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TGIF, Everyone.


And yes, Black-ish is BACK & BLACK

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Thank You, Massa Bernie: How Our Revolution’s Birmingham “Victory” Reeks of Racism and Sexism


    Despite the narrative clearly being false as demonstrated by Our
    Revolution’s abysmal track record, it also damages Randall Woodfin
    himself. It’s saying that Woodfin cannot win in the South without Bernie Sanders’ help. It’s saying that Woodfin cannot win without an Ohio State Senator like Nina Turner coming to stump for him. It’s saying that Woodfin would not have won had it not been for the “hundreds” of calls made by Our Revolution, an organization with a base largely made up of affluent, suburban White members. It’s saying that Woodfin cannot win on his own charisma and his own organizing in his very own backyard. It’s saying that a Black progressive like Woodfin cannot win based on his
    merits alone.

    Because his merits are not enough. It’s not enough
    to be a Black progressive in the South. It’s not enough to be an
    attorney and School Board member in the state’s largest city. It’s not
    enough to have worked 80+ hour weeks for half a year to serve as a state campaign director for Hillary Clinton. It’s not enough to have
    campaigned for over a year and assembled a dedicated and committed volunteer base on your own. No, you need help to be successful. You need Our Revolution and you need Bernie Sanders.

    Nowhere over the past two days has there been a single substantial article about Woodfin’s campaign experience. It’s as if being Hillary Clinton’s state director in no way prepared him for his mayoral bid. Nothing about identifying leaders. Nothing about finding organizers. Nothing about recruiting volunteers. Nothing about canvassing and Get Out The Vote efforts. Apparently, none of what he learned from his experience as a paid member of Hillary Clinton’s staff helped him in any way unseat a two-term incumbent Democratic Mayor who had been a staple in Birmingham politics over the past quarter-century. But Nina Turner showed up twice,
    Bernie Sanders recorded a single robo-call, and Our Revolution made a few hundred calls. Clearly, Woodfin would have lost had it not been for them.

    And that is why Our Revolution and our media cannot be
    trusted. They are looking for victories, real or imagined. Rather than
    delving into Woodfin’s experiences as a state director, the media and Our Revolution are instead proclaiming Bernie Sanders to be the White, male savior of the South.
    Let’s be clear: Sanders had as much to do with Woodfin’s victory as you or I. He is not popular in Alabama. He lost the primary by a whopping 58%. There’s a reason he stayed up north rather than campaigning with Woodfin. Hillary Clinton actually did have something to do with Woodfin’s victory, but she knows this race wasn’t about her. It was about Randall Woodfin and Randall Woodfin alone.

  2. rikyrah says:

    we are getting closer to the crazyfication factor:

    • Ametia says:



  3. rikyrah says:

    Emmy Bengtson‏ @EmmyA2

    No abortion. No birth control. No maternity leave. No health care for your kids. No care for you.

    This is what a war on women looks like.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Disappointing GOP leaders, Blackburn launches Senate campaign
    10/06/17 11:20 AM—Updated 10/06/17 03:31 PM
    By Steve Benen

    Last Wednesday morning, Senate Republican leaders received two
    pieces of bad news. The first came by way of Alabama, where the GOP’s preferred candidate, Luther Strange, lost a Senate primary to Roy Moore,a fringe radical who believes he isn’t bound by the American legal system.

    The second was a retirement announcement from Senate Foreign
    Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). Not only are Senate Republican leaders sorry to see him leave – Corker is a popular figure on Capitol Hill – but GOP officials realized his departure would open the door to him being replaced by someone from the party’s crackpot wing.

    Almost immediately, several Republican senators reached out directly to Tennessee Bill Gov. Haslam (R), who’s wrapping up his second and final term, urging him to run. Yesterday, he officially declined…….

    Soon after, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), while attacking her party’s Senate leadership, announced she’s running for the open Senate seat. The Tennessean reported:


    And why would anyone call the congresswoman “a wingnut or a
    knuckle-dragging conservative”? Because Blackburn has gone out of her way to position herself as something of a far-right extremist.

    In 2009, for example, a small group of 11 House Republicans unveiled a“birther” bill in Congress, requiring presidential candidates to prove they’re native-born citizens. Blackburn was one of the 11.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Lawmakers, Facebook in standoff over lifting veil on Russian ads

    Facebook is refusing to let the public see 3,000 election-related ads the Kremlin placed on its network during the 2016 presidential race – including posts suspected to have been part of what many U.S. lawmakers and the American intelligence community now agree was a campaign to drive voters to choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

    Despite increasing pressure from Democrats, the Silicon Valley giant is holding firm to its line that company policy allows Facebook to disclose “user content” only in response to a court-ordered warrant.

    Given the unprecedented nature of the Kremlin’s interference in the U.S. election – and the still-open investigations into whether Trump’s team colluded with Moscow – Democrats’ patience is running out.

  6. rikyrah says:

    nothing like facts to get in the way of the Sociopaths’ tax cuts.

  7. Ametia says:

    Who owns the most guns in America? white folks

    Who is the biggest threat? White folks

    Why are black folks considered a threat? BLACK SKIN is seen a weapon.

    FUCKED UP, isn’t it?

  8. rikyrah says:

    Black students threatened with lynching after Alabama teen punished for swearing at girl protesting pledge
    06 OCT 2017 AT 14:01 ET

    Alabama teens threatened to lynch their black classmates after a white student was punished for abusive language toward a girl who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The girl remained seated last week during the pledge recitation to show her support for ongoing NFL protests against racism and police brutality, and a white boy was suspended for using profanity during an argument with her, reported

    Kyler Ogden and the black student began arguing over the NFL protests in history class, and their discussion continued for several days on social media.

    “I said some things I probably should not have said, mainly the language that I used,” Ogden told WBMA-TV. “I was in no way trying to be offensive towards anyone.”

    It’s not clear what the teen said to the black girl, but many of their classmates showed up at Pell City High School flying American flags from their cars and trucks.

    That prompted a black student to post a photo of himself on social media burning an American flag, but police said that took place off school grounds, and the teen’s parents reportedly disciplined him.

    That then prompted a student to post a racist threat Wednesday on social media against black classmates.

    “Attention: All n—–s in pellcity (sic) we are warning you tomorrow is not a good day to come we are hanging everyone that comes our way tomorrow after school so I advice (sic) all of you to stay away from us or leave pellcity we can’t deal with you’re a–,” the post read.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Folks said that there was MORE to the story:

  10. rikyrah says:

    The Doctor and her demeanor are scary. She’s truly worried.

    The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell 10/5/17
    ‘The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump’:
    27 psychiatrists assess
    In a new book, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts asses President Donald Trump’s behavior. Do his impulses explain his decisions? The book’s editor Dr. Bandy Lee and Tony Schwartz, co-author of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal,” join Lawrence O’Donnell.

  11. rikyrah says:

    I hate unexpected purchases. Had to buy a new battery last night. Looked at the AAA man like he was a carnival Barker, – side eye and lips pursed – even though I knew that he was telling the truth about the battery.😠

    • I know the feeling. I had to replace one a month ago.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, I feel you, Rikyrah. It’s those moments when folks think you’re vulnerable, desperate to be up and running. price gouging is very REAL.

    • majiir says:

      I know how you feel. I’ve had to have three tires replaced in the last two months. I had to replace one tire a couple months ago, another a month before then, and I had one tire repaired and bought another one today. The tire I had to purchase today was to replace one that got destroyed as a result of debris from Irma. I had a “donut” tire on one side when a nail created a slow leak in another tire on Wednesday, leaving me stranded. It seems that when it comes to tires lately, I can’t win. One thing that has helped me with this tire problem is that I had purchased hazard insurance on them and didn’t end up having to pay all of the total amount of the replacement costs.

  12. Always always trying to either dismiss or take away black culture

  13. rikyrah says:

    The Chairman of the Intelligence Committee in the Senate trying to be slick in saying that they haven’t been able to get in touch with Christopher Steele.

    Then, BOOM, last night we find out that Steele don’t have a problem talking to Americans interested in his dossier –


    Not only did he talk to him and tell it all – HE DID IT MONTHS AGO,

    This means to me, that STEELE DON’T TRUST NOBODY IN CONGRESS.
    Don’t trust them to do right, so he went to the folks he thought were genuinely interested in the truth.

    Another bomb that dropped, and it seems only Maddow and LarryO caught it –

    The intelligence community, in their report about Russian interference – LEFT OUT ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE STEELE DOSSIER..


    They didn’t want ‘ certain people’ to know how serious they took it, or to reveal the sources.

    • Senator Richard Burr is FULL OF SHIT! He can’t be trusted. He straight up lied to the American people. Rachel exposed his lying ass!

    • majiir says:

      A group of Democrats in Congress traveled to the UK and met with Christopher Steele a few months ago. This has largely been ignored because GOPers in Congress don’t want to know what Steele has to say about the information he gathered. Their game is based on getting the opportunity to discredit him and the info he gathered. They already know Steele has worked with the FBI and our intelligence agencies in the past. They know he’s a credible source of information, BUT they want to pretend they don’t because they want to protect Trump and keep more Americans from discovering he’s a thug, a crook, a thief, and a BIG liar. I don’t blame Steele for not wanting to take part in their partisan effort to protect Trump when they know he’s dirty.

  14. @ametia

    WATCH: Minnesota mayoral candidate unleashes unbelievably racist rant about trains and ‘coloreds’

    A candidate running to be mayor of Hopkins, MN let fly with a mind-bogglingly racist rant during a debate about light rail lines that has to be seen to be believed.

    Candidate Bob Ivers said a rail line his suburban town to Minneapolis would be “nothing but a tube that’s going to bring riffraff and trash” from “Welfare-opolis” who will shoot and kill the white children of Hopkins, reported the Minneapolis City Pages.

    “As seen at a recent mayoral debate, Ivers has a delivery style that combines the worst elements of Jesse Ventura, Donald Trump, Archie Bunker, and the least likable a**hole taking up a stool at a suburban bar,” wrote City Pages’ Mike Mullen.

    “You listen, and you listen real close,” Ivers said during a candidate forum with incumbent mayor Molly Cummings.

    “It’s another socialist ruination of a town,” he went on. “And this is what’s going to happen, and everybody be forewarned, and you listen, and you listen real close. All the Chicago and Detroit riffraff that’s moved into ‘Welfare-apolis,’ they’re going to get on that train. And you know where they’re going to end up? They’re going to end up down at the depot. And they’re going to end up with yours, and yours, and yours granddaughters, and daughters, and grandsons. And I predict within two months of that coming through here, there’s going to be a shooting down at that kid’s depot. So everybody think about that.”

    Later in the forum, Ivers described the population of Hopkins as “90 percent white,” with “10 percent coloreds and Mexicans and Asians that are here.”

    But, he warned, if the light rail line is built, “you’re going to have all the ethnics you want.”

    Ivers ran for mayor against Cummings in 2015 and received a total of 71 votes, a total take of 7 percent, which was lower than the number of write-in candidates, reported Mullen.

    Ivers’ self-penned candidate profile in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune describes him as “62 years old, single, & retired. I am experienced in promotions, music, & small business. I am also an inventor.”

    Among the planks in his mayoral platform, Ivers listed, “Prosecute businesses that knowingly sell pull tabs to mentally handicapped patrons” and a weekly citywide variety showcase called “Hopkins Has Talent.”

  15. Ametia says:

    Let’s keep it REAL

    10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down

    Fact-checking some of the gun lobby’s favorite arguments shows they’re full of holes.
    DAVE GILSONJAN. 31, 2013 11:01 AM

  16. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😐😐😐

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