Monday Open Thread | White Man Drags Unconscious Black Man Off Train

An investigation is ongoing into a “very disturbing” incident caught on video of a man removing an unconscious passenger from a commuter train in California, transit officials said.

A 6-minute video shot by a passenger late Wednesday aboard a Metro train shows a white man dragging an unconscious black man onto the platform at the Blue Line’s Wardlow Station in Long Beach.

“So this dude is passed out on the train and this motherf—ing white boy is doing the motherf—-ing most,” a man who recorded the incident says. “This motherf—er just yanked him off the f—ing train so he won’t have to stop and miss his f—ing ride.”

The unconscious man had just suffered a seizure on the train, according to the witness.

“So hopefully we’ll see authorities called and they deal with this motherf—er the way they deal with everybody else,” the witness continued. “Dude just had a seizure but this white boy is going to drag him off the damn train so he don’t miss his ride.”

No one else on the train complained of having to wait for paramedics to respond, according to the witness, who accused the man of removing the man for his convenience.

“That’s that bulls—t white people do because y’all feel y’all can get away it,” the witness said.

The white passenger, clad in a suit, is later seen exiting the train and kneeling down to check the man’s pulse.

“Don’t try and act like you give a f— now, you the one who dragged him out here,” the witness said.

The white passenger then said he was “being responsible” by removing the unidentified man from the train, a claim the witness flatly rejected. The white passenger also questioned whether the man definitely had a seizure, saying he possibly could’ve been intoxicated.

“It don’t matter what the f—k you thought,” the witness said. “He had a f—ing seizure.”

The white man then touched the unconscious man’s face as he lay on the platform.

“Bro, are you responsive?” he said. “OK. He needs paramedics. Can somebody call him paramedics?”

In a statement obtained by The Post, transit officials said an investigation is ongoing. Police in Long Beach are trying to identify the man in the video and will determine if any criminal charges are warranted, spokesman Rick Jager said.

“Obviously, this is very disturbing and we never want to see this on our system,” the statement read. “We’re getting all the facts including reviewing the video from the train and the platform, and we’ll share more details when they’re available. If someone is in distress, we encourage people to call 9-1-1 for medical assistance.”

An officer assigned to the Metro Blue Line responded to the platform at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, a Long Beach police spokeswoman confirmed to The Post. Detectives are reviewing the video and will coordinate with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to determine if any criminal negligence took place.

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  1. The #CentralPark5 were railroaded to prison. #Trump took out ads calling for the death penalty. After they were exonerated and the city settled with them, #DonaldTrump called it “the heist of the century.”

  2. Oh I see. He’s going to ignore the judge’s ruling because he’s above the law? Throw this lying racist bum in jail for Contempt of Court. WTF is wrong with these people? We’re in a Constitutional Crisis! The rule of law is gone! @GOP do something.

  3. Ametia says:

    Remember Robert Mueller III has concrete EVIDENCE, and that is why Gates is SPILLING THAT DELICIOUS, HOT TEA.

  4. rikyrah says:

    My parents taught me that voting is the only way to guarantee that your voice will be heard. When I learned that 800k Georgians of color were not registered to vote, I set out to change that. Now, I am running for #GAGov to build a GA that listens to every community. #BHM #gapol

    — Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) February 2, 2018

  5. rikyrah says:

    But….that’s who Rafael is…


    A tale of two campaigns:@BetoORourke is visiting every county in Texas, reaching out to Dems, Independents, and Republicans with an unabashedly progressive message@tedcruz is…defending a lunatic conspiracy theorist who incites the harassment of Sandy Hook families

    — Jon Favreau (@jonfavs) August 6, 2018

  6. Ametia says:


    ‘This is my neighborhood!’ White man melts down after seeing a black woman park her motorcycle on his stree

  7. rikyrah says:

    He is supposedly a billionaire.
    At the very least, there is still 50 million unaccounted for from the Inauguration.
    How you paying for his legal defense fund?😕😕

  8. rikyrah says:

    You’re already in the crosshairs of a federal investigation….too late.


    Multiple sources tell The Daily Beast that David Pecker and the National Enquirer’s top brass made a conscious decision to pull back on their pro-Trump coverage, just as Pecker’s media empire found itself embroiled in Trumpworld’s legal and P.R. woes.— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) August 5, 2018

  9. rikyrah says:

    LeBron James, the most important athlete in America


    But the 33-year-old James is much more than a living sports legend. He is an actor, a media mogul, and a cultural icon. He rose to the top of his sport at the same time that America was forced to confront its systematic violence against black people, especially young black men, and James has taken up that cause as one of the most famous young black men in the nation. He is perhaps the most socially and politically influential athlete since Muhammad Ali.

    When Fox News host Laura Ingraham told James to “shut up and dribble,” it became a national news story. When James called President Donald Trump a “bum” on Twitter, defending players who bucked the tradition of championship teams coming to the White House, it was a headline on the front page of the New York Times. He held a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

    The 2018 summer reminded us of LeBron’s gravitational force. He signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA’s biggest franchise, and rebalanced the league. He opened a new public school in his hometown of Akron. Then that very same week, the president insulted this young successful black man’s intelligence on Twitter.

  10. rikyrah says:


    Complicating matters, Murray Waas reported in the New York Review of Books last week that Trump had been specifically told by top White House aides that Flynn was under criminal investigation at the time. On “This Week” yesterday, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump’s legal defense team, about this.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Are you suggesting it wouldn’t be a problem if the president pressured James Comey to let the Flynn investigation go after knowing that Michael Flynn was under criminal investigation?

    SEKULOW: Well, I want you to understand something. I mean, I know this sounds remarkable to a lot of people but there were investigations going on on Martin Luther King Jr. – and do you think if President Kennedy would have gone to J. Edgar Hoover and said stop that, that that would have been an obstruction of justice claim? Of course not.

    • Ametia says:

      MLK is their default buzz name.

      One need only flip the same switch on these mofos and ask;

      If President Obama were under investigation
      Lied and attempted coverups, obstructing and colluding , holding Black power rallies, would we be subjected to the same type & intensity of media onslaughts?

      Answer: HELL NO! PBO wouldn’t be in office

      The fucking END

    • Ametia says:

      LOCK.HI,.IP! No doubt this POS is in mental decline. The gig is almost up.

      He’s literally begging to be taken out, but ask why isn’t the GOP and nem giving him the out?

  11. rikyrah says:


    Kushner Reportedly Worked to Strip Jordan’s Two Million Palestinians of Refugee Status
    Kushner raised the issue with Jordanian officials during a visit to Amman, Foreign Policy reports ■ Move appears to be part of broader effort to halt UNRWA, which Kushner allegedly called ‘corrupt and inefficient’

    Aug 06, 2018 1:16 PM

    Jared Kushner, U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law, has reportedly pressured Jordan to strip the refugee status of more than two million registered Palestinians living in the country.

    According to a report in the U.S. magazine Foreign Policy, Kushner raised the issue with Jordanian officials in the region during his visit there in June.

    Hasan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee, claimed that the senior aide’s move was part of a broader effort by him and the U.S. administration to render UNRWA, the UN aid agency providing relief to Palestinian, irrelevant and halt its work in Jordan and in other countries in the Middle East.

    “[Kushner said] the resettlement has to take place in the host countries and these governments can do the job that UNRWA was doing,” Ashrawi said.
    The Palestinians’ chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, told reporters after Kushner’s visit to Jordan in June that the latter’s delegation said it was ready to stop UNRWA funding and redirect the sum allocated to the agency to Jordan and other countries that host refugees.

    Emails written by Kushner and obtained by Foreign Policy point to Kushner’s evident dismay with the UN agency as well as to discreet attempts to put a stop to UNRWA’s work — a move that would essentially render millions of Palestinian refugees status-less.

  12. rikyrah says:

    uh huh
    uh huh

    New Jersey ICE spox has ties to hate groups: report
    BY EMILY BIRNBAUM – 08/06/18 08:53 AM EDT

    The spokesman for New Jersey’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has ties to multiple hate groups, according to a Sunday report from The Newark Star-Ledger.

    Spokesman Emilio Karim Dabul has edited and written for multiple anti-Muslim hate groups, and has thrown his support behind anti-Muslim public figures, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Star-Ledger concluded after an investigation into his history.

    The New Jersey ICE office has reportedly declined to respond to questions about Dabul’s affiliations.

  13. Liza says:

    Dragging the unconscious man off the train has to be a crime. How about “reckless endangerment”?

  14. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh

    Women poised to take charge in Dem majority
    BY MIKE LILLIS – 08/06/18 06:00 AM EDT

    If Democrats win the House in November, 35 women are poised to lead committees and subcommittees in the next Congress — an historically high figure that would put female lawmakers in the driver’s seat for some of the most pressing issues facing Congress and the country.

    That number would almost triple the amount of GOP women currently holding similar positions, and it would mark a measurable achievement for Democratic lawmakers looking to take the “Year of the Woman” to new heights of power.


    Democratic women are set to take control of six full committees if the House flips in November. They include Reps. Maxine Waters (N.Y.), of Financial Services; Nydia Velazquez (N.Y.), of Small Business; Eddie Bernice Johnson (Texas), of Science, Space and Technology; Zoe Lofgren (Calif.), of House Administration; and Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.), of the Joint Economic Committee.

    Rep. Nita Lowey (N.Y.) would become the first woman in history to chair the powerful Appropriations Committee.

  15. rikyrah says:

    UH HUH
    UH HUH

    This mornin’, Trump publicly implicated his eldest son and son-in-law in a felony conspiracy. Any man that would sell out his own son would gladly sell out his own country.

    — Tea Pain (@TeaPainUSA) August 5, 2018

  16. rikyrah says:

    Jennifer freakin’ Rubin

    The political implications of Trump’s latest confession are quite stunning. Will the rest of the GOP go along with the position that it was perfectly fine for Russia to help Trump? That would sure be a change from “No collusion” (to “Collusion, so what?!”). I don’t know how a major political party can maintain the view that hostile powers have carte blanche to influence our elections. Every Republican in elected office or on the ballot should be asked his or her view on the matter.

    The notion that collusion with a hostile power is no big deal is so preposterous and unpalatable, you would think Republicans would not dare try to defend Trump on this point. But this crowd? They might just try it.

  17. rikyrah says:

    The Day Trump Told Us There Was Attempted Collusion with Russia”
    by Adam Davidson

    August 5, 1974, was the day the Nixon Presidency ended. On that day, Nixon heeded a Supreme Court ruling and released the so-called smoking-gun tape, a recording of a meeting, held two years earlier, with his chief of staff, H. R. Haldeman. Many of Nixon’s most damaging statements came in the form of short, monosyllabic answers and near-grunts—“um huh,” the official transcript reads, at one point—as he responds to Haldeman’s idea of asking the C.I.A. to tell the F.B.I. to “stay the hell out of” the Watergate investigation. The coverup is clearly of Haldeman’s design. Nixon’s words are simple: “All right. Fine.” Then, “Right, fine.”…

    On August 5, 2018, precisely forty-four years after the collapse of the Nixon Presidency, another President, Donald Trump, made his own public admission. In one of a series of early-morning tweets, Trump addressed a meeting that his son Donald, Jr., held with a Russian lawyer affiliated with the Russian government. “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere,” he wrote. “I did not know about it!”…

    The tweet contains several crucial pieces of information. First, it is a clear admission that Donald Trump, Jr.,’s original statement about the case was inaccurate enough to be considered a lie. He had said the meeting was with an unknown person who “might have information helpful to the campaign,” and that this person “primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children.” This false statement was, according to his legal team, dictated by the President himself. There was good reason to mislead the American people about that meeting. Based on reporting—at the time and now—of the President’s admission, it was a conscious effort by the President’s son and two of his closest advisers to work with affiliates of the Russian government to obtain information that might sway the U.S. election in Trump’s favor. In short, it was, at minimum, a case of attempted collusion. The tweet indicates that Trump’s defense will continue to be that this attempt at collusion failed—“it went nowhere”—and that, even if it had succeeded, it would have been “totally legal and done all the time.” It is unclear why, if the meeting was entirely proper, it was important for the President to declare “I did not know about it!” or to tell the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to “stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now.”…

    It was possible, just days ago, to believe—with an abundance of generosity toward the President and his team—that the meeting was about adoption, went nowhere, and was overblown by the Administration’s enemies. No longer. The open questions are now far more narrow: Was this a case of successful or only attempted collusion? Is attempted collusion a crime? What legal and moral responsibilities did the President and his team have when they realized that the proposed collusion was underway when the D.N.C. e-mails were leaked and published? And, crucially, what did the President know before the election, after it, and when he instructed his son to lie?

  18. rikyrah says:

    DA PHUQ???

    Trump Blames ‘Bad Environmental Laws’ for California Wildfires, Says ‘Must’ Cut Down Trees
    by Tamar Auber
    Aug 5th, 2018, 7:41 pm

    On Sunday, President Donald Trump blamed “bad environmental laws” for California wildfires. He also called for trees to be cut down to stop the spread of the fire.

    “California wildfires are being magnified & made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren’t allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized,” Trump wrote. “It is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean. Must also tree clear to stop fire spreading!”


    With little clout in Sacramento, Republicans are trying to use their power in Washington to reshape California’s water policies.

    Less than two weeks after state regulators announced sweeping new water allocation limits, the GOP-controlled House is expected this week to pass spending legislation that would block federal funding for that allocation plan. It also includes measures that would bar legal challenges to major water infrastructure projects in the state.

    On Friday, Republican Rep. Jeff Denham of California is hosting Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in his district to “discuss the administration’s potential role in improving water infrastructure and protecting Valley water rights.”

    That’s a sign the Trump administration may fight the allocation proposal, which was announced by the California State Water Resources Control Board on July 6.

  19. rikyrah says:

    You all didn’t tell me about the rest of that LeBron quote:

    A revealing moment from @DonLemon’s interview with LeBron:

    LEMON: What would you say to the president if he was sitting right here?
    JAMES: I would never sit across from him.
    LEMON: You would never, you don’t want to talk to him?
    JAMES: No. I’d sit across from Barack, though.

    — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) August 4, 2018

  20. rikyrah says:

    Donald Trump’s Racist, Idiotic Attack on Sports Legend LeBron James
    A man who ran a sham “university”—and whose administration is imprisoning children—took aim at a far-more-altruistic man who’s promoting his school for underprivileged kids.
    08.04.18 3:15 PM ET

    … There are a dozen reasons I can give you why this is racist and idiotic. LeBron James is wildly successful, a dude who has leveraged his gifts into a multi-pronged empire that will, in all likelihood, pay out for the rest of his life. He is publicly beloved, charitable in a way that goes beyond dollars and actually sells a vision of a better world. James is a tremendously brilliant basketball player, an on-court weapon whose tremendous physical gifts are transmogrified into pure competitive heroin by dint of his ability to see the entire court at all times and milk the absolute most efficient play out of nearly every possession he has.

    Anyone—anyone—calling him stupid like this is being a goddamn racist, plain and simple—casting aside a body of tremendous work because the color of his skin doesn’t line up with the assumptions that a racist society has about what black men can accomplish. In the case of Trump here, it goes beyond blowing a dog whistle and resembles more of a dog trumpet, an audible blast cascading over the mountains and sticking up the arm hairs of every member of his impressionable, white, QAnon-humping, Extremely Online base…

    … We’re living in the goddamn #content presidency, where the president is operating like a sports blogger, watching a goddamn LeBron James CNN interview on Friday night and hunting for some shit he can write about for clicks and attention and juice…

  21. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : August 6, 2018

    Mufti -noun MUFF-tee

    : ordinary dress as distinguished from that denoting an occupation or station; especially : civilian clothes when worn by a person in the armed forces

    • Ametia says:

      45 IS so busted. Really feeling the BURN now. Can tell when he resorts to attacking BLACK & BROWN folks, especially BLACK MALE ATHLETES.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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