Hillary Clinton Speaks the Truth About American Media

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton busts the Mainstream Media for their lame reporting of WORLD events.

Hillary Clinton Says Al Jazeera Is Putting American Media To Shame

Gus Lubin | Mar. 2, 2011, 11:52 AM

Hillary Clinton was defending her department budget in front of the U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities committee this morning on C-Span.

She says a major reason the State Department needs money is because “we are in an information war and we are losing that war.

Clinton said private media is not good enough to handle the job: “Our private media cannot fill that gap. Our private media, particularly cultural programming often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans. I remember having an Afghan general tell me that the only thing he thought about Americans is that all the men wrestled and the women walked around in bikinis because the only TV he ever saw was Baywatch and World Wide Wrestling.”

Meanwhile she says Al-Jazeera, CCTV and Russia Today are killing it: “Al Jazeera is winning. The Chinese have opened up a global English language and multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English language network. I’ve seen it in a couple of countries and it’s quite instructive.”

Clinton says she is leading an effort to spread U.S. propaganda through new media, with twitter feeds in Arabic and Farsi.

This glaring truth was so evident in the Egypt uprising last month.  Say what you will, about Hill, but she speaks the TRUTH here.

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  2. Blast them Hillary! Get in their ass!

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