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Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Sting Week!

Sixteen-time Grammy-award winning British rock star, Sting has released his first collection of original songs in a decade. The album’s entitled, 57th

His first solo album, 1985’s The Dream of the Blue Turtles, featured jazz musicians including Kenny Kirkland, Darryl Jones, Omar Hakim and Branford Marsalis. It included the hit singles “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” (backed with the non-LP song “Another Day”), “Fortress Around Your Heart”, “Love Is the Seventh Wave”, and “Russians”, the last based on a theme from the Lieutenant Kijé Suite. Within a year, the album reached Triple Platinum. This album received Grammy nominations for Album of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Best Jazz Instrumental Performance, and Best Engineered Recording.

Sting sang the line “I Want My MTV” on “Money for Nothing”, a 1985 hit by Dire Straits. In November 1984, he was part of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, which raised money for famine victims in Ethiopia.In July 1985, Sting performed Police hits at the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium in London. He also joined Dire Straits in “Money for Nothing” and he sang two duets with Phil Collins. In 1985, Sting provided spoken vocals for the Miles Davis album You’re Under Arrest, taking the role of a French-speaking police officer. He also sang backing vocals on Arcadia’s single “The Promise”, on two songs from Phil Collins’ album No Jacket Required, and contributed “Mack the Knife” to the Hal Willner-produced tribute album Lost in the Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill. In September 1985, he performed “If You Love Somebody Set Them Free” at the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The 1985 film Bring on the Night, directed by Michael Apted, documented the formation of his solo band and its first concert in France.

Sting released …Nothing Like the Sun in 1987, including singles, “We’ll Be Together”, “Fragile”, “Englishman in New York”, and “Be Still My Beating Heart”, dedicated to his mother, who had recently died. It went Double Platinum. “The Secret Marriage” from this album was adapted from Hanns Eisler, and “Englishman In New York” was about Quentin Crisp. The album’s title is from William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130. The album won Best British Album at the 1988 Brit Awards and in 1989 received three Grammy nominations including his second consecutive nomination for Album of the Year. “Be Still My Beating Heart” earned nominations for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. In 1989, …Nothing Like the Sun was ranked number 90 and his Police album Synchronicity was ranked number 17 on Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest albums of the 1980s.

In February 1988 he made Nada como el sol, five songs from Sun he sang in Spanish and Portuguese. In 1987 jazz arranger Gil Evans placed him in a big band setting for a live album of Sting’s songs, and on Frank Zappa’s 1988 Broadway the Hard Way he performed an arrangement of “Murder By Numbers”, set to “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson, and dedicated to evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. In October 1988 he recorded a version of Igor Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale with the London Sinfonietta conducted by Kent Nagano. It featured Vanessa Redgrave, Ian McKellen and Sting as the soldier.

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154 Responses to Wednesday Open Thread | Sting Week

  1. Liza says:

    Do we really have two more years of this infantile buffoon in the WH?

  2. Megyn Kelly’s show got cancelled after that racist blackface fuckery…….

    • Liza says:

      She won’t be missed.

      Isn’t it about time to boot her off the network? Fox News blondies cannot crossover no matter how much lipstick they put on that pig. And I say that with some regret at insulting pigs who, from what I understand, are nice animals.

    • Ametia says:

      BYE GIRL

    • Liza says:

      Andrew Gillum is a gift from God to the state of Florida. I really hope he wins.

      The good people of Florida (not the Trump voters) have suffered long enough.

  3. Liza says:

    Y’all seen the stock market today and lately? Be careful looking at your 401k.



    S&P 500

  4. Liza says:

    Please tell me this is The Twilight Zone and not real life…

  5. Liza says:

    Jeffie so determined to convince himself he has a conscience. Must be exhausting.

  6. Liza says:

    So it is perfectly acceptable to kill or maim people who screen mail?

    • eliihass says:

      Frank Gaffney has never had and will never have any redeeming quality… He’s always been an outright racist …and one of those white supremacists Chris Matthews and Scarborough and the ‘liberal’ MSM have been intent on normalizing and mainstreaming …

      The exposing of these white nationalist rodents will hopefully help in their inevitable shunning and diminishing – and ultimately, marginalizing of them into permanent toothless obscurity..

    • eliihass says:

      This whole gaslighting and lame plot using black kids as props and bit players for racist Birther photo-ops while the same racist Birther and her proud Alt-Right Communications Director and the treasonous buffoon sugar daddy continue to incite hate and death threats against the first and only historic black First Couple that’s ever lived in the White House, is not only seriously pathetic, but getting old..

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, I know. I wish MT would go back into hiding.

        • eliihass says:

          Vinicius: “His new wife, Poppea, sounds interesting – a harlot for an empress?”

          Petronius: “My dear Marcus, what a proletarian observation! You must know that a woman has no past when she mates with a god.”

          -Quo Vadis.

      • rikyrah says:

        Black people need to stop letting their children be props to this Administration.NO WAY would Peanut have gotten on the bus for this field trip.
        Hell No 😠

    • vitaminlover says:

      She is no Michelle Obama–that’s for sure!

  7. vitaminlover says:

    Father in the Name of Jesus, I come humbly before you to guard and protect all of the recipients of these threatening devices ESPECIALLY PRESIDENT BARACK AND FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA!! Lord, keep them all safe and sound and wise. Show Your lovingkindness and tender mercies on them. Please let the satanic evildoers be exposed and immediately handled in the strongest ways. Also we I know that satan is the driving force behind this awful situation and that he is bound. Let the so-called current leader be completely exposed and removed from our land’s office quickly, thoroughly and completely. LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN. Let people’s eyes be opened and they are forced to see. I rebuke the devil and loose the ministering spirits to generate and recover peace in this turmoil. I call for this to cease and desist! Let the whirlwind proceed, AMEN!!

  8. Ametia says:

    Turn to dirty tricks? They’ve always been DIRTY

    • Ametia says:

      this whole incident stinks to high heaven, SG2. Used to instill further fear and terrorize us.

      • eliihass says:

        Never ever let the media – or anyone else normalize the treasonous buffoon, his 3rd wife, daughter-wife and the rest of the kkklan..


        The media and the Alt-Right cohort have been desperate for the Obamas to help normalize, boost and elevate the treasonous buffoon and his Birther 3rd wife.. And are now trying to use their sanctioned death threats against the Obamas and Clintons to get a “Unity Photo-op” to prop up a bloody treasonous buffoon and instigator-extraordinaire, and his imported Birther gold-digging 3rd wife..



        They treasonous buffoon, his 3rd wife and their kkklan, must never ever be allowed to mingle with civilized society long after this nightmarish treasonous stint is over..

        New Yorkers better deliver on this..

  9. Ametia says:

    Here you go Meghan Kelly, one of your male relatives in BLACKFACE

  10. Ametia says:

    These MOFOs sent a bomb to POTUS & FLOTUS’ home.

    And we’re suppose to come together?


  11. eliihass says:

    Oh, f*ck off, Chuck Todd..

  12. Ametia says:

    We need to VOTE EN MASSE

    The MSM & cable nutworks (YEAH I SAID IT) cannot be trusted one iota. Tweet, use cell phones and take photos at the polls.

    The white supremacist GOP & cohorts do NOT want BLACK, BROWN, & YELLOW folks to VOTE

    They’red rather suppress, disenfranchise, gerrymander, pander to racist and the lowest common denominator, and right now even KILL US.


    • majiir says:

      I voted early today after leaving my doctor’s office after my appointment @ 3pm, and the place was full, with more coming in as I was leaving the Bibb County Board of Elections building here in Middle GA. Black citizens here are really turning out for early voting. It made my heart glad to see so many of us exercising our right to vote.

  13. eliihass says:

    The media et al – who had such a hard time remembering to address the twice legitimately elected historic President by his well-earned honorific …seriously need to stop with the groveling, dubiously overzealous and excessive use of that honorific for an illegitimate, thoroughly compromised, greedy, vile, lowlife 2-bit treasonous crook owned by America’s enemies..

    • Ametia says:

      Exactly, that punk ass Chris Matthews called Anthony “Rick” Scaramucci “GREAT”
      yesterday. “great’ *BLINKS* like windshield wipers at thigh speed…

      Of course he’s Catholic like Tweety and was pushing a dumb ass book, that’ll likely reach the dollar bin in 60 seconds flat.

      But what did we hear and still hear from Matthews, “OBAMA!


  14. I’m NOT coming together with people who hate me & want to do harm to me & my family. Tell it to Trump & his hateful racist supporters who cheer journalists demonized, kids being separated from their parents, locked in cages. MISS me with the coming to together with white supremacy.

    • eliihass says:

      Me neither, SG..

      I’m sick and tired of this crap..

      I’ve just had it..

      These white supremacists don’t get to keep puking all over the place in broad daylight, and we passerby’s are strong-armed into cleaning up their puke every single time.. While they get to deny any knowledge of the mess…even as they still have fresh puke stains all over their hoods and robes… and are stinking up the town..

    • Ametia says:

      Go have a seat Joe. I for one, don’t want to hear shit about coming together with RACISTS, NASTY, IGNORANT POS who would rather I don’t exist.

      BYE BOY!

    • Liza says:

      I’ve blown off people in my own family over the sh!t that has been going down since 2008.

      And I’ll just be hanged before I change my mind about these folks.

      “Come together” is bullsh!t. It’s never been true in our entire history and apparently never will be.

  15. eliihass says:

    I’m so glad the Obamas have said nothing – and have refused to feed into the media curiosity – and by extension, the treasonous buffoon, 3rd wife and their cohorts, about the whereabouts of the Obamas.. And most importantly, trying to get the Obamas once again, to do the heavy lift of cleaning up this mess that the treasonous buffoon and co. have made..

    I hope the Obamas ice everyone out with their righteous silence..

    I’m sick and tired of the Obamas being the ones to always clean up the mess others make in the course of specifically inciting hate and death threats against the Obamas..

    I’m sick and tired of the Obamas being expected to sing kumbayah over and over and over again and again …even as the treasonous buffoon and his 3rd wife with the assist of their Alt-Right staff and supporters, spearhead the shenanigans, make a mess – and yet play ‘victim’ and ‘fake leaders’ and are treated as merely incidental to it all …even as they continue to wink-wink and play footsie with their white supremacist base..

    I’m sick and tired of the bs..

    • Ametia says:


      Ya want unity, bitches, HOLD UP A MIRROR and take a good, hard look at YOU.

    • Liza says:

      Eliihass, it’s just a matter of time before some talking head wants to know if the Obamas forgive the terrorist.

      • eliihass says:

        You know that, Liza…They’re asking on CNN if the Obamas have released any statement, and Susan Malveaux just told Tapper that the Obamas do not intend to release any statement regarding this…So stop waiting for one.. To which I said, good!

  16. ….Because he’s a THUG and thugs don’t give a damn.

  17. eliihass says:

    In the supposedly greatest democracy on earth, with the best Universities and intellectual and academic minds… A country that once positioned itself as the moral leader..

    How on earth is everyone fine with the idea that a vile, immoral, corrupt, greedy, compromised, racist, narcissistic, incurious lowlife, envious liar, beholden to hostile foreign entities, and his vile, illiterate, immoral, gold-digging, narcissistic racist, euro trash, liar Birther 3rd wife – who thinks herself slick by half, are what laughably pretends to pass as representatives of the supposedly greatest country in the world..

    Where are those finger-wagging critics and self-appointed keepers of the flame who never passed up on an opportunity to scold and threaten the vastly morally and intellectually superior, double Ivy League educated Obamas..

  18. He calls the press ‘enemy of the people’, he constantly attacks and taunts his critics on Twitter. He is the instigator and the one who is inciting violence. It is your duty to report the facts @politico. Tell the American people the truth.

  19. Liza says:

    Trump supporters in Phoenix last week…

  20. eliihass says:

    “On both sides”… “everyone”..

    Sick of this cowardly, mealy-mouthing ..

    Call a spade a bloody spade..

    The treasonous buffoon isn’t just “sometimes” “contributing”… He is entirely the initiator and catalyst … endlessly inciting and instigating hate.. With his daily attacks and lies and slander ..

    And please, no more of that opportunistic hack, Anthony Scaramucci..

    Even the BBC has now gone all right-wing..

    When the best the BBC can seriously do these days …with all the credible non-partisan expertise and talent out there, is to handpick and have as their regular go to pundit, (with no counter-argument from the left), that petty, spiteful, vile, self-loathing, cockeyed evil spawn of Dick Cheney – Ron Christie..

    One can only imagine that that awful Mika/Scarborough pal, the equally awful Katty Kay, must have got him the hook-up..

    • eliihass says:

      The self-satisfied smirk on the treasonous buffoon betrayed that he knows that these are his people.. And he’s not just pleased as punch, he’s hoping they continue..

  21. Breaking News: A suspicious package intercepted in Maryland was addressed to Congresswoman Maxine Waters

  22. Ametia says:

    It’s the Republican Party who are terrorizing Democratic Party leaders.

    Sans Death 💀 of one of them it’s still the ugliest & mist criminal acts they’ve stooped

    White supremacy, power & greed are one helluva drug

  23. Liza says:

    ** Shallow Comment Alert (but I just can’t help it) **
    Every time I see a picture of Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally it looks like Cinderella and one of her (less attractive) step sisters.

  24. When will that treasonous fraud be arrested for inciting violence? IF ANYONE else would have incited these kind of terrorist acts, they’d be in handcuffs already.

  25. Breaking News: Police Commissioner: The device sent to CNN appeared to be a live explosive.

  26. eliihass says:

    They spend years inciting hate, and then cowardly try to dodge when their hate starts to actively threaten lives and disrupt our democracy – May God seriously punish these right-wing a-holes and their treasonous buffoon..

  27. eliihass says:

    Can you believe that Andrea Mitchell is actually trying to compare bombs mailed to the homes of Democratic leaders, to Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell being protested at restaurants…

    I told you fam, the media is complicit …

    That instead of calling out the biggest instigator of all, they’re cowardly shifting the blame and responsibility to harmless peaceful protesters ..

  28. Breaking: A suspicious package was addressed to Eric Holder but was intercepted.

    • eliihass says:

      A treasonous buffoon who actively endorsed the barbaric murder of a Saudi journalist who dared criticize him, is very much gleeful that his perceived enemies are the exclusive targets of pipe bombs..

    • eliihass says:

      That’s obviously the narrative the Alt-Right is now spinning..

      I’ve just been scanning twitter and it’s all denial from the right-wing and trying to make it done attempt Soros and Democrats …

      There are seriously sick people in our midst, SG.. their deep-seated racist-hate and their twisted sense of their ‘threatened’ white supremacy is going to be the undoing of this country..

      At this rate, the treasonous buffoon and his Birther 3rd wife and their family will probably have to move to Saudi Arabia to enjoy the bribes and spoils of their treason and the hate they’ve actively nurtured and continue to incite ..

  29. eliihass says:

    Someone please have the treasonous buffoon, his courtesan, and their all Alt-Right cohort including Sarah Huckabee, to stuff their contrived press releases …and kindly f*ck all the way off..

  30. eliihass says:


    This is a tweet from a guy who was a Secret Service agent – and even had a brief stint on President Obama’s detail.. until he left to go run for some political office..

  31. eliihass says:

    Fuck Mike Pence.

    • eliihass says:

      To think that some idiot on MSNBC actually had the nerve to say that we mustn’t ‘rush’ to judgement…that this might just be the work of an ‘angry liberal’ ..

  32. eliihass says:

    For 10+ years and counting, the Obamas have had unprecedented levels of death threats on their lives..

    Now, in their post-presidency, those who’ve tried and failed to fluff-up and boost the treasonous buffoon, his 3rd wife and their white supremacist cohort, have since resorted to trying to tear down the Obamas …

    If they can’t elevate the treasonous buffoon and his 3rd wife, they’ll do their darnedest to pull down the Obamas from the pedestal the world has placed them..

    And if slanderous conspiracy theories, endless malicious trolling and verbal assaults don’t do it, they now resort to sending pipe bombs to their homes and offices..

    The Obamas still have a teenage kid at home.. and their other kid is just in her 2nd year away from home at college..

    The trauma these kids have been subjected to …from baseless attacks on their parents that have never subsided.. to threats on their parents’ lives …and even on theirs..

    I wonder if the narcissistic, lying, gold digging euro trash courtesan turned 3rd wife of the sociopathic treasonous buffoon, who has not had threats on her life, is still feeling like the “most bullied” person “on the world”..

    They have ever since their Birther days never met up, and have continued to instigate their already hate-filled Alt-Right base into a hate frenzy.. with their witting cognitive dissonace that has manifested in pity-parties and woe is us victimhood …even as they and their alt-right base are the bullies and hate-merchants..

    Can God please, please, finally strip this treasonous buffoon of this undeserved and unearned stint in the most sacred office of our land …a stint that has him and his family looting and plundering, decimating institutions …and making a complete mockery of our democracy …while undeservedly exploiting and enjoying the perks and privilege they never should’ve been accorded…

    Hopefully, the stripping of this undeserved title and its privileges, will mean that we the taxpayers will not have to bear any responsibility for these Alt-Right grifters, after they’ve been terminated and ejected from the people’s house..

  33. Breaking: Offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz evacuated with suspicious package.

  34. Ametia says:

    Watch how the GOP folks are making the tv rounds DENOUNCING the VIOLENCE & those bomb threats, but not once have fully called out and denounced 45’s blatant racist white nationalist bullshit.

  35. Ametia says:
  36. Liza says:

    Truth. But in red states you can be a despicable, incompetent, dirty ass liar running the dirtiest campaign in history and you can still be electable if you are a Republican. It’s damn near impossible for a Democrat to win a statewide election in Arizona.

  37. Ametia says:


    Just to be certain. This is all about invoking FEAR, so folks don’t get out and VOTE THESE MUTHAFUCKAS OUT OF OFFICE.

  38. rikyrah says:

    Two bombs in two days targeting prominent Democrats. This is terrorism, and I hope the FBI, ATF and the rest of law enforcement can catch the bomber quickly, because someone is going to be seriously injured or killed if not.

    — Matthew Miller (@matthewamiller) October 24, 2018

    • eliihass says:

      I wish I could be confident that some in some of these law enforcement entities aren’t in fact active members of the Alt-Right..

      As we now see previously seeming ‘honorable general’ folk like John Kelly unmasked before our eyes as 2-bit racists..

    • eliihass says:

      To hell with the lot of them ..Chris Matthews etc. ..they are a huge part of the problem..

      All the ratings-focused yucking up and ki-ki-ing at the dumb, greedy, treasonous buffoon’s racist, threats to our country, democracy and union… and all his incredibly dangerous shenanigans here at home and on the world stage …and it’s all been laughs and positive re-framing and protecting and mulligans ..

      Can anyone imagine what any of these media folks would’ve done had this been the Obamas – our historic First Couple – making a complete mockery of the presidency.. and compromising our national security and decimating our moral authority and leadership …taking bribes from and fully embracing our enemies, turning on our allies and completely making an a*se of the country and embarrassing themselves on the world stage with lies and incompetence and lack of knowledge..

      The same folk who made a still being peddled ‘scandal’ of the historic FLOTUS reciprocating a hug from a Queen who never hugs, but actually hugged the historic FLOTUS first…

  39. Not just republicans….Trump incites this ISH and Congress sits on their ass and does nothing. They’re enabling this thug.

  40. Ametia says:

  41. Ametia says:
  42. rikyrah says:

    When Trump and his allies talk about “civility” from their opponents they don’t mean being respectful or polite, neither of which is a value the president can claim to hold. They mean bending the knee or staying silent.

    — Student Loans 🍝 (@AdamSerwer) October 24, 2018

  43. rikyrah says:

    skeptical brotha 🌈 (@skepticalbrotha) Tweeted:
    Read below if you want to know why college student #StaceyAbrams burned Georgia’s racist state flag emblazoned with Confederate Stars and Bars. The sad truth is every Georgia flag since 1879 has been a homage 2 White Supremacy & treason. #BrianKemp is arousing his base. #GAGov

  44. rikyrah says:

    Megyn Kelly issued an apology in an email to colleagues for a controversial comment she made on her show Tuesday about blackface.

    • Ametia says:

      Al Roker NAILED IT. But why isn’t Megyn Kelly on the panel issuing the apology herself?

      Lemme guess… protection of the complexion. NBC knows Kelly is a bleached blonde racist ass, bitch from FAUX NOISE.

      THE END.

  45. rikyrah says:

    A senior official at the Department of Veterans Affairs removed a portrait of the Ku Klux Klan’s first grand wizard that was hanging in his office after WaPo’s @Reinlwapo caught wind of it and asked questions.

    Let’s get the link straight:

    • Ametia says:

      I’m sure David Thomas’ staff and the Veterans are real proud of him and that racist ass KKK portrait.

      Folks have lost their ever-loving minds.

  46. rikyrah says:

    Best. Ad. Ever.— Millennial Politics (@MillenPolitics) 17 October 2018

  47. rikyrah says:

    #BREAKING: The Secret Service has intercepted two suspicious packages believed to contain IED’s mailed to the homes of both Bill & Hillary Clinton, and the Obama family. This comes just days after a pipe bomb was found in George Soros’ mailbox.

  48. rikyrah says:

    Al Roker has been put in the place of commenting on another instance of casual racism displayed by his replacement — one who can’t even earn the same ratings he and Tamron Hall used to get.— Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick) October 24, 2018

    Al Roker on Megyn Kelly’s blackface apology: “While she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country because this is a history going back to the 1830s. Minstrel shows to demean and denigrate a race wasn’t right.”— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) October 24, 2018

  49. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : October 24, 2018

    indoctrinate: verb in-DAHK-truh-nayt

    1 : to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudiments : teach

    2 : to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle

  50. rikyrah says:

    Explosive Devices Found in Mail Sent to Hillary Clinton and Obama‬

    • Ametia says:

      Fear, FEAR, FEAR, DANGEROUSLY eliciting FEAR

      To distract, , deflect, and discourage folks from recognizing that the GOP & that Orange POS have NO CLOTHES.


  51. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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