Friday Open Thread | Brett Kavanaugh’s story just found a way to get even creepier

Hat tip: Palmer Report

In the days since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape, we keep finding out more about Kavanaugh’s background – particularly when it comes to how he’s viewed women over the years. Yesterday we learned that three years ago, Kavanaugh said “What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep” during a speech to law students. If that was indeed a hint about just how much he has to hide, we’re now seeing even more of it surface.

First comes the revelation in today’s Yale Daily News that while Brett Kavanaugh was a student there, he belonged to a club called “Truth and Courage” which was informally known by the offensive name “Tit and Clit.” Kavanaugh also belonged to a fraternity which (years after he graduated) was eventually banned by Yale after its members chanted “No means yes, yes means anal” in front of the University Women’s Center. But that’s only the half of it.

The other half of today’s ugliness also comes from Yale, but deals with the period of time after Brett Kavanaugh became a judge. According to several news outlets, a Yale law professor would tell female students that if they wanted to land a clerkship with Kavanaugh, they would need to do themselves up in “model-like” fashion. This means that, well into adulthood, Kavanaugh was choosing young women for his legal team primarily on the basis of their physical appearance. This of course raises the question of whether Kavanaugh tried to do anything to these young women while they were clerking for him.

The bottom line is that Brett Kavanaugh’s story keeps getting creepier by the hour. He was a creep toward women (and an alleged attempted rapist) when he was in high school. He spent college joining groups whose specific goal was to be as creepy toward women as possible. He’s spent his time as a judge continuing to be creepy toward women. As Ford prepares to testify against Kavanaugh, how many more similar stories will come out over the next few days?

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  1. eliihass says:

    What gives, fam..

    How is it that Michael Schmidt of the NYTimes suddenly has this damning exposé on Rob Rosenstein today …just as the treasonous buffoon has been publicly mulling ways to torpedo the Mueller investigation by getting rid of Beauregard and/or Rosenstein …

    Today of all days, Michael Schmidt conveniently presents a contrived ‘justification’ for a paranoid treasonous buffoon..

    Michael Schmidt is Maggie Haberman’s reliable partner in access journalism…and 2 preferred ‘mainstream’ journos for the illegitimate ‘adminstration’ …and those closest to the treasonous buffoon, his 3rd wife and daughter-wife ..and all the numerous ‘reliable sources’ within the treasonous buffoon’s orbit ..

    Michael Schmidt is also the very same journo who just happened to be hanging out at Mar-la-lago.. and just happened to get an ‘exclusive, no holds barred, sit-down interview’ with the treasonous buffoon …He later said that Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax – a cohort of the treasonous buffoon, had hooked him up..

    And there you have it, fam..

    These folks in the media are all complicit in this dangerous charade that not only enables a corrupt but dim and obsessively self-interested treasonous buffoon installed by a hostile foreign entity, who is on course to not only destroy this formerly ‘proud’ democracy, but threatens to destroy our fragile union, and this formerly great country ..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Today’s Google Doodle is about Mr. Rogers😅😅

  3. Beto is kicking ass right outta the gate. He’s not letting @Tedcruz mislead people about the national anthem and kneeling. #TeamBeto

  4. eliihass says:

    Some background on what’s going on with ‘Tiger mom’ Amy Chua and hubby, Jed Rubenfeld …both Yale profs and pals of Kavanaugh..

    “…As reported in the Guardian this morning, Yale Law School is conducting an internal investigation into professor Jed Rubenfeld.

    Rubenfeld is important to the national conversation right now because he, along with his wife and Yale Law clerkship committee member Amy Chua, have told a number of women Yale Law students that Judge Brett Kavanaugh prefers clerks with “a certain look.” They do not appear to be talking about mere sartorial comportment, as Chua reportedly said it’s “no accident” that Kavanaugh’s clerks “look like models.” Rubenfeld apparently warned a student to avoid working for two judges: Alex Kozinski, and Brett Kavanaugh. We now know why Kozinski was a problem. What do Rubenfeld and Chua know about Brett Kavanaugh that puts him in the same category of judges to avoid?

    But, that is the White House’s problem now. Yale Law School’s problem is that they’ve got two professors running around offering wildly inappropriate “advice.”

    And apparently the school’s been worried about Jed Rubenfeld for some time.

    We can now report that Yale has been conducting an internal investigation into harassment and inappropriate conduct allegations concerning Professor Rubenfeld. The law school will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the investigation, but a letter that went out to Yale Law School Alumni over the summer confirms that the investigation is ongoing.

    “YLS has hired an outside investigator to look into Professor Rubenfeld’s conduct, and folks should reach out to her if they have something to share. The sooner the better, and it’s possible to talk to her in ways that preserve anonymity (see details below). The investigator’s name is Jenn Davis, and she can be reached at: [Redacted]

    More details:

    YLS seems to be pretty concerned about what it’s been hearing about Professor Rubenfeld’s conduct, especially (but not solely) with respect to female students. This is conduct that seems to date back decades but that has persisted into the just-concluded school year. YLS has hired an outside investigator, Jenn Davis, to try to put together a more comprehensive account of that conduct and its effects on the environment at YLS. Once Dean Gerken receives this account, a determination will be made about what steps to take with respect to remedies…”

    Moreover, Yale Law alumni tell us that Rubenfeld’s behavior towards women was an “open secret” within the Yale Law community. The allegations of “boundary crossing” mentioned in the email have been repeated to us via anonymous emails, texts, and DMs from alumni that are known to us but do not want to go on the record until the investigation is complete. There are even public tweets which seem to speak to these matters, if you know what you are looking for.

    There are also questions surrounding Professor Amy Chua. The email suggests an investigation into possible retaliation for insufficient “loyalty,” which would reasonably have to include an inquiry into whether or not the clerkship process was compromised. This is, of course, unrelated to the Kavanaugh comments currently at issue…”

  5. Plow right through it? @SenateMajLdr is such a disgusting bum. Just ignore the victim of sexual assault and plow right over her? How dare you evil scum. Who do you think you are?

  6. My brother is making chicken fried steak, baked potato and garden salad. I’ma be so spoiled.😋

  7. Ametia says:
  8. Ametia says:


    53% WOMEN VOTED FOR 45


    • eliihass says:

      A lifetime of an inferiority complex and a stubborn, unyielding, ingrained mindset and steadfast perception of ‘untainted’ whiteness as the ultimate top spot on that totem pole ..a spot without the slightest suggestion of not being quite ‘thoroughbred’ white… or bogged down and yoked as ‘other’, simply because of seemingly ‘inferior’/‘unpure’ ancestry … with name and accent automatically betraying ones claim to that ultimate, peak, aspirational ‘unblemished American-European preferably of ‘superior’ Nordic-descent whiteness’…

      Precipitated usually by a profound sense of ‘inferior otherness’ and a need to distance oneself from those lower wrung ‘coloreds’ ….an obsessive aspiration to that effusively assimilated place of seemingly unquestioned peak ‘whiteness’ …that will certainly do it..

      Deluded inferiority complexes desperate to be accepted, included, validated, approved of …thought of as unequivocally and acceptably ‘white’ …And with their ‘inconveniently unwhite’ surnames, ancestry and still hint of ‘other’ accent… desperate to be seen as acceptably and incontrovertibly ’American’ …as decided only by the white supremacists who are the final word on such matters …the deciders of who is and isn’t all the way through, ‘white’ and ‘American’..

      So women like these show up in the public place desperate to be seen as fully-‘assimilated’ and looking to be accepted and considered as and by white America..

      Effusive in their callous stupidity … while wearing crucifixes – and ironically, playing to their real ‘ancestral stereotypes’, by pooh-poohing and dismissing as perfectly ‘normal’, violent sexual perversion in teenagers…

      And just like that white supremacy they aspire to, it’d be curious to hear their thoughts if their 15 year old daughter had a similar experience …with a black or ‘Mexican’ 17 year old ‘boy’…

      And while we’re at it, it’d be curious to hear what these women fighting for grown man Kavanaugh’s honor …mothers, I presume …had to say when young Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin were murdered in cold blood… Or their thoughts on the caged brown kids who’ve been separated from their parents and traumatized for life… (the plight of murdered black teenagers and brown immigrants with like-sounding surnames…those I assume are not the effusive public voice-lending that’d win them approval with the mainstream white nationalists whose approval and validation they desperately seek)..

  9. OMG! So @SenateMajLdr don’t give a damn about the victim of sexual assault? Morally bankrupt thugs!

  10. Ametia says:

    Eliihaas, where are you?

    • eliihass says:

      Sis, you know how much I despise this slimy,wishy-washy crew..

      Within that same hour, Scarborough, Mika and that gawd-awful, callous republican witch Susan Del Percio had also attacked the victim and Democrats..

      Don’t be fooled by this theatrical charade stage-managed by the treasonous buffoon’s wannabe handlers – despicable narcissist Joe Scarborough and his self-unaware mean girl adultery partner, Mika..

      And their merry band of preening script-reading sycophants who continue to do false-equivalency Scarborough’s bidding just to keep their tv gigs – no matter how much whip-lash is induced from day to day from his and all their endless 5 prong-tongued flip-flopping and switcharoo-ing designed to poorly hide Scarborough’s self-serving GOP agenda..

      Hopefully, it is true that Andy Lack’s days as NBC head honcho are numbered … And hopefully, whoever takes over, is wiser and stronger and more patriotic than Phil Griffin is, and summarily ends the crazy …and does away with low-ratings-Scarborough’s head-scratching preening, 3 hour do-as-he-pleases, destructive neo-con agenda stronghold and free rein at MSNBC..

  11. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : September 21, 2018

    Panoply: noun PAN-uh-plee

    1 a : a full suit of armor
    b : ceremonial attire
    2 : something forming a protective covering
    3 a : a magnificent or impressive array
    b : a display of all appropriate appurtenances

    • Ametia says:

      DAMN, chained & drowned. This is not going away. Poor ladies.

      And the fact that they are white too? OFFICERS ON ADMIN LEAVE? They’ll likely get fired for this shit.

  12. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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