Christine O’Donnell Cancels Her Appearances On Face The Nation & Fox News

Well, well, well, just in time for HALLOWEEN.   YouTube ROCKS!

What’s with the TV cancellations, Ms. O’Donnell ? Could it be because of THIS:

Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell Masturbation and the Gay Agenda

                                               OR THIS?

                                                   OR THIS?

3Chics goes on the record to call out another batshyt crazy political teabagger ala Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle! Now don’t hold your breath for the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to call out the crazy.

From think Progress:

Following Revelation Of ‘Witchcraft’ Comment, O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Show Appearances As ThinkProgress reported, last night on his HBO show, Bill Maher aired a clip from an Oct. 29, 1999 show of Politically Incorrect, in which Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell revealed that she “dabbled into witchcraft.” As O’Donnell’s comments begin to attract national attention, it appears the tea party candidate is trying to avoid media scrutiny. She was schedule to appear on CBS’ Face the Nation tomorrow, but host Bob Schieffer has tweeted that O’Donnell canceled:  Christine O’Donnell: “I Dabbled Into Witchcraft”


Politically Incorrect August 1998 Part 1 of 2 Eddie Izzard Christine O’Donnell


Politically Incorrect August 1998 Part 2 of 2 Martin Mull Jasmine Guy Eddie Izzard Christine O’Donnell

This simpleton, just like Palin will NOT appear on the other cable networks,  except  the FOX CHANNEL and avoid the MSM because they know that SANE Americans will see them for the ignorant, rigid, simple-minded, grifter BIMBOS that they are.

Come on  now, Delaware citizens!   Do you folks really think miss “DON’T MASTURBATE O’DONNELL”  should be your next Senator?  If so, be sure you know what you’re getting.  ALL of it. Because this Christine O’Donnell lady doesn’t believe in lying, remember. So hold this woman accountable for her behavior, beliefs, and morals, just as she’s spewing the teabagger’s ideological bullshit. 

And if you think that calling out O’Donnell’s and Palins’ foolishness and wingnuttery will only fuel their base, well, maybe, but 3Chics’ owns a gas pump and we’ll keep calling out the CRAZY whenever we see it.  Counting on the media to pump up this woman just like they did the Sno Ho’ Palin.  We aint buying what they’re selling. 

O’Donnell’s another Sarah Palin  grifter wanna-be whom the media will hype for ratings and profit.

These Bill Maher videos were before November 4, 2008, so Obama aint got shit to do with this, just sayin.’

And believe this witch when she tells you she doesn’t lie.  She’s another spawn of SATAN.

Katie Couric:  “What model broom do you ride, Christine?”

Christine:  “All of them, Katie.”   


Update:      Christine O’Donnell’s going to church, so can’t make those tv shows.

Enter her handlers to pull a handjob for the anti masturbationist

Just in time for Christmas!

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19 Responses to Christine O’Donnell Cancels Her Appearances On Face The Nation & Fox News

  1. Ametia says:

    Delaware, No more sex for you, BOO!

    2010 09 23 MSNBC Scarborough Country Christine O’Donnell Stop the Whole Country From Having Sex.mpg theplumlinegs

  2. Ametia says:

    THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUNNING FOR DELAWARE SENATE

    Exposed: Christine O’Donnell Using Campaign Funds to Pay Rent

  3. Ametia says:

    Christine O’donnell interview on Sean Hannity 9 21 2010 September 21st

    Christine O’Donnell: I’m not doing any more national TV interviews
    By Felicia Sonmez
    Delaware Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell (R) gave on Tuesday night one of her few national TV interviews since recording a stunning upset over Rep. Mike Castle (R) a week earlier. She used the opportunity to announce that it would be her last national TV interview.

    National exposure is now “off the table, because that’s not going to help me get votes,” O’Donnell told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity. “I’m not going to do any more national media because this is my focus: Delaware is my focus, and the local media is my focus.”

    She added that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s advice, to focus on interviews with Delaware reporters and reaching Delaware voters, was “absolutely right.”

    O’Donnell made the national-media rounds the day after her win but has largely remained out of sight since then, emerging only for her first appearance on the national stage last Friday at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit of social conservatives.

    Her last-minute cancellation of two Sunday show appearances two days ago garnered her widespread criticism.

    But while she has refused most interviews, O’Donnell has very much been a presence on the airwaves: She has been ridiculed on cable and late-night TV for telling Bill Maher in a 1990s TV appearance that she “dabbled in witchcraft.”

    On “Hannity” Tuesday night, O’Donnell took aim at the media for airing those clips, charging that “what they’re trying to do is paint me as an extremist … so people won’t pay attention to my message.”

    Asked about her remarks about witchcraft, O’Donnell made light of the comments, chalking it up to “teenage rebellion.”

    “Some people dabble in drugs to rebel; that’s how I rebelled,” she said, laughing. “Who didn’t do some questionable things in high school, and who doesn’t regret the ’80s, to some extent? I certainly do, and I most certainly regret bringing it up to Bill Maher.”

    Castle has refused to endorse O’Donnell in her general-election race against New Castle County Executive Chris Coons (D). O’Donnell said Tuesday that she spoke with Castle last week and that she’s still “holding out for hope” for an endorsement.

    “We spoke on Friday, and he congratulated me. It was a very friendly conversation. And I’m hoping to get his endorsement. It would mean a lot,” she said.

    O’Donnell has come under fire, both during the primary and afterward, for allegedly misusing campaign funds and being subject to an $11,000 tax lien.

    She acknowledged Tuesday night that she “fell behind” in her mortgage but blamed a “computer error” for the tax lien, adding that there’s “no truth” to an ad being run by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that she didn’t pay her taxes and was “financially completely irresponsible.”

    “My opponents don’t care about the truth,” she told Hannity.

    By Felicia Sonmez | September 21, 2010; 10:21 PM ET

  4. Ametia says:

    September 21, 2010 07:00 AM
    The New Adventures of the Old Christine
    By Susie Madrak

    CREW is calling for a criminal investigation into her use of campaign funds, so it looks like Christine O’Donnell will have a lot of explaining to do.
    But last night I interviewed a high school classmate of hers, a 37-year-old Texas immigration attorney, a Democrat named Laurel Scott who gave me a new perspective on O’Donnell’s candidacy — or “Chris,” as she called her
    “We both came from large families. My older sister was friends with her, her little sister was in my class. The person I knew in high school was a wonderful, wonderful person. She’s a sweet person. Even though I don’t agree with what she stands for politically, I have to say that,” she said.
    She said O’Donnell’s family was “very liberal, I’m surprised she’s gone over to the Tea Party. Moorestown a town of progressive Republicans, very feminist. You were expected to excel in math, for instance.”
    But, as she points out, “It was a very wealthy town, and she was not from a wealthy family. I know there were situations where that was uncomfortable for her.”
    She also knew Christine because they both hung out with the “very liberal” theater crowd. “The whole witchcraft thing has been blown out of proportion. If she did anything, all she did was dabble. She wasn’t into anything dark or illegal — she was very open, very honest, very sincere. She may have dabbled, but she may have done it and then just stopped. I think in your late teens, early twenties, it’s healthy to try things,” Scott added.
    “I always found her to be very inclusive, she didn’t shut anybody out. I disagree with her [positions], but I think her personality would be very refreshing in politics. She’s not a millionaire like most of the people in Congress, she doesn’t come from money,” she said. “And I’m a Democrat.”
    (Well, although I’m appalled at the idea that someone as extreme as Christine O’Donnell would ever be in the Senate, I can’t argue with the idea that it would be refreshing to have someone in politics who relates to being poor.)

  5. Ametia says:

    O’Donnell cancels on two Sunday shows
    By Bridget Johnson and Roxana Tiron – 09/18/10 04:40 PM ET

    Delaware Senate GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell canceled the second of her previously scheduled Sunday morning news show appearances.

    O’Donnell had been scheduled to appear on “Fox News Sunday,” along with Republican strategist Karl Rove. Rove and O’Donnell had gone at each other over the week after the Tea Party favorite’s surprise win over Rep. Mike Castle (R) for the GOP nomination to run for Vice President Biden’s old Senate seat.

    The Senate hopeful reportedly backed out of the program Friday night. Now, “Fox News Sunday” is featuring GOP Tea Party favorite Joe Miller, who won the Republican Senate nomination and now faces a write-in challenge from Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), along with Rove.

    O’Donnell had also been scheduled to appear on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” but canceled early Saturday. Host Bob Schieffer tweeted Saturday “Christine O’Donnell just cancelled her appearance on tomorrow’s FTN…so Republican Strategist Ed Rollins & WP’s Michael Gerson will be on.” Later, Schieffer tweeted a link to an Associated Press story that said O’Donnell cited conflicts including church events and a Republican picnic.

    “Tomorrow the priorities are back in Delaware,” campaign spokeswoman Diana Banister said. “Those are people who supported her, who were very helpful to her in the campaign, and she feels obligated to be there and thank them.”

    Banister said O’Donnell would appear on news shows in the future, adding, “We felt really bad.”

    “I can’t remember when anybody has canceled on us on a Saturday, but there’s always a first,” Schieffer later said, according to the AP. “If she can work it in sometime, we’ll be happy to have her.”

  6. Ametia says:

    Frank Schaeffer Hammers The Religious Right For Their Cowardly Behaviour

  7. Ametia says:

    3Chics Rocks! Love the 3Chics Trio image/

  8. Ah Ha!

    Christine’s skeltons coming out of the closet now. Lets see how the Media treats this one. How the hell did these women get on the national stage? The media knows damn well O’Donnell and neither Palin have the sense to run for dog catcher.

  9. Ametia says:


  10. Ametia says:

    Big Trouble For Christine O’Donnell Anderson Cooper 360 CNN – September 16, 2010
    Get her Anderson!

    These “Beckies” are nothing more than airhead grifters cashing in on being a white woman

    But this bitch said ‘I don’t Lie.” lying liar. And Palin tells her to only talk to FOX NOISE. Right.

  11. Ametia says:

    Delaware Masturbators March Against O’Donnell
    Largest Pro-wanking Demonstration in History
    WILMINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – Galvanized by Republican senatorial nominee Christine O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation stance, masturbators from across the state converged on Wilmington today in what some are calling the largest pro-wanking protest in American history.
    Carrying signs reading, “O’Donnell: Hands Off Our Masturbation,” the angry masturbators clogged downtown Wilmington, stopping traffic for blocks.
    Harley Farger, a leading Delaware masturbator and planner of the Million Masturbators March, said it was difficult to organize masturbators “because they’re used to acting alone.”

  12. Ametia says:

    When in trouble, turn to the Lord… or get some handlers to school your ignorant ass.

    Senate hopeful O’Donnell cancels national TV spots
    The Associated Press
    Saturday, September 18, 2010; 1:43 PM

    WASHINGTON — Tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell, whose Republican primary upset in Delaware’s Senate race shocked the GOP, canceled appearances Sunday on two national news shows.

    O’Donnell had been set to appear on “Face the Nation” on CBS and “Fox News Sunday.”

    Campaign spokeswoman Diana Banister cited scheduling conflicts and said O’Donnell needed to return to Delaware for commitments to church events and afternoon picnic with Republicans in a key county where she has solid backing.

    “Tomorrow the priorities are back in Delaware,” Banister said. “Those are people who supported her, who were very helpful to her in the campaign, and she feels obligated to be there and thank them.”

    Banister said she was unaware of the previous commitments when she booked O’Donnell for the shows. She said she canceled with Fox News late Friday and with CBS early Saturday.
    We felt really bad,” she said, adding the campaign apologized profusely for canceling at the last minute. Banister said O’Donnell would be pleased to appear on any Sunday news shows in the future.

    On Friday, O’Donnell made her first national appearance since her primary upset in Washington at an annual Values Voters Summit. Appearances on the news shows would have furthered her national exposure.

    Fox News had booked O’Donnell on Thursday. Marty Ryan, executive producer of “Fox News Sunday,” said in a statement that the campaign canceled late Friday, saying she was exhausted and returning to Delaware.

    “On Saturday morning, O’Donnell called us and said: ‘I got triple-booked. I had been invited to go to church and then a picnic. I have to keep my priorities to Delaware voters,'” Ryan said. “The invitation to have her appear on the show remains open.”

    Banister said the decision was solely a scheduling issue and not because O’Donnell wasn’t prepared to go on the programs.

    However, the cancellations reflect a campaign of about six staffers trying to keep up after being thrust into the national spotlight. Banister said many requests are pouring in and the campaign needs a scheduler and additional aides.

    Separately, “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer said that program received an e-mail Saturday morning canceling O’Donnell’s appearance without explanation. But the campaign later called to say that O’Donnell had some campaign events.

    “I can’t remember when anybody has canceled on us on a Saturday, but there’s always a first,” he said. “If she can work it in sometime, we’ll be happy to have her.”

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