Chris Hayes: Trumpism Must Be Peacefully But Completely Destroyed

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35 Responses to Chris Hayes: Trumpism Must Be Peacefully But Completely Destroyed

  1. #SendHerBack Be vigilant people! It’s already started in Houston, Illinois or a community near you. Trump has emboldened these racist thugs & they’re bubbling over with hate ready to instigate whether it’s at the gas station, grocery store or restaurant.

  2. He’s gonna be bold and say racial slurs out loud. Watch and see. And Congress won’t do a damn thing to him. The country is gone.

  3. There is no bottom with this thug. I heard him tell that bald face lie and waited for the media to call him out about it and it never happened. The media don’t give a damn. They had their sound bites. The lives of Congresswomen of color be damned!

  4. nedhamson says:

    Wish US House could remove him but Senate would not support- take back Senate in 2020 so judges 45 has appointed can be impeached and removed – and elect Dem as President!

  5. Trump is an unstable rabid racist! He’s dangerous to America. He needs to be stopped. @SpeakerPelosi you MUST remove this toxin from our government. He’s destroying democracy. He’s going to get innocent people harmed. Checks and Balances are there for a reason. #ImpeachTrumpNow

  6. This sob won’t stop! Enough @SpeakerPelosi! End this nightmare on America. Trump has to be impeached and removed from office. He will not stop. There is no bottom with the racist thug.

  7. Where is your dignity @SenatorTimScott? How can you possibly stomach being a member of this brutally racist party? How can you ignore your colleagues openly standing with Trump’s racist bigotry?

  8. That’s a bald face lie @RepMarkMeadows. And you’re NOT going to get away with it. The chant was planned & rehearsed with the crowd by Lara Trump. Trump is UNFIT for office. He might as well called the Congresswomen the n word. He has to go. @SpeakerPelosi

  9. Trump telling non white US Congresswomen to go back to your countries is beyond the pale. It’s disqualifying. He’s UNFIT for office. Trump has to be impeached and removed. Full stop!

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