German Chancellor Angela Merkel Receives An Official White House Welcoming Ceremony


WASHINGTON — Nearly 17 years after the last dinner for a leader from
Germany, the White House was readying an elaborate, red-carpet welcome Tuesday
for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Her visit will literally begin with a bang – a 19-gun salute on the White
House South Lawn to herald the arrival of someone President Barack Obama says is
a “trusted global partner.” It will end with the most elegant evening the U.S.
puts on for a foreign leader, a black-tie dinner.

It’s all being done to highlight Germany’s growing importance in world
affairs – and to the U.S.

Merkel is the first European leader to receive such treatment from Obama and
White House officials say the visit was arranged to highlight the close working
relationship she and Obama have developed.

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10 Responses to German Chancellor Angela Merkel Receives An Official White House Welcoming Ceremony

    • Just a sort of dumb observation but Chancellor Merkel has the same first name as one of my daughters but pronounced so differently in Spanish and in English. I never realized her first name was the same. The German pronounciation seems so harsh for such a beautiful name….Angel.

  1. I so love how they let the children get right out front and do you notice that where ever our Prez goes or who ever he greets as heads of State, he always has a few words of their language to say. The Irish totally loved him for this. I have a friend who immigrated here from Ireland who said she cried when she heard him “speak the Gaelic ” during internet casts of his visit there.

    A lot of Americans expect everyone to speak English. They may not realize just how much it means when we, especially our President, speaks a few words, even if only a greeting or thanks, in someone else’s language. People from other countries really appreciate this. If you are a visitor to another country, try to speak the language, even if you fracture it and your accent is terrible, people will truly love you for making the effort.

  2. Ametia says:

    Wow! Chancellor Merkel’s getting quite the reception. Wonderful photo gallery, SG2. THANK YOU!

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