Joe Scarborough & “Morning Joe” Crew Shills for Paul Ryan & GOP’s Medicare Plan


Joe Scarborough:  “I think Paul Ryan’s message, not his budget, but his message, put in the right hands, of the right candidate does get people excited.”

Oh really, Morning Murderer Joe?

Joe Scarborough comparing chocolate cake and steak to Medicare as something folks want, but don’t necessarily have to have.   And pushing the meme that Medicare is an entitlement…

 Just so we’re clear, Joe, this is Americans on MEDICARE:





 You can’t have Medicare everyday ;  you know just like sunshine, Americans!                                       

                                        What a DUMBFUCK! 

Take that sunshine you love and stick it, where the sun don’t shine, Joe Scarborough!

And note to Harold Ford, It’s “President Obama.” 3 Chics knows how challenging it is to address BARACK OBAMA as President, but try harder, while you let Joey Scar brow beat your ass into agreeing with him. 

The Truth will set you Free, Harold, “you can’t raise taxes, you must cut Medicare.”

Major Fail Morning Joe.   The MAJORITY of  Americans don’t want you, or the government fucking with their Medicare.  So go eat your steak and chocolate cake and BUZZ OFF!

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7 Responses to Joe Scarborough & “Morning Joe” Crew Shills for Paul Ryan & GOP’s Medicare Plan

  1. Ametia says:

    So here’s Paul Ryan on Moaning Joke this morning. Nice set up for the blue-eyed devil to appear on your show this morning, Joey Scar.


    Keep GRINNIN & SPINNIN Paul. It’s too late; folks are on to your and the GOP’s game.

  2. Bernie says:

    Hey Joe: I thought you looked a lot like Hannity or Beck in your interuption tirade to stop your guests from speaking anything against Paul Ryan’s plan. You would fit like a glove at Fox!!! If you cant allow your guests to speak there opinion without interuption if they are different than yours., you belong at Fox That’s exactly what they do!! When Paul Ryan was on this morning, and lied about his plan. he said vouchers had nothing to do with his plan yet I have seen he and countless others including you talk of these vouchers. you allowed him to speak and did not interupt

  3. Ametia says:

    I’m keeping my eye on the media. Morning Joe has Paul Ryan on this morning. Saw it coming yesterday, with Joe Scarborough schilling for RyanCARE and the GOP.

    That Blue-eyed devil is grinning and spinning, basically blaming the plan on democrats, envoking Obama and Clinton as models for the plan. SMGDH. Nope! buddy, too late, they want to cover for private corps and drug companies. And do not give a rat’s ass about grandma and grandpa.

  4. Ametia says:

    Really, where do they get these folks to fill in an empty chair on a tee vee set?

  5. Ametia says:


  6. creolechild says:

    Now…tell us how you REALLY feel, Ametia! LOL!

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