Coverage of Amber Guyger Murder Trial- Day 7-Verdict Watch

Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger is on trial for murder after she fatally shot Botham Shem Jean on September 6, 2018.

Guyger was off duty but still in uniform when she went into Jean’s apartment at South Side Flats. She told investigators she believed she was walking into her own apartment and shot Jean believing he was an intruder.

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  1. Judge Tammy Kemp hugged Botham Jean’s family first. My friend Mythe lives in Dallas and knows the judge. My friend says she’s a Delta and is a deaconess at her church. The Spirit of God was at work in the court and the judge recognized the moving of the Holy Spirit.

    Botham Jean’s family showed the country the love of Christ.

    I’ll fight about injustice until the cows come home but I am not going to fight against the work of Christ. I may not be where Botham Jean’s family are just yet so I step back and let the Lord do his work.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Marcus H. Johnson (@marcushjohnson) Tweeted:
    Maybe I will write about the forgiveness narrative and how its really just a slightly veiled power play to keep Black folks “in their place” even after they’ve been seriously wronged. Honestly I despise the forgiveness narrative so much.

  3. rikyrah says:

    I just couldn’t last night. I had to get offline for a few hours. That foolishness was too much for me.😠😠😠

  4. rikyrah says:

    Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) Tweeted:

    AMBER GUYGER: Dallas cop, murdered #BothamJean, 28-yr-old Black man

    10 YRS

    JASON VAN DYKE: Chicago cop, murdered #LaquanMcDonald, 17-yr-old black boy

    6 YRS

    KELONTRE BAREFIELD, Black Ohio man, killed #Jethro (a police DOG)

    34 YRS


      • Liza says:

        The young man perhaps needs to believe that she did not intend to kill his brother and/or that she is truly sorry and/or that she isn’t a monster. It may be more damaging to him right now if he has to face that his brother was brutally murdered with intent.

        This happens. Pope John Paul II visited his assailant in prison. He didn’t ask for the guy’s release, but he wanted to talk to him. I guess at the other end of the victim/survivor spectrum we have people who demand no less than the death penalty for the perpetrator.

        If the kid needed to do this, I’m okay with it but I wish it were not publicized. And yes, there has been too much media obsession about “black forgiveness” and they need to back off.

        Forgiveness is highly personal. People who have suffered a devastating loss need to be granted the freedom to deal with their sorrow as best as they can. For some people that means reaching out to the assailant.

  5. #AmberGuyger Breaking News: #AmberGuyger has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of Botham Jean

  6. #AmberGuyger Prosecution is asking the jury to give Amber Guyger 28 years.

  7. #AmberGuyger Botham Jean had a nickname for his mother. He called his mother GG

    Trayvon Martin had a nickname for his mother. He called his mother cupcake


  8. #AmberGuyger Closing arguments. Prosecution bringing up Amber Guyger mocking Dr King’s death, pepper spraying citizens there. Talking about a racist dog.

  9. Lord, the Defense brought a crackhead as a character witness. Amber Guyger met her at a drug house. If I was on the jury this would tick me off even more. Don’t play me! It’s so insulting.

  10. #AmberGuyger LaWanda Clark is on the witness stand. Met Amber when she was in a drug house. Says Amber look at her like her life mattered.

  11. #AmberGuyger Brenda Sales is on the witness stand. Best friend of Amber Guyger. They’ve been friends since 7th grade. They played in the orchestra together.

  12. #AmberGuyger Maribel Chavez is on the witness stand. Friend of Amber Guyger. They played in Mariachi band together.

  13. #AmberGuyger Prosecutor asked Thomas MacPherson about Amber Guyger sending text messages that she would like to pepper spray citizens at the MLK parade.

  14. #AmberGuyger Prosecutor is asking Thomas MacPherson about those text messages.

  15. #AmberGuyger Thomas Macpherson is on the witness stand. Dallas police officer.

  16. #AmberGuyger Rhonda Richardson is on the witness stand. Dallas police officer.

  17. #AmberGuyger Kathy Odhiambo is on the witness stand. Dallas police officer. A friend of Amber Guyger.

  18. #AmberGuyger Alana Guyger says a man her mother was dating touched Amber inappropriately. Says Amber wanted to be a police officer. She wanted to help people.

  19. #AmberGuyger Alana Guyger is on the witness stand. Amber Guyger’s sister.

  20. #AmberGuyger Karen Guyger says Amber was sexually molested by a man she was dating.

  21. #AmberGuyger Amber Guyger’s mother, Karen Guyger, is on the witness stand.

  22. What a stark stark difference between #BothamJean’s life and Amber Guyger’s life

    He was a loving kind person living a Christian life, making an impact on every person he came in contact with, always helping people

    Amber was a racist bully, glorified violence, taunted people etc

    • Liza says:

      That’s what I was thinking.

      This really is a collision of two worlds, two cultures.

      It is heart wrenching what has been done to the Jean family.

  23. #AmberGuyger Bertrum Jean, Botham’s dad breaks down crying on the witness stand.

  24. #AmberGuyger Alexis Stossel says Botham told her always find the good in every situation. He also said his idea of success is the impact you have on people.


  25. #AmberGuyger Alexis Stossel says she told her husband, Botham is going to be in my life forever. I can’t imagine him not being in my life. Botham called her Big Tex because she is tall and from Texas.

  26. #AmberGuyger Punishment phase. Alexis Stossel. Friends with Botham Jean. Worked together. Says Botham was a leader. You always felt welcomed by his presence.

  27. #AmberGuyger Defense requested Amber Guyger not wear leg irons to court in front of the jury. Judge Tammy Kemp allows request.

  28. Amber Guyger guilty verdict sends strong message

  29. rikyrah says:

    Bernie’s 3rd house 💄🥀 (@OjPats4) Tweeted:
    Amber Guyger:*crying white girl tears*

    Prosecutor: Objection, Your Honor. I cannot understand what she’s saying.


    • Liza says:

      I read that the jury will decide her sentence which could range from 5 to 99 years.

      • Right! What do you think she will get?

        WFFA’s Tanya Eiserer says someone shouted “shut up” when Judge Tammy Kemp read the verdict.

      • Liza says:

        I think the jury will take the prosecutor’s recommendation seriously because the prosecution of this case has been really good. And no one is allowed to know their recommendation until they present it to the jury. For some reason, and I can’t say why, but my gut feeling is that they won’t ask for the maximum punishment but they will ask for something substantial. And it probably doesn’t help Ms. Guyger that her social media postings, her texts, and (let’s be honest) her sexual exploits indicate her flawed character (to put it nicely). Also, juries like to see remorse and they like it real and I don’t think that Miss Amber convinced them. It’s very likely that all they will see at the end of the day is a sociopath who had a five year run pretending to be a bad ass cop with her despicable partner/boyfriend. Everything is connected, absolutely everything. It is not one bit surprising to me that the end of the line for her is murder. But at least this one will hear the cell door slam behind her and we can pray that it’s an example for other cops who truly believe they can forever kill with impunity in this country.

        I’m not surprised that one of Guyger’s supporters shouted at the judge. Trash, that’s all.

  30. Alissa Finley, Botham Jean’s sister, takes the stand during punishment phase in Amber Guyger trial

  31. Allison Jean, Botham Jean’s mother, takes the stand during punishment phase in Amber Guyger

  32. How is Martin Rivera gonna work with Black officers after this is revealed?

  33. Amber Guyger found guilty; punishment phase to continue Wednesday

    • Liza says:

      That was my thought. I didn’t like the inclusion of The Castle Doctrine, but I figured the inclusion would make it much harder to win a new trial on appeal.

  34. rikyrah says:

    The diversity of the jury mattered 👏👏

    They didn’t fall for her tears

  35. rikyrah says:

    Skeptical Brotha 🌈 (@skepticalbrotha) Tweeted:
    Benjamin Crump speaking the names of unarmed Black people who did not receive justice invoked a chorus of amens from #BothamJean’s family during his press conference, which is just good to my soul.

  36. #AmberGuyger Botham’s sister is on the witness stand. Says she and mom support each other and sometimes when she calls it may be a difficult day for her. Everyone still in pain.

  37. Botham was very close and loving to his mom. He sounds like my Josh. 😢

  38. #AmberGuyger Allison Jeans says it’s been a terrible time for her since Botham was killed. She was in New York with daughter when they found out the news. She says she can’t eat, can’t sleep, had to get counseling and tries to keep the family together b/c everyone is in pain.

  39. rikyrah says:

    J.D. Miles (@jdmiles11) Tweeted:
    Prosecutors now plan to introduce Amber Guyger’s DPD personnel file against her during punishment phase of her murder trial. She had been involved in a police shooting, disciplined for adverse conduct, cited for a chase policy violation and others during her 5 year career

  40. #AmberGuyger Sentencing phase. OMG! Judge is discussing Amber Guyger Pinterest account. 👀👀

  41. #AmberGuyger Punishment phase. Prosecutors plan to introduce Amber Guyger’s Dallas Police Department personnel file against her.

    Disciplined for adverse conduct
    Cited for a chase policy violation

  42. Amber Guyger sentencing phase…..

    • Liza says:

      I thought it would be manslaughter or a small possibility of a hung jury. But I certainly believe the jury got it right.

      I was just thinking that now that Ms. Amber Guyger is a convicted murderer, some investigative journalist/author will eventually look into her backstory. I suspect that somewhere down the road we will know more about her and why she did this. What she posted on social media was quite disturbing.

      I hope this verdict provides some closure for Botham Jean’s family and friends. He was a fine young man, God knows he deserved better.

      • Amber Guyger’s partner and boyfriend shot a 17 yr old in the head. Watch for that case be looked at again. He deleted texts as well. He should be charged with tampering with evidence.

      • Liza says:

        Without a doubt, we’re going to see this one on Dateline eventually.

        I read about the other shooting not too long after she killed Botham Jean. It was that and her disturbing posts on social media that led me to think this very well could have been a thrill kill. Honestly, I haven’t changed my mind.

        The prosecution’s closing argument really broke it down like a fraction. They talked about the series of unreasonable decisions but what is key is that she made the decision to kill Botham Jean before she entered the apartment, when she was still outside the door where she was safe and could have called for backup as her police training required.

        They call this a series of unreasonable decisions, asking why she didn’t notice the bright red door mat, etc and why didn’t she take a second to think about what might be going on rather than enter the apartment with the intent to kill? Well, she thought about something because she drew her weapon. What if the thought that kicked in was a kill fantasy and this was an opportunity? Why did she, a police officer trained to observe, ignore absolutely everything that told her this was not her apartment? Nothing explains her behavior except her wanting to kill someone.

  43. Liza says:

    The guilty verdict is a huge relief.

    Thank God.

    • majiir says:

      I know. I took a deep breath when I read that Guyger had been found guilty. It’s a shame that some Americans have to hold their breaths for a jury to convict a cop who has killed a black person or another POC because we already know the justice system is stacked against us. I still think about all of the cops who have gunned unarmed Black Americans down and have been permitted to continue on with their lives as if nothing happened. I’m still praying that George Zimmerman will get his due someday for killing Trayvon Martin for no other reason than he thought Trayvon didn’t ‘belong’ in that neighborhood.

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, I still think about Trayvon Martin. I didn’t watch the series that Jay-Z did on Trayvon and I don’t know if it uncovered anything new or not. I’ve long suspected there was more to know about Zimmerman and what he was up to back in those days. He probably has a miserable life but that’s not enough, he belongs in prison.

    • majiir says:

      Some folks in that crowd standing on the left side seem to be in shock. They should be. I’m hoping the verdict in this case sends a strong message to some other Americans that black lives, in fact, do matter, and that they can no longer keep treating us like 2nd Class citizens, all while enjoying the fruits of our labor.


    Diverse jury. Black. White. Latino. Asian. #America

  45. rikyrah says:


    Skeptical Brotha 🌈 (@skepticalbrotha) Tweeted:
    If you’re rejoicing over the #AmberGuyer guilty verdict as I am, you should also recognize that good prosecutors have a purpose. I’m looking at you “Kamala’s-a-cop” people. A Black man is the Dallas County District Attorney. Only progressive prosecutors hold cops accountable.

  46. #AmberGuyger sentencing to begin at 2pm ET

  47. rikyrah says:

    Outbursts in courtroom follow reading of guilty verdict for ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger in wrong apartment killing.
    The jury convicted Guyger of murder in the shooting of Botham Jean after mistaking his apartment for her own.— ABC News (@ABC) October 1, 2019

  48. rikyrah says:

    He had his whole life ahead of him😪😪😪

  49. AmberGuyer Breaking News! Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murder

  50. rikyrah says:

    just wanted to thank you SG2. Thanks so much for covering this. This never should have happened. That poor family.

  51. #AmberGuyger We’ve got a red light from the jury. What does it mean? Verdict?

  52. Deliberations continue in the Amber Guyger murder trial

  53. #AmberGuyer This waiting for a verdict got me hyperventilating. Deliberations start up again at 8:30am. Pray for justice! #BothamJean

  54. #AmberGuyer The jury has ended for today and will resume deliberations in the morning at 8:30am

  55. GZ took Trayvon Martin’s last screams and claimed them as his own.

    #AmberGuyger took Botham Jean’s rights under the Castle doctrine and claimed them as her own.

    Taney’s law: Blacks have no rights which the white man is bound to respect.

  56. #AmberGuyger Jury deliberations have begun. We’re now on verdict watch.

  57. #AmberGuyger Just unbelievable. The Defense is trying to take all the rights of the Castle doctrine meant to protect a home owner from intruders and give it to an intruder because Amber Guyger thought it was her apartment. Just stripped the Black home owner of his rights. WOW!

  58. #AmberGuyger Prosecutor Jason Hermus is a beast! #JusticeForBothamJean

  59. #Defense AmberGuyger spent her life trying to do the right thing.

    Amber Guyger didn’t not use her radio to call for backup, didn’t perform CPR, didn’t use gloves, no blood on hands or uniform, texted Martin Rivera while Botham Jean lay dying.

  60. Botham Jean was IN his own home. Amber Guyger was the intruder!

  61. #AmberGuyger Defense argument is weak coffee.

  62. Jason Fine. We can’t have intruders busting into someone’s home and claiming Castle doctrine as a defense.

  63. Prosecution says Amber Guyger is trying to use the Castle doctrine. Castle doctrine is for home owners against an intruder. Amber Guyger is the intruder! It’s not her apartment.

  64. Prosecution is killing it. He’s telling the jury all the things Amber Guyger missed. She was on the wrong floor, red mat, plant, wrong apartment. A trained professional.

  65. Prayers right now for the jury to do the right thing.


  66. #AmberGuyger Judge Tammy Kemp is reading jury instructions. Closing arguments begin soon.

  67. Day 7 coverage of the Amber Guyger trial

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