Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends, fully vaccinated.

This is so😍😍😢😢





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  1. eliihass says:


    If only she had paid ‘influencers’ to create and ‘amplify’ fake social media buzz …whip up ‘outrage’..around the actual death threats, actual virulent racism, actual dehumanization …that she was and continues to be subjected to..

    Even the death threats are downplayed.. a blip… with qualifiers like ‘allegedly’ (wink-wink), tossed in for good measure.. Blink, and most missed it.. and even those who heard about it, shrugged… or made comedic quips..

    Jasiri X @jasiri_x:
    DC Police Officer said he would shoot First Lady Michelle Obama http://wapo.st/MkL1gt

    Ahmed Eldin | أحمد شهاب الدين @ASE:
    DC Police officer has been taken off a Motorcycle escort after he allegedly said he’d shoot Michelle #Obama http://huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/12/dc-police-officer-michelle-obama_n_1669513.html

    Outrage.. what outrage..?

    Anne Boleyn @juicyfizz:
    A DC police officer threatened to shoot Michelle Obama? Probably jealous of her guns. I know I am. Get it, girl.

    Rachel @imthepain29:
    Don’t threaten 2 take away donuts MT “DC police investigating an officer who threatened to shoot Michelle Obama http://huff.to/Nsu7X8”

  2. rikyrah says:


    Michael Harriot (@michaelharriot) tweeted at 4:46 PM on Sun, May 30, 2021:
    On the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, let’s acknowledge that what happened in Greenwood was not a spontaneous eruption of hatred.

    That’s the narrative that America likes to portray but what happened on May 31, 1921, is an example of systemic racism.

    A thread

  3. rikyrah says:

    JAY-Z Says He Learned How to Swim When Daughter Blue Ivy Was Born | PEOPLE.com


  4. rikyrah says:

    Adam Schiff (@AdamSchiff) tweeted at 0:20 PM on Sun, May 30, 2021:
    Why choose 6 am on a holiday weekend to jam a bill through?

    Because you’re trying to make it harder to vote, as Texas just did, and don’t want people to know.

    Another state. Another assault on voting, and our democracy.

    We can’t let them get away with it.

    We must pass H.R. 1.

  5. rikyrah says:


    Hope and the VP are Bison (@HopeisaBison) tweeted at 8:19 AM on Sun, May 30, 2021:
    They’ll (fake) hate everything #VPHarris does because what they* REALLY want her to apologize for is being a Black woman.

    *White (adjacent) leftists
    *The 53%
    *Blackness gatekeepers
    *Pick mes

    Look at all the groups she unites (around hating Black women)

  6. rikyrah says:


    Black With No Chaser (@BeBlackNoChaser) tweeted at 5:43 AM on Fri, May 28, 2021:
    It’s finna be a long day at the hospital, Ms. Millie. 😌


  7. rikyrah says:

    Awesome 👍

    Vice President Kamala Harris (@VP) tweeted at 9:08 AM on Sat, May 29, 2021:
    Midshipman Sydney Barber made history as the first Black woman Brigade Commander at the U.S. Naval Academy. I had the honor of speaking with her, and discussing the importance of aiming high and paving the way for others to do the same. https://t.co/qiTvYc4vlE

  8. rikyrah says:


    Reuters (@Reuters) tweeted at 0:55 AM on Sat, May 29, 2021:
    U.S. agency says employers can mandate COVID-19 vaccination https://t.co/e7tFi3aDck https://t.co/GJUmQoMPUq

  9. rikyrah says:


    Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) tweeted at 0:40 PM on Fri, May 28, 2021:
    Today is a HUGE WIN for the Democrats. They get to appoint the 1/6 select committee they wanted, and in 2022 they get to hit the Republicans for having voted against it.

    Tired of clueless liberals saying the Democrats are “weak” and “caved.” Learn how politics works or shut up.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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