Jobs for Main Street — Where Are They?

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Where … are … the … ?&%* … jobs! Many Americans are tiring of Corporate America’s weak excuses about not creating new jobs or not hiring because of “uncertainty of economic times”. Corporate America, do you want to know what uncertainty is? Uncertainty is trying to take care of a family of four with a weekly unemployment check of $370.00. That check has to cover feeding the family, paying the bills … which include a mortgage or rent among other things … and then having enough money left over for gas to look for job and run necessary errands. And what about the little extras that children need or want — like clothes or shoes when they are growing like weeds, or like a family night out at the dollar movies?

Uncertainty is going to work each day under duress hoping that you aren’t the next one in line for a pink slip. Uncertainty is going to the supermarket and wondering how they can keep hiking the prices when you haven’t received a comparable cost of living increase to keep up with inflation of every consumable good imagined. I’m sure, Corporate America, that you can’t relate to any of this because these are not the type of problems you and your family have. But this is just basic expenses I am talking about here — not a frivolous or fanciful lifestyle.

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All working and unemployed Americans should agree not to spend money for one day each week. This agreement could be their very own “Contract with America”. The focus will be on limiting spending in general but specifically for one day weekly. Limiting visits to stores and malls, budgeting gas, eating in or having small simple dinner gathers, and limiting leisure activities are all ways that everyone can tighten their belts . The suggested name for this day is “Spend Time — Not Money Day”. It should be a time where Main Street reflects on the ongoing struggle that many Americans are caught up in; where thought is given to those who are unemployed; where people think about how these hard times will contribute to an increase in crime; and it should be a time when Main Street talks with neighbors and others about what can be done to help solve problems. It should be a day when Main Street reconsiders its lifestyles and values and talks with one another (including family members, friends, co-workers, etc.) about things that they are willing to do without. And, yes, it should also be a day where thought is given to how Corporate America and Corporate Politicians are failing America.

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8 Responses to Jobs for Main Street — Where Are They?

  1. Beautiful! I’m In and I will pass this link on.

  2. Ametia says:

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. Bettie; you’re bringing it, and 3 Chics is sooo deeply honored to post it. Sacrafice and priorities… We definitely need to take stock of inventory and see what we need and what we want.

    Do we want or need reality tv? * looking @ cable networks posing as news source*? if not cancel it! Person to person contact is WHERE we get the true connection; where we discover what is TRUE for us; not manufactured information doled out to manipulate the masses.

    • It’s a great idea. If you take away the money, folks will get the message! Nothing gets a message across faster than hitting someone in the pocketbook!

  3. Bettie,

    Excellent idea and very good article! Mad props! Lets do this! Shout out to Vicki! You’re so gifted & talented.

    • Thanks so much for sharing! We need to keep it going! I love the response about wants vs. needs. That is what the pledge is all about. Let’s stop filling the coffers of Corporate America with money while so many are hurting for jobs. We also need to send the message to legislators that we realize we are playing on unlevel field but they have responsibility to those who helped elect them. They are being irresponsible in their response to #MainStreet.

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