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I am them. They are me.

The thought that anyone would try to blame 46 for what is happening with COVID…no, I don’t think so. Not at all.
Not when his Administration has made the vaccine available on practically every other corner in this country. All you have to do is go get one.

People played with Ms. Delta Rona, so, she brought forth Cousin Omicron.

And, for those trying to gaslight those of us who still respect this disease, by saying that you just catch a ‘ mild case’ with Omicron.

‘Mild Case’?

Muthaphucka, the goal is to not catch COVID AT ALL.


I will continue to tell you to protect yourself from the lying unvaccinated in this country. Because these sociopaths do not care about you and yours.

Why are you blaming the CDC for giving you what you want? All your ‘ freedom’.

The only news that I’m looking for this week from the FDA and CDC is that they will approve boosters for 12-16 year olds, then I will be online booking Peanut’s booster ASAP. Get those baies their booster shots, because the unvaccinated don’t give a shyt about infecting your child.

I haven’t heard of anyone in real life, who is vaccinated, going, ‘ You know, I shouldn’t have gotten that COVID vaccine’.

So, 2022 will become the year of the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. I predict that the rage of the vaccinated will grow, and all patience with the unvaccinated will completely evaporate.

Mine is already done.

We are not only ignoring the costs of COVID for a family, but, also the lasting effects of LONG COVID.

I haven’t ignored it, but, there are going to be MILLIONS added to those considered disabled with the inability to hold down a job. We must deal with that.


If you know a pregnant woman…tell her

And, in the midst of cases growing exponentially in FLorida, the Governor of Florida has disappeared off the face of the Earth.


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