive-aggression and the devastation they’ve repeatedly wreaked on the lives of black women in general, and the black wife who married them and birth their children…in particular…


    In the end – and for the long term, after the public confessionals and glib expressions of self-serving and self-pity…it’s still the poor black wife who is left holding the bag long after these selfish, self-absorbed, self-indulgent black ‘men’ move on to their next woman/’upgrade’….it is still the black wife who ultimately pays the devastating and negatively and permanently life-altering price for the selfishness, immaturity, self-absorption, misplaced pity…for self only…that these black ‘men’ who’ve only ever priotized themselves and their own needs, now feel the need to want to ‘confess’…so they can ‘move on..’ and get on with their now even more successful and cushy lives…and just so they can be absolved and not be judged ..or cast in negative light – even though they deserve to be…They don’t want to lose the following/the audience that strokes their huge egos, supports and funds their excesses and cushy lives…comprising black women…always ever hopeful …for a real awakening…beyond crumbs and lip service…or the periodic fleeting acknowledgement of their existence and ‘importance’…And the prevalent biographies littered with black wife only ever when times were hard…and never ever good enough for deeply, respectful, committed, devoted, loving marriage …that endures and endures …especially when the wealth and cushy life finally rolls in…

    And after they’re done devastating the life of the black wife…they move on…with ‘cathartic’ P.R confessionals of ‘regret’ to absolve themselves as they move on….with excuses and endless blame on their ‘dysfunctional childhoods’ and whatnot…that somehow seemed to know how to navigate and selfishly invest in their own needs and priorities…but always seemed to conveniently impede their ability to be also selfless in their love and devotion and protection of the black wife who loved them, supported them, birth their children…even paid the bills…but in the end, was often neglected and taken for granted…and eventually discarded…

    In the end it’s the poor black wife who’s left smarting…scarred for life…understandably hardened…And as society then ramps up the abuse and dehumanization of them…trampled upon and dismissed as bitter, angry, ugly…unworthy..

    Orchestrated PR penance for the guy, to ‘smooth things over’ …to look good in the eyes of the world who might excuse his shenanigans …and even find a way to blame the black wife…And only devastation, humiliation and permanent scarring for her..

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    • Ametia says:

      Tell that truth, lady. PR stunt or not, these men used the Jay Z platform and have shown us exactly who they are in all their failings, ignorance, fickleness, shadiness, complexities, and especially Jessie Williams, who was clearly shook by the backlash for leaving his wife and children for a white woman

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      • eliihass says:

        Good morning Ametia..

        Thank you so much..

        Not just fake Jesse the weasel…

        There’s also Chris Rock…who for years railed against black women…endlessly dumped on his marriage and by extension, his poor black wife…

        His ‘comedy routines’ and that of so many black ‘comedians’ that endlessly malign and disrespect and are forever slating black women, have formed the basis for, and aided a lot of the baked-in negative stereotypes and malicious dehumanizing and demeaning rhetoric now employed by not just the alt-right, but even some so-called ‘progressive’ folks, when it comes to black women..

        They watch the YouTube videos and even borrow the insults verbatim..

        The one older guy in glasses in the video, the guy whose full face wasn’t shown, at least spoke the truth about the ‘complicated’ relationship between black men and black women…and how black men never protect their black women…

        There’s nothing that makes my blood boil more than these men who treat their black wife like crap for years…Always too busy…and never ever seem to have the time to spend quality time with their black wife…And when they do, acting all annoyed and like they’re being forced…Never have time to date their black wife, no time to dote on her or to spoil her or to plan and do special things for and with her…but as soon as they ditch the long-suffering black wife, they suddenly find time …to splurge on and do the most romantic things for the new chick…who would never ever have given him the time of the day if he weren’t successful, by the way…

        Women like Malaak Compton, Jesse Williams’ wife etc. have borne their public humiliation at the hand of the black men who were supposed to love and protect them, but instead threw them under the bus …while these horrid, deceitful, shameless, small men have the nerve to try to show their face – and even brazenly dare to participate in a video supposedly about seeking redemption from and looking to do better by their black wife …

        Don’t even get me started on that Kevin Hart person…

        And observing the stoic presence of women like Anthony Anderson’s wife, and there’s no missing the scars from years of contending with all the bs…But at least he appears to be looking to retrace his steps…back to his wife..

        And don’t get me started on the ‘feminists’ – and sadly, more than a few black women –women who run around breathlessly talking about ‘sisterhood’ and ‘women for women’…and all that fake crap, but are either sleeping with another woman’s husband behind her back, or sniffing around another woman’s husband …rooting against the black woman’s marriage and looking to pounce and jump right in at the slightest ‘opportunity’… Sadly, there are enough desperate predatory women out there who enable these losers…

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      • Ametia says:

        We’ve gotten you started, lady. Keep bringing the TRUTH.

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