President Obama’s Weekly Address: The Republican Corporate Power Grab

Stay AWAKE folks; or AMERICA just might be headed for another  STOLEN 2000 election, in 2010.

Weekly Address: Fighting for the Public Against Special Interests-January 23, 2010

Weekly Address:  The Republican Corporate Power Grab –September 18, 2010

Because a good teacher Repeats, and REpeats, and REPEATS.

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  1. Ametia says:

    The White House

    Office of the Press Secretary

    For Immediate Release September 16, 2010 Remarks by the President at a Reception for Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
    Stamford Marriott Hotel, Stamford, Connecticut
    6:36 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you very much, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Everybody please have a seat, have a seat.

    Well, hello, Stamford! It is good to be back in Connecticut, and it is an honor to stand here with your attorney general and the next United States senator from Connecticut, Dick Blumenthal. (Applause.)

    I also want to acknowledge your candidate for governor, Dan Malloy, who is here, or he may have slipped out right before — there he is. (Applause.) Not sure — when you’re campaigning, you can’t be in one place too long. (Laughter.)

    And I also want to just say thank you to Cynthia and the kids for lending Dick to Connecticut and to the country. I know it is hard to be the spouse of a candidate and the spouse of an attorney general, and it’s going to be tough being the spouse of a United States senator. I promised that I would not let Michelle talk to Cynthia before the election. (Laughter.) It’s hard work. But we are extraordinarily grateful. And the fact that David and Matthew and Claire and Mike are doing so well is a testament I know Dick agrees with Mom. So please give her a big round of applause. (Applause.)

    Now, Connecticut, let’s face it, this decision in this election should be a no-brainer. (Laughter.) Right? (Applause.) I mean, it should be. Should be a no-brainer. Here you’ve got a man who’s been fighting for the people of Connecticut since the day he walked into the attorney general’s office. He’s got the record to prove it. He’s taken on the tobacco industry and helped stop those companies from targeting our kids. He’s taken on utility companies to try to beat back electricity rate increases and skyrocketing costs of heating oil. He’s taken on the auto industry to help keep family dealerships open that have been around for almost a century. (Applause.)

    There is no — there’s no fight too big or too small for Dick Blumenthal to take on. He was there to help a mother get her insurance company to pay for her baby’s special formula. He was there to help a family rebuild after their home was destroyed by fire. He’s there at county fairs and Rotary Club meetings and PTA meetings, talking with people of this state, listening to your concerns.
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