Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend fully vaccinated, with family and friends.



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  1. rikyrah says:


    These are crazy tweets. In what world are 44 and Forever FLOTUS😍😍 in competition with the Sussexes?😒😒🤔🤔

    • eliihass says:

      It’s all so insane, Rik.. 😂🤣

      Your squaddies have absolutely lost their goddamn minds, Rik.. 😂🤣

      They are nuts.. certifiable.. 😂🤣

      One minute, they insist…proudly declaring with their chests out, that they’ve ‘canceled’ and have all unfollowed my historic FLOTUS..

      Next, they’re running around fighting the other faction in their ridiculous war of the ‘royals’… and boasting that the Obamas are still very much besties with their faves…

      Even more hilarious is their oft repeated contention …regurgitated without any hint of irony ..that the Obamas don’t seem to understand that there’s room for ‘two philanthropic Black couples…’ because, now their faves are ‘black’.. 🤔🧐😜🤭😐

      Next thing, these supposedly ‘protect black people’ squad, are back to smearing the Obamas.. attacking and spreading malicious lies/gossip about the Obamas …and even their young daughters.. they cheer while announcing that the Obamas are being ‘ripped apart’ for having a gathering at their Martha’s Vineyard home… and are beyond gleeful when they also announce that ‘black people are turning on the Obamas…’

      And next…they’re running around wielding a 2-second clip from a 3.25 minute Obama Foundation video.. a fleeting bit showing Harry with my historic FLOTUS while visiting with students in a school in Chicago in 2017.. they excitedly run around insisting that this is proof that the Obamas luv Harry.. ..and of course, remain besties with their faves..

      Next, they’re back to proffering ..re: how ‘threatened’ and ‘jealous’ the Obamas are of their faves.. and how they see their faves as ‘competition’.. how they don’t need the Obamas since they have other ‘greater’ celebrities supporting their faves.. 😂🤣 even as they’re simultaneously demanding that the Obamas issue a public statement clarifying that they did not in fact ‘snub’ their faves by not inviting them to Martha’s Vineyard for the President’s milestone birthday celebration.. even as they pull out/circulate a snippet by Gayle King from an 3-year old O article from 2019… talking about how great their fave is, and how unfairly she’s been treated.. Then, they get mad at my historic FLOTUS for not ‘supporting’ their fave with similar public declarations.. and for not tweeting in honor of Harry’s birthday..

      Next, they’re touting their fave’s 40,000 children’s book sales as on par with, and even ‘besting’ my historic FLOTUS’ 17+million Becoming memoir hard copies sold..😜

      Next, they’re pissed that their fave is accused of ‘cosplaying’ my historic FLOTUS… even as they pass around a quote by their fave about ‘Mum being most important title…’ 😉

      And then, they’re back to attacking my historic FLOTUS… attacking young Malia.. ‘wishing’ that young Malia’s English boyfriend’s family ‘mistreats’ her as badly as their fave has supposedly had it..

      Then, they’re on to attacking President Obama ..President who put together the Paris Agreement… for announcing his trip to COP26 in Glasgow in a couple of weeks.. accusing President Obama of allowing the Queen etc, to ‘exploit’/‘use’ him to ‘get back’ at their faves in Montecito.. Accusing President Obama of giving the Queen etc, a photo-op.. proffering that the Queen had ‘something’ over President Obama …speculating that it might be ‘Epstein related..’🙄

      Then, they’re back to attacking my historic FLOTUS.. insisting that she’s not ‘supporting’ their fave/fave’s ‘initiatives’, because my historic FLOTUS is ‘weak’.. ‘scared’.. ‘jealous’.. ‘in competition’.. is ‘turning her back on black voters’ …by not supporting their fave …because she ‘no longer needs black votes for hubby’.. 🤔🤣

      Then, they try to ‘enthusiastically’ talk-up their faves’ ‘close friendship’ with the Bidens.. declare how they now ‘love’ the Biden’s.. and no longer like the Obamas …how unlike my historic FLOTUS, Jill Biden ‘shows support’/pays tribute to their fave by wearing ‘similar fashion styles/brands/Oscar de la Renta’…😂 .. Then, they’re right back to speculating/predicting… ‘manifesting’ …that their faves and the Obamas will be doing ‘something’ ‘jointly’ soon..

      They automatically follow/praise/amplify any (semi)celebrity who says anything even marginally positive about their faves.. no matter how insincere, fleeting, hollow.. And they’ll straddle between that and harass/harangue mode, trying to bully folk into submission… or be maliciously smeared/gossiped about.. And they’ll boast of swarming to surveys and comment sections …of even the most inconsequential sites …with their multiple burner accounts.. to try to skew votes/opinions in their faves’ favor.. to artificially ‘amplify’… ‘boost’, artificially ‘swell’ numbers to offer illusion… and offer up/pass around screenshots of the most ephemeral/mundane stuff.. as proof that they’re faves are ‘winning’..

      It’s all so amusingly, exhaustingly, shortsightedly, deludedly, gaslightingly insane..

      I’d offer that Mercury in retrograde might have something to do with all the irrational goings-on… the heightened off the charts, unadulterated crazy.. but apparently, this crazy has been going on for far much longer..

      Imagine pretending that their superficial mini ‘cause célèbre’ is really about ‘all Black people’…and so much more than about stanning for mixed-race person who was an unabashed Ivanka Trump head-groupie…at the very same time the malevolent Trumps were very publicly ramping up their malicious Birther lies and worse, directly inciting death threats on the historic First Couple and traumatizing their 2 young daughters…

      Imagine ‘canceling’, maligning, spitefully smearing the historic Black First Lady (who in 13 years and counting as a world figure, has never ever engaged with those who dehumanize and attack her…or ever felt the need to ‘correct the record’…or to respond to lies, gossip, attacks on her, and her family.. including those so maliciously, personally and racially dehumanizing that still continue post-WH, to this very day) …And for 13+years, there was never a ‘War Room’ in WH to fight back, or to defend or protect her.. nor were there ‘hives or squads’ running around fighting for her.. even as there were actually those who fought …and still continue to fight in defense and protection of her elected politician mixed-race hubby..

      The historic fully-black FLOTUS survived all by her lonesome.. and her popularity is hard-won.. thoroughly earned.. and most importantly, real, organic… not courtesy of paid ‘influencers’ …or inorganic/massaged astroturf manufactured, amplified, routinely discarded reels of glaringly staged photo-ops and ridiculously useless tricks and gimmicks..

      Imagine demanding that this fully-black wife, mother, historic black FLOTUS who chose to dignifiedly handle attacks, lies, gossip, dehumanization, by refusing to dignify any if it, or give the perpetrators and hate purveyors any air.. or hire paid ‘influencers’ to fight her battles..

      Imagine demanding.. no, commanding.. that she now eschew her own lived example and precept ..and dive right in on the mud brawl .. between ‘royal’ warring factions.. or else..

      Imagine a supposedly ‘protect black people’ group …attacking and smearing the fully-black historic Black First Lady, for not mudfight-martyring herself on behalf of a supposedly ‘politically-aware’ mixed-race person who in the midst of the Trumps actively inciting death threats against the young historic Black First Family, was actively stanning Ivanka Trump.. and unabashedly doing her darnedest to ingratiate herself with said Ivanka Trump.. even detailing in publicly published online blogs, her Ivanka fantasies.. As the Trumps were very publicly spreading malicious Birther lies, and inciting attacks and death threats on the historic Black First Family…

      If it weren’t all so unbelievably hilarious, it’d be extremely, extremely sad.. with whopping scoops of desperate, bizarre, cringe.. and, are you bloody serious…?!!🤭🧐🤭😐

      Truly.. cray, cray to the nth..

  2. eliihass says:

    The world has truly gone mad..🤣😂..

    I’ll repeat it again and again! Obama’s are seing Sussex’s as competitors! They’ll never support them and will always side with this shameful institution!

    How is him going to a climate summit has any thing to do with H& M?. Why will the Obamas think they are in a competition when they are heaps ahead of Harry and Meghan?.
    Also maybe its time we stop inserting the sussex into everything, or think everyone is after them.

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😊😊😊

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