White freshman who rubbed used tampons on her black roommate’s bag gets arrested

Brianna Brochu, a white student who bragged about harassing her black roommate by rubbing used tampons on her bag, pouring moldy clam dip in her lotion and putting her toothbrush inside her rectum, has been arrested.

Brochu, a freshman at the University of Hartford, posted on Instagram about how she “finally got rid of her roommate,” who she referred to as “Jamaican Barbie.”

Local police confirmed to The Tab tonight that they have arrested Brochu. A source close to Brochu told us that she has been charged with breach of peace and criminal mischief, and faces a hearing on Wednesday at 10am.

Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe, the freshman roommate of Brochu, revealed the shocking allegations in a Facebook video.

In it, she describes “getting sick” while being given the cold shoulder by the roommate.

“It started with throat pain,” she explained. “I thought maybe because it’s colder up here, I’m just catching a cold. After a month it got to the point where I had extreme throat pain that I couldn’t sleep, to the point where I couldn’t speak.”

“I’m spending my own money that my parents give me for food and groceries, the health centre on campus is not free – in fact they’re expensive.” In the post, Jazzy explained that her tests would come back negative. She was prescribed antibiotics by the campus doctor for the bacteria in her throat.

Then, after a rocky relationship between the two persisted (Rowe says in her video how Brochu would come into their room and turn off the lights if Rowe was working there), she decided to move out.

As she was leaving, Rowe discovered Instagram posts by her roommate, who boasted about messing with her to make her ill.

Brochu posted:

“Finally did it yo girl got rid of her roommate!! After 1 1/12 month of spitting in her coconut oil, putting moldy clam dip in her lotions, rubbing used tampons on her backpack, putting her toothbrush places where the sun doesn’t shine and so much more I can finally say goodbye Jamaican Barbie.”

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  2. rikyrah says:

    The criminal has been expelled

  3. rikyrah says:

    Put the criminal in GP. Let her get to know her fellow inmates.

  4. rikyrah says:

    That’s some nasty azz shyt😠😠😠

  5. I’d probably be in jail too cuz I would have whipped her ass….

    • Liza says:

      Sociopath. I feel bad for everyone who is destined to cross her path for the next 70 years or however long she lives. God help them.

    • rikyrah says:

      They were trying to sweep it under the rug. See, don’t tell me that social media can’t be used positively. They gave this young woman the run around until she told the world what was happening to her.

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