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Eddie James 3Eddie James, born in Phoenix, AZ, accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the age of 8. He entered into music ministry at the tender age of 9 and it is for this reason that Eddie recognizes the gifts of God inside of young people. God has placed a burden inside of Eddie James, to minister to those who are hurting and lost, with an extraordinary emphasis on youth and young adults. As a result of his efforts, God has established Eddie James as a leader of music and ministry in the nation and around the world.

Higher with The Phoenix Mass Choir was Eddie James his first recorded national album. Higher debuted at number 10 and went to number 3 on the national charts. Since then he has recorded ten other projects that have impacted our nation and our world. His group ColourBlind, a culturally diverse group of five young men, released an album called, The David Story. This album contains twelve chapters of the book of Psalms put to music. They also recorded a soundtrack to their musical production called, Break the Walls. Break the Walls is a musical production designed for high school and college youth that deals with the issues of drugs, violence, pre-marital sex, racism, and dysfunctional families. Eddie James along with ColourBlind has reached over 200,000 youth in America with this musical drama presentation. Through this message of hope, countless numbers of lives have been changed.

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