LIVE: Coverage of the murder trial for Amber Guyger

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger is on trial for murder after she fatally shot Botham Shem Jean on September 6, 2018.

Guyger was off duty but still in uniform when she went into Jean’s apartment at South Side Flats. She told investigators she believed she was walking into her own apartment and shot Jean believing he was an intruder.

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160 Responses to LIVE: Coverage of the murder trial for Amber Guyger

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  3. #AmberGuyger Crime scene analyst Robyn Carr testified she found no injuries on Amber Guyger and no blood on her uniform.


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  5. #AmberGuyger Robyn Carr is on the witness stand. Crime scene analyst


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  7. So sad. He was in his own home.😭😭😭


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  10. #AmberGuyger Where is the prosecutor going with this, in how the bullet traveled?


  11. #AmberGuyger Medical examiner explaining the bullet wound to Botham Jean. It did sooo much damage. It hit the rib cage, lung, heart, stomach and ended in muscle in the stomach. No exit wound. 😭😭😭


  12. #AmberGuyger Dr Chester Gwin is on the witness stand. Medical examiner.


  13. Court is in recess for 20 minutes


  14. #AmberGuyger Dr Waleska Castro is on the witness stand. Trace evidence examiner.


  15. #AmberGuyger Shanel Bly is on the witness stand. She’s a former neighbor of Botham Jean


  16. #AmberGuyger Alyssa Kinsey is on the witness stand. A former neighbor of Botham Jean


  17. #AmberGuyger Alyssa Kinsey is on the witness stand. A former neighbor of Botham Jean


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  19. Liza says:

    This just gets worse and worse. I feel so bad for the family and friends of Botham Jean. Sounds like he was a really good person. Being a good person, however, does not protect you when you inadvertently fall into the cross hairs of a killer.

    Something is wrong here. There’s a story that only she knows. In my opinion, this whole thing just reeks of “thrill kill” because there was no other reason for her to kill him.

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  21. Whitney Hughes is on the witness stand. Former neighbor of Botham Jean


  22. #AmberGuyger Judge Tammy Kemp is laying down the law about folks cell phones interrupting. Judge says if one more goes off she’ll take it for the duration of the trial.


  23. Court back in session


  24. Court in recess until 1pm


  25. #AmberGuyger Taydra Jones is on the witness stand. Former neighbor of Botham Jean.


  26. #AmberGuyger Christin Noebel is on the witness stand. Ditigal Multi Media Analyst


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  28. #AmberGuyger Just think. Texas Ranger David Armstrong thought a man in his boxers, laying on his couch, eating ice cream, was a threat to Amber Guyger. #StepInFetchIt



  29. What did folks on WFAA live chat call him? David Coonstrong. Judge is NOT going to allow his testimony in. I saw right through him a long time ago.


  30. #AmberGuyger Folks on the WFAA live chat are calling Texas Ranger David Armstrong….David Coonstrong. And there you have it!


  31. FKN COON

    #AmberGuyger I told y’all I love this Judge. Judge Tammy Kemp is NOT going to allow Texas Ranger David Armstrong’s testimony as it relates to the actions of Amber Guyger’s state of mind.


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  34. #AmberGuyger Whew lawd! Video is being played of police performing CPR on Botham Jean. He’s just laying there. Officer Lee is saying come on brother. 😭


  35. LOOK!


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  44. #AmberGuyger A juror came forward and stated she’s had a professional relationship with Texas Ranger David Armstrong. So the juror is being questioned to see if she can continue to serve or whether an alternate will take her place.


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  46. Day 3 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial begins….


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  51. #AmberGuyger So who moved the blanket and pillows? Texas Ranger David Armstrong said those items weren’t in that position when he had first entered the apartment.


  52. #AmberGuyger Botham Jean was eating ice cream and it looks like chocolate chips cookies were crumbled up in it. His sister testified that he loved ice cream. 😢


  53. #AmberGuyger David Armstrong is on the witness stand. Texas Rangers.


  54. #AmberGuyger Bro Ronald Jones is not allowing the Defense to put any words in his mouth. I said what I said. LOL


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  56. Joshua Brown, you’re making me cry.😢 #AmberGuyger


  57. #AmberGuyger Is Joshua Brown crying?


  58. #AmberGuyger Joshua Brown is on the witness stand


  59. #AmberGuyger Hollie Gibralter is on the witness stand. She’s a real estate manager. South Side Flats real estate manager.


  60. #AmberGuyger OMG! Listening to John Fairleigh speak about doing CPR on Botham Jean. Blood was pooling on to stretcher and down to the floor as they did each compression.


  61. #AmberGuyger Dallas Fire and Rescue John Fairleigh is on the witness stand.

    Botham Jean had no pulse, no breathing. CPR was continued.


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  63. #AmberGuyger DET Eduardo Ibarra took the toxicology report. No drugs in her system.


  64. #AmberGuyger Officer Ryan Barnett time on the witness stand was quick. He’s gone already


  65. Officer Ryan Barnett is on the witness stand


  66. #AmberGuyger I believe Judge Tammy Kemp knows something stinks to high heaven with Breanna Valentine


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  68. #AmberGuyger I don’t believe Breanna Valentine.


  69. #AmberGuyger Sgt. Breanna Valentine didn’t know she wasn’t following protocol? 😡


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  71. #AmberGuyger That cop head’s is all in the car talking to Amber Guyger. What is he talking about? He spent some time there talking with Amber.


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  74. #AmberGuyger What is she doing with that phone? Is she texting or deleting messages?


  75. #AmberGuyger I’m getting a bad vibe about Sgt. Breanna Valentine.


  76. #AmberGuyger Wait. So is there some fuckery going on with Sgt. Breanna Valentine and the way she treated Amber Guyger?


  77. #AmberGuyger Wow! What’s going on with this seclusion stuff?


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  81. #AmberGuyger Stg Breanna Valentine is on the witness stand


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  83. #AmberGuyger OMG! It sounded like cops were laughing as the body was being removed? Did y’all hear laughter or am I mistaken?


  84. rikyrah says:


  85. rikyrah says:


  86. Dallas police officer Torey Dugas is on the witness stand


  87. DA John Creuzot knew better! How could he not?


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  93. I pray for Botham Jean’s parents and loved ones who are watching police doing CPR on him as he lay dying. It’s too much.😢


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  97. 😭😭😭


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  103. Day 2 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial begins….


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  105. Liza says:

    I said from the beginning that this looks a hell of a lot like a thrill kill. Nothing has changed my mind so far.

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  106. rikyrah says:

    How come we are just finding out about the partner/boyfriend??😒

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  107. rikyrah says:

    The judge IS NOT PLAYING!


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  109. Amber Guyger’s boyfriend is throwing Amber Guyger all under the bus.

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  119. Botham Jean’s sister says she still sometimes calls his phone to see if he will answer.

    I can relate. After my brother died suddenly, it was so unbelievable. I called his phone just to listen to his voice. 😭😭😭

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  128. Prosecutor said during opening statement Botham Jean’s apartment smelled liked marijuana and hers DID NOT. So #AmberGuyger thinking she was in her own apartment is BULL.

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  129. Defense: Amber Guyger went to an “ethically diverse high school“

    The fk does THAT have to do with anything?


  130. When police arrived on the scene, #AmberGuyger was outside while Botham Jean lay DYING. LOCK HER ASS UP!

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  132. Prosecutor his opening statement said while Botham Jean was on the floor dying, Amber Guyger was sending texts. She texted man she was having a relationship with saying I need you and another text saying “I’m fucked”.

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  136. #AmberGuyger was on a booty call and texting how horny she was.

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  139. Lord have mercy upon #BothamJean’s family for having to listen to how their son died. 😭 #AmberGuyger

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  143. Judge ain’t going for the fuckery. #NotTodaySatan


  144. Why would the DA do such a thing? Knowing there is a gag order? It makes no sense.


  145. Hollaring! That look Judge Tammy Kemp gave is when we’ve had enough and the last nerve has been SNAPPED.

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  146. MUST WATCH. In a #OhNoYouDidntMoment Judge Tammy Kemp is UNDONE when she finds out the DA gave an interview on the eve of the Amber Guyger trial despite a gag order.

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  147. Judge is highly TICKED…….


  148. Amber Guyger Trial is breaking until 12:30 p.m.


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  150. Judge in the #AmberGuyger trial has overruled a motion for mistrial and the jury has been sequestered.

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  151. DA knows damn better. Was this shyt deliberate? I wouldn’t put nothing past white supremacy. NOTHING!

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  152. Judge in the Amber Guyger trial ain’t playing with mofos today. Someone brought in a laptop. Judge is furious.

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