Open Thread | So, I wasn’t going comment on this Ice Cube mess, BUT..

He keeps on stepping in it.
There are always things that you can count on.
Some Black folks that NEVER EVER talk or participate in politics coming around a few months before a national election is one of them. You never know where they will come from, but they always show up. And, their purpose is always the same:


No other reason possible.

So, this election season’s clown is Ice Cube.

If you don’t know the background, he popped up outta nowhere, talking about he has a plan for Black America. Now, we haven’t heard anything from him about the political state of this country since January 2017. But, a couple of months before the election, here he pops up with ‘ a plan’.😒


I saw it and continue to see it this way:

He👏 doesn’t 👏 want 👏 to 👏 give 👏 back 👏 his 👏 tax 👏 cuts 👏

It’s that simple, but he’s not man enough to admit that,so this ‘plan’ is the smokescreen.

But, little by little, he has revealed himself, with his association with Steve Bannon. How disastrous interview with Roland Martin, and now tweeting about some bullshyt about how closing the financial gap will help Black people with racism. As if you can bank account yourself out of being Black in America.😒😒


Found this thread discussing this:


Trust Black women *We tried to tell you* (@NicolasEdny) Tweeted:
King Lebron James, 4 times NBA champs. One of the greatest basketball player in History.

But Lebron James is just a Black man in America who was told to “shup up & dribble.”

All of his accomplishments, credentials, accolades & Championship rings couldn’t save him.

Nothing but TRUTH

You all better see through Ice Cube.
He can survive another 4 years of Dolt45.

I doubt you can.😒😒

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47 Responses to Open Thread | So, I wasn’t going comment on this Ice Cube mess, BUT..

  1. Liza says:

    THIS does not please me. Bi-partisanship is bullshit. Reaching across the aisle is bullshit. Fight fire with fire, or better yet fight fire with napalm. F*** the Republicans.

    • Liza says:

      “Among the names being floated for possible Biden Cabinet posts are Meg Whitman, the CEO of Quibi and former CEO of eBay, and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, both of whom spoke at August’s Democratic National Convention. Massachusetts GOP Gov. Charlie Baker and former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) have also been mentioned, as has former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Penn.), who resigned from Congress in 2018 and became a lobbyist.”

      For God’s sake, I hope someone can talk some sense into Biden before he makes such colossal mistakes.

      • Liza says:

        However, I fully expect Pete and Amy to be rewarded for dropping out of the Democratic primaries before Super Tuesday. And maybe Elizabeth will be rewarded for not endorsing Bernie.

        I don’t expect to see Julian Castro among the rewarded, however.

        I have, of course, already voted for Biden and verified that my mail-in vote was counted. It’s not that I expect better than this, but somehow it just really makes me angry right now. Why now?

        And if that sorry ass wingnut mother f***er Jeff Flake gets an appointment I will go through the roof. Why assume the worst, you might ask. Well, because this is what establishment Democrats do, pander to the right when they absolutely do not need to. They have a serious identity crisis and don’t seem to understand changing demographics and their own base. Can we ever get rid of the Clinton mentality in the Democratic party?

      • Liza says:

        All that bi-partisanship worked really well for Pres. Obama, remember? They stole a Supreme Court nomination from him and just look at the consequences. The Democrats didn’t squawk because It’s-My-Turn Hillary was going to win and she would inherit the appointment.

        Moral of the story: Republicans are bad people. Treat them as such.

      • eliihass says:

        My enemy’s enemy, is still not my friend.. ..never will be..

        These are not intrinsically good people.. and after all these years, including 4 years of actively enabling and/or complete silence as this treasonous buffoon and corrupt cohort have decimated our democracy and fragile union.. supporting our nominee because he’s seen as pretty harmless and a good guy, does not make these temporary ‘nevers’ any more palatable..

        These repugs are all greedy, slimy, soulless, evil creatures.. some worse than others.. but evil all the same..

        Californians soundly rejected Meg for good reason, she’s heartless, greedy, cruel .. Kasich is loathsome.. slimy, mealy-mouthed, glaringly phony, self-serving.. why he’s touted by anyone as anything other than the crappy guy he actually is, completely boggles the mind.. Flake, we all know what he is.. the limpest of weasels..

        Dent is still the evil d-lister he always was.. Charlie Baker has serious presidential plans of his own.. he’s tried to cast himself as that laughably oxymoronic ‘good/moderate republican’ in racist but ‘blue’ Massachusetts… unless of course this is yet another one of those Jon Huntsman type ‘strategies’.. to try to preemptively take him out of the running.. But we know how that turned out with slimy Huntsman.. took the gig, used it to pad family business while ‘burnishing’ his resumé and ‘image’ …adding ‘Ambassador/diplomat’ to his I’m qualified to be president ‘credentials’.. And quickly ducked out of the ambassadorship a couple of years in, once Hillary pal, Lynn de Rothschild, set up fundraisers for what was to have been their well-laid plans …his presidential run to torpedo President Obama..

        Or, this ‘leak’ generally, might be another one of those endless ‘stunts’.. purposely ‘leaked’ to ‘encourage’ others.. or as ‘assurance/reassurance/guarantee’ of sorts to those who have, for, and re: their support..

        Whatever it is.. counting chickens before they’re hatched .. nearly always folly..

        You clearly know Jeff Flake even better than the rest of us here.. and that proximity, deep knowledge of who he is.. even beyond what he’s exhibited for general consumption.. that’s my deal with regard to Biden’s running mate pick.. I know way, way, far, far too much.. and there’s no glossing over any of it.. try as folks may..

  2. eliihass says:

    “Trust Black Women”.. “Protect Black Women”..

    It all sounds great.. if only it weren’t so insultingly being pushed selectively and exploitatively, and in many instances, entirely for, and by, all manner of opportunists, hypocrites, manipulators, actual (worst) offenders …etc. for a season, their season.. their reason.. and only for their specific purpose and their handpicked “black woman” du jour..

    And of course, those who now wield it entirely to advance themselves, their careers.. to score choice gigs, deals, elbow out others… And for ‘allies’, entirely to push their own handpicked “black woman” of definition and choice specifically.. to effusively tout this, to semi-absolve own deep-seated racism …even as some supposed ‘allies’ continue to insidiously, even overtly, still fully deploy their racist contempt, disdain, condescension ..but only to all the others .. those who are uncomfortably ‘too black’ …so outside the realm of protection.. where that demarcation lies as decided by the self-anointed deciders ..those who decide who matter.. who’s key, who’s role, who the bit players, and nonentities are.. they’ve even decided how expansive the term “black woman” ought to be.. and who qualifies in their newly defined and expanded catchall.. But only for its selective ‘perks’, quota-fill and buffering purposes..

    If only it weren’t being selectively exploited yet again, to manipulate.. to specifically rally for and to ensure that as many as possible are gaslit or bullied into submission.. even forced to show their ‘solidarity’, but only by joining in “amplifying” just their one specifically handpicked “black woman”..

    That never-ending hoodwinking of Black America.. that now has even more hustlers doing nonstop handstands for what ought to be the norm.. a given..

    But, never underestimate some of the people’s ability to see right through the okey-doke..

    For 12+ years.. from the minute she stepped onto the national stage, even as she was mercilessly attacked and dehumanized in ways that would’ve brought a lesser human to their knees, America’s historic first black First Lady, for 12+ years, the actual metaphor for black women on the world stage, was not protected or defended.. not even in or by her own husband’s White House or the Democratic party.. or so-called feminists who immediately went to bat for Sarah Palin, or the women who endlessly sniffed around her hubby.. becoming faux-‘activists’ so they could insinuate themselves into her hubby’s orbit ..throwing fundraisers conditioned upon him being present.. without her.. as they flirted up a storm with him.. fought battles on his behalf… pretended with the assist of his WH aides that he was available heartthrob and maybe, on occasion, when it served the purpose, available single dad to the one daughter who they elevated over her mom, alongside him, giving him credit for every good thing about that one kid ..the suddenly raucous fake-sisterhood/sista-hood.. Or any number of those who now with a straight face, try to wield or co-opt the whole Black Women as the Backbone of the party rhetoric..

    The historic First Lady may have by her lonesome, completely changed the narrative, post White House, but those of us who actually paid attention, and kept tabs…including here on this blog site, remember.. Impossible to forget..

    Who can forget the hit pieces on America’s historic FLOTUS …including from the likes of Touré playing ‘woke’ defender of black women on Twitter, right alongside all the other phonies who’ve for years, actively contributed to the demeaning and dehumanizing of black women.. providing the stories, tropes, language to a non-black audience eager for ways to belittle, insult, mock, assault, cast fully black women as not only undesirable, but lowest creatures on the totem pole of all things positive.. irrelevant, disposable, easily replaceable.. in the scheme of things.. big, small, good..

    Who can forget how Touré chose to regale the country and world with on and off the record musings and insults from black women, yes, from black women.. from the Jack and Jill club to Martha’s Vineyard.. denigrating America’s historic black First Lady.. demeaning and dismissing the Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer who they all insisted on telling the world, was ‘beneath’ them… wasn’t ‘one of their own’.. she didn’t grow up ‘vacationing on the vineyard’ as she was from the ‘same neighborhood as Jennifer Hudson’..

    Who can forget the folks they brought with them to the White House.. including the black ones who forcibly styled themselves only as the president’s ‘advisers’.. even though their positions, including the traditional East Wing roles historically reported to the First Lady… the ones who on their way out, after messing up having gotten carried away and forgetting that there’s just one First Lady, reminded everyone how the historic FLOTUS and hubby were in fact, beneath them as far as Chicago social hierarchy goes.. on the record..

    Who can forget how the historic black First Lady was actively disrespected …even cursed out by her own husband’s senior staff in her own husband’s White House by some of very same now suddenly ‘woke’ folks who now act as if they respect, value or give a damn about black people..

    Who can forget how she was mostly blurred and cropped out by her own husband’s White House.. barely showing up in 8 years of pictorial documentation of it ..apart from the same handful of photographs that have been in rotation for years.. the most flattering and most memorable pictures of her from those historic 8 years ..captured alone or with her husband as a couple, being those taken by outside photographers not affiliated with her hubby’s White House..

    Democrats, (including the extremely hostile black Clinton acolytes who shamelessly shucked, jived, tap-danced as hard as the current iteration of bought and paid for black MAGAts now do for the treasonous buffoon), never spoke up as (or even ever spoke to) America’s black FLOTUS she was for years, and continues to be, virulently dehumanized.. in fact they sniggered when they weren’t cheering it on… How dare she have what Hill didn’t… Some of the same malevolent folks who’ve in fact resented, actively maligned and demeaned her, are all now suddenly raucous, slickly thinking that they get to hijack, weaponize, wield for their own purposes, the historic First Lady’s public dehumanization/pain – which they actively participated in, or mostly turned a blind eye to, telling her to ‘suck it up’, warning her not to ‘mess it up for hubby, the party’, to now somehow faux-‘benevolently’ usurping for their own insidious agenda, the ‘protect black women’ campaign, which is entirely about arguing for and elevating their particular/preferred handpicked expanded variant of “black” woman..

    YouTube, teeming more than ever before, with manipulated videos… Monkey, ape, tranny.. man..

    That’s still very much the descriptors wielded to dehumanize America’s historic First Lady..

    It is what fully black, dark skinned black girls have to look forward to.. not the white-washed amalgam version that the gaslighters insist somehow herald a new era where ‘little black girls can now see themselves’… ‘representation’ as they call it.. it really isn’t..

    Yeah.. even kids know the difference.. attempts to gaslight from here to eternity, notwithstanding.. even they know the truth.. they know who gets called ‘pretty’, who gets the princess roles, the choice bits.. who gets protected, chivalry… and as they grow up, who gets the choice gigs when ‘black’ person is called for.. who’s favored in casting call auditions..

    The historic black FLOTUS, has succeeded, invisible scars and all, and against all odds, and by her own grit, resilience, authenticity, smarts …and in spite of the naysayers who’ve had no qualms whatsoever, demanding that she let them exploit her or else she’s seen as not a ‘team player’..She’s had to do the grunt work and had to smile too while doing it for those who’ve never given a whit about her.. …those who have no shame making demands of her.. exploiting her.. selectively co-opting, leveraging her hard-won popularity and political capital.. but only in service to them, their agenda.. (and want her to show up, but not be “amplified”… and especially not so as to outshine or to remind folks what original, unassuming, unpretentious, effortlessly authentic looks like) …even as they slither away as soon as and as she’s once again attacked for every made up transgression.. And even as faux-outrage ensues and pearls are clutched, apologies demanded when a name is ‘distorted, mispronounced’.. by those who constantly shrug(ged) when the historic First Lady’s actually dehumanized..

    But, “protect black women” .. “trust black women”..

    Sure, let’s..

    • eliihass says:

      Valdivia @TheCorollary
      Aug 18
      Replying to @KarenAttiah

      That was not a ‘nice’ speech. Nice? It was a scorching of Trump. Face with rolling eyes surprised, that in the middle of the crisis of the century, the attitude is “entertain me with something new”.

      This is the kind superficial take from 2016 that got us Trump.

  3. eliihass says:

    And there’s WaPo’s black woman, Karen Attiah, (supposedly, a journalist.. actually, WaPo’s ‘top’ token black woman), who also loves to posture and clout-chase on Twitter ..taking digs at the historic black FLOTUS, only to turn around and demand ‘respect’ for ‘black women’ .. p.s: Karen Attiah is a 34 year old Ghanaian-American who thinks she gets to poke her finger in the eye of the 56 year old historic black FLOTUS (who she often refers to as ‘Michelle’), so that fellow thirsty clout-chasing idiots like Shaun King retweet her..

  4. eliihass says:

    Hmmm ..

    What a pity..

    Looks like Nikole Hannah Jones has been on quite a deleting spree recently.. She’s pretty much deleted much of her clout-chasing gratuitous Twitter attacks/smears on the historic black FLOTUS..

    • eliihass says:

      “…Rudolph W. Giuliani’s 20-year-old daughter was arrested on Wednesday after workers in an Upper East Side cosmetics store caught her stuffing makeup worth more than $100 into her coat pocket, law enforcement officials said.

      The woman, Caroline Giuliani, who the police say shoplifted five items, was taken into custody at about 2:30 p.m. at the Sephora store on 86th Street near Lexington Avenue, the officials said.

      A salesperson and a store security worker at Sephora, a chain that sells beauty supplies and skin care products, called 911 and held Ms. Giuliani until officers arrived. Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, said she was taken to the 19th Precinct and issued a desk appearance ticket for petit larceny, a low-level misdemeanor.

      After her arrest, and when her identity became known, the store’s management informed the authorities they did not wish to press charges in the case, law enforcement officials said. As of Wednesday night, formal criminal charges had not been filed..”

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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