Coverage of Amber Guyger Murder Trial

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger is on trial for murder after she fatally shot Botham Shem Jean on September 6, 2018.

Guyger was off duty but still in uniform when she went into Jean’s apartment at South Side Flats. She told investigators she believed she was walking into her own apartment and shot Jean believing he was an intruder.

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  1. #AmberGuyger I’m loving the music WFAA plays when waiting for court to start and/or not in session. It’s pure 🔥

    Burden of Proof

  2. #AmberGuyger I heard on WFAA live chat the Defense had expert witnesses they were planning to testify and they were from out of town. They were to testify to Amber Guyger’s state of mind and Judge Tammy Kemp says they CAN’T go there.

  3. I love Judge Tammy Kemp. A fair no nonsense judge. Voting matters, people!🗳️

  4. #AmberGuyger S̷t̷e̷p̷I̷n̷F̷e̷t̷c̷h̷I̷t̷ I mean David Armstrong is on the witness stand.

  5. #AmberGuyger Judge Tammy Kemp will allow Craig Miller’s testimony on inattentional blindness. She will not allow testimony about Guyger’s action being reasonable.

  6. #AmberGuyger I can’t stand the arrogance of these old men like Craig Miller. He’s telling the court what HE thinks the jury should know. That’s NOT your job. Just give the testimony.

  7. #AmberGuyger Craig Miller guessed Amber Guyger ducked. He has no way of knowing that?

  8. #AmberGuyger Hearing is to decide if Craig Miller, a retired Homicide and Special Investigator, is determined an expert witness

  9. #AmberGuyger Craig Miller is on the witness stand. Dallas Police Homicide and Special Investigative Unit.

  10. Day 6 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial

  11. A fkn stepinfetchit. Armstrong was probably put on the case to find no crime committed and figured Black folks would accept it because he’s Black. Got dammit!

  12. I can’t with this negro

    #AmberGuyger was ambushed in someone else’ home? Armstrong believed she thought Botham Jean was coming at her. FOH David Armstrong. Botham was IN his own home. Amber Guyger was the INTRUDER!

  13. #AmberGuyger How the hell does David Armstrong know what Amber Guyger was thinking?

  14. #AmberGuyger When I look at David Armstrong.

  15. #AmberGuyger This is a hearing to determine if David Armstrong testimony will be allowed before the jury.

  16. #AmberGuyger OMG! WFAA live chat LIT up once S̷t̷e̷p̷I̷n̷F̷e̷t̷c̷h̷I̷t̷ David Armstrong took the stand. They’re calling him all kind of names.

  17. #AmberGuyger S̷t̷e̷p̷I̷n̷F̷e̷t̷c̷h̷I̷t̷ I mean David Armstrong is on the witness stand.

  18. #AmberGuyger Judge has denied Defense expert request. Judge Tammy Kemp is not going to mislead the jury. BAM! I told y’all she’s on 💯

  19. #AmberGuyger Judge says expert can’t tell where Botham Jean was when shots were fired. Judge on 💯

  20. #AmberGuyger Judge Tammy Kemp says the court is troubled by Michael Haag’s *expert* testimony. She smells bs.

  21. #AmberGuyger Michael Haag is on the witness stand. Forensic scientist

  22. #AmberGuyger prosecutor asked officer Keenan Blair if body was moved. Keenan Blair answers no.

    Lets go to the video. Video shows body being moved.

  23. #AmberGuyger Keenan Blair. Dallas police officer. He was riding with officer Lee.

  24. #AmberGuyger Jessica Martinez is on the witness stand. Former resident of South Flats apartments. She had problems with door.

  25. Marc Lipscomb is on the witness stand. Former resident of South Flats apartments

    #AmberGuyger This Marc Lipscomb is so full of shyt. When he walked his dog, he left apartment door opened and on the way back went into someone else’ apartment. IIRC this dude got mixed up and was on the wrong floor 10-12 times.

  26. I don’t want to laugh at this gif but you’re making it hard for me. Cut it out. LOL

  27. I just can’t. Horrible. Horrible. HORRIBLE!

    Botham Jean had a bullet hole in his heart, bleeding to death and it never crossed her mind to get first aid tools from her police backpack?

    Too much! 😭😭😭

  28. #AmberGuyger What happened at the MLK parade?

    • Liza says:

      Well, her handlers have obviously told her to show remorse. Juries like to see remorse.

      But when I look at her scrunched up face pretending to cry, it just enrages me.

      I really hope she gets the prison sentence she deserves and then she can cry for real.

  29. #AmberGuyger She had a name for lover’s __________! 😳😳😳

  30. #AmberGuyger Defense is shook because prosecutor is tearing her a*ss UP. That’s why the Defense attorney raised his voice to the judge.

  31. #AmberGuyger Oh wow! 2 days after Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean she was texting about getting drunk.

  32. #AmberGuyger In my best southern drawl….prosecutor is finna shred her to pieces

  33. #AmberGuyger Here comes the vapors again. She didn’t want to kill an innocent man. But you did. And you left him TO DIE went to text.

    • Liza says:

      I knew it. There it is. All that Boo hoo fuckety hoo hoo. Told y’all.

      Well, all of her statements are in direct conflict with what she posted on social media.

      Horrible person. Just horrible.


  34. We heard Amber Guyger’s actual crying in court. The crying on the 911 call does not seem believable at all.

  35. #AmberGuyger says she was afraid Botham Jean was going to kill her. Bish, you’re IN his HOUSE!

  36. #AmberGuyger Defense is getting real cocky with the judge. Wow!

  37. Court back in session.

  38. #AmberGuyger WFAA’s Tanya on live chat is bringing up if Botham Jean was coming at Amber Guyger! It was Botham Jean’s own house. Amber Guyger was the intruder!

  39. Oh God! Here comes the tears. Amber Guyger is sobbing.


    The relationship wasn’t ended if she was still sending nude photos and sext messages.

  41. #AmberGuyger is making sure she’s looking at the jury. #Coached

  42. Spare me. Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean in his own home while he was laying in his boxers and eating ice cream.

  43. #AmberGuyger is on the witness stand

  44. #AmberGuyger I told y’all I love this judge. 🔥

    Defense arguing for David Armstrong’s testimony to come in about Guyger’s state of mind. It AIN’T happening. Judge says he’s no expert. And Judge is not going to allow testimony Botham Jean was 13-14 ft from door when he was shot based on where a pair of flip flops were because there were several pair of shoes in the room. It wasn’t proven what pair of shoes he was wearing.

  45. Day 5 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial

  46. #AmberGuyger on her phone while Botham Jean lay dying on his living room floor. Crime scene analyst Robyn Carr testified in court there were no injuries on Guyger and no blood on her uniforms. The gloves she had went unused.

  47. Neighbor of Botham Jean gives emotional testimony

  48. Amber Guyger could take the stand Friday at trial

  49. #AmberGuyger Court is in recess until tomorrow morning

  50. BREAKING…..The State have rested its case in murder trial of Amber Guyger

  51. #AmberGuyger Michael Grice is on the witness stand. Criminal investigator.

  52. #AmberGuyger Michael Grice is on the witness stand. Criminal investigator.

  53. Court is back in session


    Amber Guyger was not met with deadly force tho. Botham Jean was. Guyger was in Botham Jean’s home.

  55. Court back in session

  56. Court is in recess until 10:30am

  57. Liza says:

    Here’s another one. I’m wondering if the killer’s social media postings will be evidence in the trial. My prediction is that she will take the stand and cry a river (same as Johannes Mehserle, BART cop who killed Oscar Grant), to try to stay out of prison.

  58. Liza says:

    I was thinking about how these DPD cops immediately tried to protect the killer because she was a cop. Part of the “brotherhood” (ha ha ha).

    Well, so much for theory that body cams and training can turn a bad cop into a good cop. These PD’s need to get better at HIRING and FIRING. Police Departments in this country are housing some mighty bad people and we may as well face that, otherwise the problem is never solved.

    It’s not a few “bad apples.”

  59. #AmberGuyger Police officer DET Stephen Cleary is on the witness stand

  60. Day 4 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial

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