Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends. That new booster shot is out…be sure to get it.
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It you want to smile, I suggest that you go on TikTok and put the following in the search engine:
Cat Distribution System
Dimonte and Purpose
Londyn and croissant
Nonna Pia
mychal3ts ( The Librarian – He is an updated version of Mr. Rogers to me)
Keith Lee
amazing1718_ (she is adorable. The memories that her parents are creating for her)
Notorious Foodie
Cooking for Levi
Leo the cat

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  1. Liza says:

    Good article about the fall of Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

    Kyrsten Sinemas Delusional Exit Interview
    The Arizona senator believes she single-handedly saved the U.S. Senate.
    Jason Linkins
    October 28, 2023

    “… if remarks attributed to her in a new book by McKay Coppins are any guide, she seems sanguine about her future and determined to go out with her trademark delusions of grandeur. As Insider reported this week, Sinema makes a cameo in Coppinss Romney: A Reckoning, in which shes totally not mad about her dim reelection prospects. I dont care. I can go on any board I want to. I can be a college president. I can do anything, she apparently told Mitt Romney. I saved the Senate filibuster by myself. I saved the Senate by myself. Thats good enough for me. She is, sadly, correct about her chances of cashing out. But the idea that she saved the Senate raises a rather obvious question: From what, thoughand for who?
    As The New Republics Matt Ford has explained on multiple occasions, Sinema distinguished herself in one way regarding the filibuster: for her willingness to provide a continual stream of ahistorical and utterly gobshitted rationales for why supermajority rule in the Senate actually serves some noble purpose. But chief among Fords observations was that the filibuster almost exclusively impedes the Democratic Party from governing: For Democrats to achieve any of their policy priorities they have to navigate a 60-vote gauntlet and the assent of 10 GOP senators. Republicans, on the other hand, can cut taxes, slash the federal budget, and stuff the courts with right-wing judges with a simple majority.

    Theres the answer to the question of who she saved the filibuster for. As for the matter of what she accomplished by doing so well, there we find more disrepute. Among Sinemas more vaunted accomplishments is her role in blocking Democrats from passing a measure to shore up voting rights during a time when Democratic voters were facing a well-funded, nationwide effort by Republicans to deny them the ability to participate in our democracy. As Ford pointed out, her rationale in this instance was wholly illogical from the standpoint of self-preservation: Sinemas refusal to let her party wield its majority power may, ironically, hasten the end of that powerincluding her own as a senator whos up for reelection in 2024. Who knows how many of her voters will be disenfranchised by then?

    Sinema cannot lay claim to having been left behind by a party that moved to a radical new place, either, given that the intensity of her opposition to the Democratic Partys designs hit a fever pitch once a dyed-in-the-wool centrist took charge of the White House. Even as Biden brokered truces with progressive lawmakers, Sinema broke away, taking a leading role in helping to water down the Build Back Better Act. Worse still was her hand in helping to kill off the pandemic-era expanded child tax credit, where her steadfast opposition to taxing corporations and the wealthy cut off the one funding mechanism that Manchin was willing to countenance to keep it running.

    A Sinema aide has disputed the accuracy of the remarks attributed to her in Coppinss book, but the fact that she comes across as being self-aware about becoming a fully vested sellout whos now eligible to level up her buckraking game completely tracks, seeing as she spent the twilight of her Senate career denying children a fraction of the largesse that the countrys plutocrats have carted off for themselves. Her evolution, famously characterized by the Associated Presss Brian Slodysko as from Prada socialist to corporate donor magnet, has long been on full display, as has her comical antipathy to actually communicating with her constituents.


    • Liza says:

      Sinema has done so much damage. Such a hard lesson for the Democrats and the people of Arizona.

      Chuck Schumer handpicked her as “the one who could win.”

      I’m predicting that she won’t run in 2024. She’ll end up spending all her money (10 million right now) and losing.

      Ruben Gallego stands a pretty good chance of winning the seat, but he’s going to need a LOT of money. This will be a fight equal to Mark Kelly in AZ and Raphael Warnock in GA in 2022.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Did you all know about this MLK/Malcolm X series coming to National Geographic Channel?


  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone

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