Serendipity SOUL- Monday Open Thread

Happy Mun-dane, Everybody!

Aritist Wiki– Angie Stone (born Angela Laverne Brown in 30 January 1961 in Columbia South Carolina) is a Grammy-nominated American R & B, hip-hop and neo-soul singer and actress Stone’s music has a clear old school soul music influence, and her singing vocals recall by Aretha Franklin.  In the early 1980 Stone (as’ Angie B “) was a member of the sequence of the first major female hip-hop group, they got a hit in 1980 with” Funk You Up “She then worked with Mantronix before teaming up and performing vocals and saxophone for Lenny Kravitz. Angie Stone produced in the 1990s as part of hip-hop / R & B trio Vertical Hold which released the popular single “Seems You’re Much Too Busy” as well as two albums: A Matter of Time (June 1993) End Head First (1995)

In 1996, she teamed upby Gerry Deveaux (Lenny Kravitz’s cousin from the Bahamas) and together with Charlie Mole they formed Devox an album received a Japanese-only release including Stone-top boxes or co-written material

Angie Stone shared song-writing credits D’Angelo’s first two studio albums (1995 – Brown Sugar and 2000 – Voodoo) and to provide backing vocals on tour with him.

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  1. Ametia says:

    November 08, 2010 11:00 AM
    Federal Bank Regulators Asked Bankers If There Were Foreclosure Problems, And They Reassured Them There Weren’t.
    By Susie Madrak

    As foreclosures began to mount across the country three years ago, a group of state bank regulators suspected that some borrowers might be losing their homes unnecessarily. So the state officials asked the biggest national banks for details about their foreclosure operations.

    When two banks – J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo – declined to cooperate, the state officials asked the banks’ federal regulator for help, according to a letter they sent. But the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which oversees national banks, denied the states’ request, saying the firms should answer only to inquiries from federal officials. In a response to state officials, John Dugan, comptroller at the time, wrote that his agency was already planning to collect foreclosure information and that any additional monitoring risked “confusing matters.”

    But even as it closed the door on state oversight, the OCC chose itself not to scrutinize the foreclosure operations of the largest national banks, forgoing any examination of their procedures and paperwork. Instead, the agency relied on the banks’ in-house assessments. These provided no hint of the problems to come until they had tripped the nation’s housing market, agency officials later acknowledged.

  2. opulent2 says:

    Check out this:

    “Yet while Republican leaders in the House are happy to associate themselves with Bachmann on Election Day, they’re nervous about fully embracing the chair of the House Tea Party Caucus when it comes time for governing.

    So nervous, in fact, that they’re quietly campaigning hard to make sure she doesn’t get ensconced in the new GOP leadership. No one inside the Republican leadership will openly say they don’t want Bachmann to join the club, mind you, instead, it’s a mission accomplished through very carefully worded statements, subtly obvious slights and anonymous comments to the Capitol Hill newspapers most closely tracking the race…..


    They’re doing it on message – and with the insinuation that Bachmann is too much of a rhetorical loose cannon to reliably speak for the GOP as a whole.

    It’s a case subtly but clearly made by Paul Ryan, the top Republican on the Budget Committee who cherishes his reputation as a thinking man’s lawmaker, and by Marsha Blackburn, a Tea Party Republican from Tennessee who expressed concerns about who could best and most reliably speak on her behalf.

    “Jeb’s economic expertise and strong ability to communicate are what we need in our Conference Chairman to articulate our unified commitment to get our country back on track,” Ryan said in a statement. “This position requires someone who has a command of these issues and has a history of successfully debating them.”

    Blackburn agreed: “When you vote for conference chair, you are empowering a colleague to speak for you. “

  3. Ametia says:

    Opulent, what do you make of this article?

    Michele Bachmann leadership bid looking shaky
    By Rachel Weiner

    Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) campaign for a leadership spot in the new Congress seems to be floundering as establishment Republicans close ranks around her opponent.

    On Monday, the outspoken conservative posted online the letter she sent to colleagues announcing her bid for Republican conference chairman.

    “Over the past four years, I have fought continually (and at some cost) for the principals [sic] of constitutional conservatism,” she wrote. “To our Conference I bring strong principled conservative values, a proven level of experience, effectiveness with our friends in the local and national media, and an energetic national constituency that reflects the results of Tuesday night. It is important that our Conference demonstrate to the people who sent us here that their concerns will be tirelessly advanced at the table of leadership.”

    In an interview with the Daily Caller, she emphasized her tea party ties as a selling point. “I think, quite frankly, that the new leadership going forward needs to reflect the result of last Tuesday’s election,” she said. “The Tea Party is really made up of people who oppose the Obama, Reid, Pelosi election and many of them are apolitical and independent. I really believe that that voice needs and deserves to have a place at the table.”

    But The Hill’s Jordan Fabian points out that while rival Rep. Jeb Hensarling was put on the GOP’s transition team, Bachmann wasn’t. (Two tea party winners — Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Tim Scott of South Carolina — were included.) House GOP Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has endorsed Hensarling. Presumptive Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and outgoing Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) are behind him too.

    As Perry Bacon wrote last week, Bachmann raised more money than any other House candidate this cycle — her $11 million topped even Boehner’s total. But some Republicans are getting annoyed with Bachmann for using the tea party mantle.

    “Members are getting resentful of Bachmann, who they say is making the argument that you’re not really a Tea Party supporter unless you support her. That’s gone through the formation of the Tea Party Caucus and the formation of this candidacy of hers. It’s just not so,” one aide told the Hill. Sarah Palin has declined to endorse Bachmann, who she campaigned with earlier this year. And Dick Armey, leader of the tea party-funding group Freedomworks, defended Hensarling on Sunday as “not an establishment guy.”

    Bachmann says that no matter who wins, there won’t be a rift in the caucus.

    “Well, I’m a big girl and I think other members of Congress are big girls,” she told the Daily Caller. “I’ll make my case and I fully trust the vote of the people I serve with.”

    • opulent2 says:

      Bachmann is a dim light bulb and Boehner nor Cantor think highly enough of her for her to merit a leadership role.

      I want Bachmann to remain the face of the TeaParty and for her own party to fail to acknowledge her. Boehner and Cantor are shrewd they know they have nothing to gain from putting Bachmann in a leadership role.

  4. Health Care Reform Challenge REJECTED By Supreme Court

    WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has turned down the first preliminary challenge to President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.

    The decision Monday to reject an appeal from a former Republican state lawmaker in California was no surprise because a federal appeals court has yet to consider the case. The high court almost never reviews cases before the issues have been aired in lower courts.

    Of more significance is the sign that all the justices took part in rejecting the appeal. New Justice Elena Kagan refused to say during her confirmation hearings whether she would take part in the court’s deliberations over the health care law. Kagan was Obama’s solicitor general before joining the court.

    The court has noted Kagan’s absence in more than two dozen other cases, suggesting that she voted on the health care appeal.

    Kagan has stepped aside from cases in which she was involved as a Justice Department official before joining the court.

    Justice Clarence Thomas also apparently voted on the case. Some critics have called on Thomas to step aside from the health care cases because his wife, Virginia Thomas, has been an outspoken opponent of the law in her role as founder of the conservative advocacy group Liberty Central.

  5. opulent2 says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!! That shrimpBloomberg never met such a tall man of color with his same EFFIN ego..that’s all this was!!

    ”He came back and said ‘I never met in my life such an arrogant man.'”

    — Rupert Murdoch, recounting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s description of President Obama.

    • Ametia says:

      Bloomberg mean “UPPITY NEGRO” He’s Jewish, and doesn’t know any better than to paint POC as uppity. These folks have completely lost their minds, since the Black man occupied the White House.

      The light is showing all their true colors, and it ain’t pretty.

    • The can go straight to hell. All of them. Ain’t nobody gonna bow-down and kiss their ass.

  6. opulent2 says:

    “If you look at the U.S., you look at who we’re electing to Congress, to the Senate — they can’t read. I’ll bet you a bunch of these people don’t have passports. We’re about to start a trade war with China if we’re not careful here, only because nobody knows where China is. Nobody knows what China is.”

    — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, quoted by the Wall Street Journal, warning Americans to stop blaming the Chinese for their country’s problems.

  7. opulent2 says:

    I always knew Bush was dumb and slow.(readingMYPETGOATwhile the nation is underseige)..but I guess he is not stupid! He called this shyt just as it was and exactly like the rest of us saw it:

    “President George W. Bush’s new book, Decision Points, doesn’t paint 2008 GOP presidential nominee John McCain in particularly positive terms. At the height of the banking crisis in 2008, Bush writes, then Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) was informed and calm at a meeting about drafting a financial rescue bill.

    But then came McCain’s turn to talk: “When Bush turned to McCain, the senator had nothing to say. He passed.”

    “I was puzzled,” Bush wrote. “He had called for this meeting. I assumed he would come prepared to outline a way to get the bill passed.”

    • Ametia says:

      LOL and Grandpa McCain pulled a faux campaign suspension to sit with his lips zipped. The stupid burns deep, but folks voted for he and Sarah Palin. thank God we dodged that CANNON BALL!

  8. opulent2 says:

    OMG!! The reacemongering is intensifying!! Look at this dog whistle..translation: “negros in the WH got more money, food and power than you”!!

    O lord the hate and venom is just spewing forth vociferously!!

    “There doesn’t seem to be anybody in the White House who’s got any idea what it’s like to lie awake at night worried about money and worried about things slipping away. They’re all intellectually smart. They’ve got their numbers. But they don’t feel any of it, and I think people sense that.”

    — Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen (D), quoted by the Washington Post.

  9. Obama receives Guard of Honour

    • Oh, this brings tears to my eyes!

      • opulent2 says:

        Yes, it does!! I was wowed by that REGAL reception as a head of state..that was a powerful image.

        Guess we will not see this on our TV’s..but I bet if any idiots protest him..they will definitely show that!!

        Just to keep up the incessant negative drumbeat!!

      • Ametia says:

        The state dinner is tonight! Can’t wait to see what FLOTUS is wearing.

      • The MSM is too JEALOUS to show this to the American people. They would rather shove the dumb ass Palin reading notes that were written on her hand with run on sentences down our throat than to show an intelligent articulate President trying to make a deal & create jobs for our economy. How stupid can the MSM get?

  10. Here we go, guys!

    Joint presser of PM, Obama – Part 1

  11. Obama: India UN Security Council Membership Has My Support

    New DELHI — President Barack Obama backed India for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council Monday, a dramatic diplomatic gesture to his hosts as he wrapped up his first visit to this burgeoning nation.

    Obama made the announcement in a speech to India’s parliament on the third and final day of his visit. In doing so, he fulfilled what was perhaps India’s dearest wish for Obama’s trip here. India has been pushing for permanent Security Council membership for years.

    “The just and sustainable international order that America seeks includes a United Nations that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate,” Obama said. “That is why I can say today – in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed U.N. Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.”

    The President is building a relationship with India. He and Prime Minister Singh held a joint press conference early this morning (our time) and I’m still looking for the video.

  12. Ametia says:

    CNN is a sham of a cable network. Why is Dana Milbank on this morning asking what would Hillary do? And comparing her favorability against PBO. What fuckery.

    The POTUS is in India making huge decisions for our country, SoS Clinton is in Australia doing her job as SECRETARY of STATE.

    And these talking heads are still HARPING on “shellacking” comment from PBO. He’s moving forward, and as usual these ASSCLOWNS are stuck on STUPID.

    • What would Hillary do?

      These sad ass folks can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost. Instead of reporting about the progress the President is making in India, these fools are reporting fuckery. Huffington Post has a blaring headline about Keith Olberman ‘s suspension and a section about the President in India underneath it. How the hell does a talking-head outrank a President?

    • opulent2 says:

      They never asked what would McCain do the entire time Bush was POTUS!

      These folks are just over the top..just want stir up shyt all the damn time!

    • Ametia says:

      EASY… They’e white!

  13. ‘India to be instrumental in creating jobs in US’

    New Delhi, Nov 8: Hailing the co-operation from India to reduce trade barriers and protectionism, visiting US President Barack Obama announced that India will be gifting jobs to US.

    Obama, who has spoken out several times in the past against the ill-effects of outsourcing on US economy and Indians grabbing Americans’ jobs, said here on Monday, Nov 8 that India will be “instrumental in creating jobs in US”.

    Obama had earlier made it clear that wooing India to create more jobs in the US would be on high on his agenda during the three-day trip.

    “For America, this is a jobs strategy,” Obama had said before leaving to India.

    While Obama did not make any direct statements on outsourcing at the India-US joint press conference, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sought to make it clear that Indians were “not in the business of stealing jobs from the Americans”.

    “No ordinary relationship”

    Speaking at the Hyderabad House following formal talks with Manmohan Singh, Obama also sought to stress that the Indo-US ties amounted to “no ordinary relationship”.

    Stating that the relationship between India and US would be key in tackling extremism, terrorism, climate change and other evils ailing the world, the American President reiterated that relationship between India and US will “in fact” be a defining moment of the 21st century.

    Speaking before Obama, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had remarked that both the countries’ economies would be adversely affected by protectionism.

    • opulent2 says:

      O course this trip was about jobs!! President Obama tries his best to help…he has lots of empathy..but these hatemongerers don’t appreciate him.

      Only folks around the world recognize his strength, leadership and compassion!

  14. Ametia says:

    Now in Power, G.O.P. Vows Cuts in State BudgetsBy MONICA DAVEY and MICHAEL LUO
    Published: November 7, 2010
    Republicans who have taken over state capitols across the country are promising to respond to crippling budget deficits with an array of cuts, among them proposals to reduce public workers’ benefits in Wisconsin, scale back social services in Maine and sell off state liquor stores in Pennsylvania, endangering the jobs of thousands of state workers.

    States face huge deficits, even after several grueling years of them, and just as billions of dollars in stimulus money from Washington is drying up.

    With some of these new Republican state leaders having taken the possibility of tax increases off the table in their campaigns, deep cuts in state spending will be needed. These leaders, committed to smaller government, say that is the idea.

    • opulent2 says:

      O these Redvoters gone get it good!! Did you see in the Trib yesterday that people on food stamps are soaring?!!

      HmmmmHUH…let them Repubs cut away cut away

  15. opulent2 says:

    Good Morning 3chics!!

    SG2, I hope you are back to feeling your good self as usual.
    Ametia…are you bracing for the cold snap…headed this way?

    Anyone know if their having lots of guests besides family for TG, yet?

    • Morning, Opulent!

      I’m still having problems. I’ll go back to the doctor this week. I don’t take pain very well. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

      I’m having a few guest over besides family. My daughter is already planning my menu and what I should cook. :)

      • opulent2 says:

        LOL LOL…so what has she already planned?! lol…too funny. At least you have someone helpin!!

      • LOL

        She’ll prolly come over and help me fix some things. It’s a big help if someone chops up onions, bell peppers and celery for me. All those little things are a huge help out.

    • Ametia says:

      Hey there Opulent. I’m bracing for the cold. Gonna break out my fur coat! LOL

      • opulent2 says:

        Fur, eh? alrighty!! I am planning on buying some bright colored leather gloves, so that I feel cheery whenever I am in the cold!

  16. Good Morning, 3 Chics!

    I’m loving Holding Back The Years.

    Happy Monday, everyone!

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