President Obama Arrives In Puerto Rico

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  2. CareyCarey says:

    SouthernGirl said: “I just barely remember President Kennedy but I do know my parents absolutely loved him and his brother Bobby! I can say President Obama is my favorite! :)”

    ME TOO! Well, I sort of have to hedge my bet on “barely” remember President Kennedy. I do remember him riding down my neighborhood street (which is now called MLK Drive, so you know where that’s at) during his election campaign.
    But today I am just stopping by to tell you 3 chics that your passion is to die for. I can feel y’alls enthusiasm in your words and I know the time and effort it takes to maintain your blog. One post had about 100 comments, so clicked in to see what was going on. When I got there I was going to wash my hands and grab me a piece of chicken. I mean, much of the conversation was between you 3, like you were in the kitchen fixing food for a little get together. Y’all was smiling and laughing and having a good ol time, while talking politics.! I said to myself…. “these women sho like doing what they do” . I felt kind of like a window peeping voyeur, but that didn’t stop me and my rabbit ears from being the spook who sat by the door. I startered to yell… “TAKE IT ALL OFF”, but I didn’t want to give away my hiding place :-)

    So you 3chics, keep doing what you do and I’ll continue to stop by. But be forewarned, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, however, this ain’t Vegas so be careful. But your secrets are safe with me. So if you hear cat calls, whistles, and loud WOOF WOOFs‘, it’s just me, CareyCarey, the guy who loves looking in on my 3chicspolitico.

  3. marisol says:

    i feel like crying,both are my favorites president,JFK and Obama

    • Hi Marisol!

      Welcome to 3 Chics! We’re happy you stopped by. I just barely remember President Kennedy but I do know my parents absolutely loved him and his brother Bobby! I can say President Obama is my favorite! :)

    • Ametia says:

      Hi marisol. I’m feeling you.

  4. Presidential Motorcade in Puerto Rico

  5. From left, Musician Marc Antony, Puerto Rico Mayor Jorge Santini Padilla, President Barack Obama, Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno, Rep. Pedor Pierluisi, D-Puerto Rico, and Adjutant General of the Puerto Rico National Guard Antonio J. Vicens, walk across the tarmac from Air Force One as Obama arrives at Muniz Air National Guard Base, Tuesday, June 14

  6. People wave flags as US President Barack Obama’s motorcade drives past during a visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 14.

  7. A building displays an 8-story banner welcoming US President Barack Obama during a visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 14.

  8. President Barack Obama waves to a crowd gathered inside a hangar at the Muniz Air National Guard Base, shortly after his arrival in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tuesday June 14. Obama’s visit to Puerto Rico marks the first by a sitting U.S. President since John Kennedy. Obama is backed by Puerto Rican and American flags.

  9. President Barack Obama eats lunch with Alejandro Garcia Padilla, a Puerto Rican Senator and President of the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico, at Kasalta Bakery during a visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 14.

  10. Obama to make first presidential visit to Puerto Rico since JFK

    MIAMI — Barack Obama will pay Puerto Rico its first official U.S. presidential visit in 50 years on Tuesday, delivering remarks aimed at an important slice of Hispanic voters back home who could aid his chances in 2012.

    Puerto Ricans are an important voting bloc in Florida, where they could help Obama balance out the sway of Republican-leaning Cubans in this battleground state, which he won in 2008 and needs next year to help seal a second White House term.

    “There is a lot of excitement down here,” said Puerto Rican Governor Luis Fortuna, adding that he hoped Obama would acknowledge the contribution Puerto Ricans have made to the U.S. armed forces as well as talk about the imperative of job creation.

    Some 4.6 million Puerto Ricans live in the United States, where they can vote in U.S. presidential elections, outnumbering the 3.9 million on the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, who can only vote in the presidential primaries.

    This could be decisive next year in Florida, where Obama beat his Republican challenger John McCain in 2008 by more than 200,000 votes, or 2.5 percentage points, but where opinion polls show the state is now a toss up.

  11. U.S. President Barack Obama (2nd R) listens to a school band as he tours La Fortaleza with Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno (2nd L) and his wife, Luce Vela (L) and Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (R) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 14, 2011.

  12. President Obama arrives at Puerto Rico

    My President!!!!

  13. Ametia says:

    HOLA! Is that Marc Anthony greeting our POTUS? :-)

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