The President & First Lady Observe Martin Luther King Day

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18 Responses to The President & First Lady Observe Martin Luther King Day

  1. Edward Lazarus says:

    Please….be careful about references to “that black foreigner” reading to our schoolchildren!
    There is no telling what damage he might do to their easily swayed minds. He could, using his mystical powers of persuasion and his ability to project evil, destroy those delicate young minds.
    Remember, Barack Hussein Obama is “not one of us,” and therefore unfit to address our children without their parents being present.
    In no time at all, your third grader will be expressing hatred toward America and a swooning devotion to our “Magnificent Leader!” He/she might even be convinced that “service to country” is a reasonable future to pursue….when we know that is simply nonsense.

    Would you—or could you— ever have imagined that a popularly and legitimately elected president of such a grand country as America could possibly be treated with such unrelenting disrespect and vitriol? Particularly a man who has achieved all that President Obama has? My mind still reels at the hatefulness and bitterness of a political party that lost an election and believes that power is theirs and theirs ONLY!
    And if “second amendment remedies ” are necessary to change the results….so be it!

    • Ametia says:

      Ha! Duly noted, Edward. Yes, the nerve of POTUS reading to our school children and from his own book, no less!

      The haters are gonna hate. Meanwhile, our president will keep moving forward.

      • Ametia says:

        And please NOTE that WE are watching the dogwhistling antics of the racist GOP/teabaggers.

        Negroes/BLACKS are smart people. Our ancestors survived because we CREATED codes to escape ole MASSA!

        And as for the second amendment rights, well, like I said befored, Blacks and POC have second rights too.

        We also know that POTUS has received the largest % of death threats than any other POTUS in US history. We know these nuts want to see our POTUS dead.

    • They’d better not FUCK with our President because it will be on like popcorn! 1968 would seem like a play day!

  2. Edward Lazarus says:

    I cannot get past the fact that such a decent man with such a wonderful family…who has proved to friends and foes alike—time and time again—that he deserves respect…. is still so disrespected by so many….including many who have benefitted from his policies.
    It all seems so perverse.
    Let’s recall the views and visions of the republicans over the years toward the “others” among us….(certainly meaning Negroes, Blacks, Colored, African American…men in particular. ) “They” need to get educated! “They” need to remain true to their wives. “They need to hold a steady job.
    “They” need to care for their children….(not depend on “the overburdened taxpayers”)
    Barack Hussein Obama has done all of this…and so much more. Yet…they decide to call him a “foreigner”, a “socialist,” a “Nazi,” a “communist”, the “Anti-Christ”
    “Hitler,” but NEVER the title of respect HE HAS CLEARLY EARNED!

    Hate his politics. Hate his policies. Hate his proposals? Sure.

    But this man DESERVES RESPECT. Imagine what Dr. King might say or think about the way our first black president has been treated by some of the very people who, no doubt encouraged him to be what he is today. Such senseless and petty jealousy is incredibly destructive….and now we see the result of all the disrespect….a horde of low-information voters conned by their puppet masters to form a new political party—-soon to swallow the pathetic remains of the once relevant GOP …and who’s collective answer to a loss at the voting booth is to be “remedied” by guns!
    Ooops!” So sorry Congresswoman Giffords.” “We certainly didn’t mean that”…”and by the way…did you know that Obama is really Hitler?” ” Just wanted you to know!”

  3. Ametia says:

  4. Lisa MB says:

    When did Missy get braces and tall as Michelle?


    Beautiful family. Loving. Devoted. Committed.

    Oh shoot, that would make them an AMERICAN family, now wouldn’t it?


    Thanks for the pics!

  5. Ametia says:

    Our First Family ROCKS!!!!

    Great photos; thank you SG2. You always deliver for 3 Chics!. :-)

  6. rikyrah says:

    I’m so proud when I look at our First Family.

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