World Series: Astros vs Dodgers Game 3

HOUSTON — Friday night brings us Game 3 of the World Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros. The series is tied 1-1 and shifts to Houston’s Minute Maid Park. The roof is closed, so don’t worry about the weather. Here’s how to watch Game 3.

The Astros stole home field advantage for the World Series in a classic extra innings match-up in Game 2 that saw eight total home runs. Now, Lance McCullers Jr. will have to keep the momentum going in Game 3, as the Astros bats overpowered the much-discussed Dodgers bullpen. Jose Altuve stepped up in a big way, among other Astro bats, while the Dodgers simply couldn’t handle the offensive onslaught of Houston.

Yu Darvish will now have an opportunity to quiet those bats, as he is having an excellent postseason of his own. Darvish will be trying to normalize an order that took about 15 innings to wake up, but Houston fans are hoping is now here to stay. He has the stuff for it, but it will be no mean feat at home against the Astros and a crowd coming off of its franchise’s first World Series win. Now 1-1, the Astros will try to take a pivotal Game 3, but the Dodgers bats gained some life as well in Game 2. They did so a bit late, but it’s perfectly clear that this series won’t be all pitching moving forward.

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28 Responses to World Series: Astros vs Dodgers Game 3

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  2. rikyrah says:

    Go Astros😄😄


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  5. Astros did it! 5-3!


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  7. #WorldSeries nooooooo Grand Slam! And that close! Uh Uh Uh…


  8. #WorldSeries Oh God! Astros have bases loaded.


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  10. bwa ha ha ha ha Reddick was pumping, pumping and got home! Yes, baby! #WorldSeries


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  13. Don’t try it, buddy! Altuve got him! Tagged him out. LOL! #WorldSeries


  14. Astros got out of that one! Whew! #WorldSeries


  15. Whew! Huge double play. Got’em!

    Runner at 3rd -2 outs.


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  17. #WorldSeries2017 ALTUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …with his cute self


  18. Astros 3-0
    No outs
    Runners on 1st and 3rd!
    Rockin & Rollin…


  19. Houston 2-0

    2 on no outs! Astros


  20. Gonzalez up…Dodgers scared now. They’re all on the mound. #Astros


  21. #WorldSeries #Astros YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  24. Springer walked it down and got it! #WorldSeries


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