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Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends.

I can’t wait to see this. I really love that those who have portrayed Forever FLOTUS😍😍(Tika Sumpter, Viola Davis), have done it with the utmost of respect.

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  1. eliihass says:


    No, no..please ..seriously.. no.. how is this even being hyped/pushed..

    In a time when some are annoyed even by a dedicated birthday post to Mrs Obama ..and want Mrs Obama to disappear …just so their mediocre ‘faves’ who can’t seem to organically ‘catch on’ sans astroturf groups, can take center stage.. so they can also brazenly hijack/usurp and pimp out Mrs Obama’s hubby for googly-eye photo-ops used to ‘burnish’ and astroturf-push innuendo-heavy gaslighting/propaganda wink-wink narratives to fluff up, ‘amplify’ to sell/force-feed their flailing ‘faves’ to the masses..

    And where a ton of really positively wonderful pro- Mrs Obama stuff out there is deliberately ignored and downplayed.. and Mrs Obama and her important initiatives ..including her Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Pass the Love campaign distributing a million+ free healthy meal kits to families in undeserved communities around the country, and of course, her massive voter registration/get out the vote effort via her When We all Vote organization, are not ‘amplified’..

    This particular thing courtesy of Viola Davis and her production company, at a minimum, ought to be shadow-banned..

    It is nothing short of awful and most cringeworthy.. it is the hijacking and shoddy retelling of Mrs Obama’s story.. and worse, it doesn’t even bother to get even the simplest storylines right.. e.g – Hadiya Pendleton, the young gun violence victim, did not meet the Obamas during a White House tour as this series inaccurately spins..

    Viola Davis who with her husband own the production company behind this travesty, also ‘executive produced’ … and cast herself as Mrs Obama..

    Mrs Obama is nearly 6 feet tall, and was only 44 years old when they moved to the White House..

    Paid ‘influencers’ hired to hype/push this Showtime series, circulating the same unflattering snapshots and video freeze frames of Mrs Obama including recent shots of a 14 year post WH Mrs Obama ..as somehow proof that Viola ‘nailed’ the part.. has to be some of the most ridiculous gaslighting..

    Viola Davis who turns 57 years in a few months is practically the same age as Mrs Obama is today – 6 years after the historic First Couple departed the White House after their historic 2-term stint and 8 years living in the White House..

    The guy playing President Obama, OT Fagbenle, is 41 years.. 5 years younger than the historic President was in January 2009, and 16 years younger than Viola is.. and it shows..

    President Obama is 3 years older than Mrs Obama, by the way…

    For anyone who’s followed the media blitz/interviews for this, it is glaringly evident that Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson who make up the trio of lead actresses for this series, both thoroughly researched and seriously prepared for their roles.. And where they’ve both thoughtfully and respectfully approached their roles, and are seriously committed to positively sharing about and honoring the women they portray, Viola Davis went the way of caricaturing the historic Black FLOTUS in the worst possible way… and in ways not even SNL skits notorious for their damning spoofs, ever dared.. she even glibly throws out in some related event about how Mrs Obama is ‘masculine’.. Gillian Anderson who plays Eleanor Roosevelt, somehow manages to field interviews completely celebrating and positively honoring the 6’ tall Mrs Roosevelt..

    The 3 lead actresses filmed separately, and the media blitz is the first they’ve actually ever been together.. and in watching the interviews, it immediately becomes apparent that Viola Davis is out of her depth and realizes just how seriously Pfeiffer and Anderson took their roles.. and the respect and depth they bring to their characters.. and Viola then quickly tries to reset… but her late attempt at some version of ‘high-mindedness’ and ‘honoring’ Mrs Obama, is clearly contradicted by her shallow caricatured portrayal.. and crass allusions to Mrs Obama in her various interviews.. She is desperate to give the impression that Mrs Obama is somehow aligned with this unauthorized project.. Mrs Obama isn’t.. but she was as always gracious as she’s ever expected to be, when she was blindsided and asked about it when she was promoting Waffles and Mochi .. her wonderful kids program..

    Viola who proudly declared that she insisted that her parody version of Mrs Obama use the ‘n’ word.. among other foul language and negative stereotyping .. also proudly declared that they took a lot of “creative license” entirely for “dramatic” effect.. ‘

    Strange but unsurprising that for clout the same folk that scream ‘protect black women’ …will churn out and hype this cringeworthy caricature that gratuitously feeds into the most awfully dehumanizing stereotypes that the historic FLOTUS has for years stoically navigated.. and deftly and dignifiedly continues to navigate to this day.. in a country still hostile and still gunning for and rooting against her..

    The historic FLOTUS who wisely and presciently said that “If you don’t go out there and define yourself, you’ll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.”…already has a massively best selling memoir and together with her hubby have an Oscar winning caliber production company, will most certainly at some point in the future, turn her memoir and his into movies..

    Hopefully, in a country full of incurious and under-informed folk, this premature and inaccurate and awful caricature of America’s magnificent historic black FLOTUS hijacked and retold courtesy of Viola Davis, is seen for the rubbish it is..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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