Casey Anthony Returns To Florida: “Hide Yo Kids”

Casey Anthony returns to Florida to serve her probation for stealing checks.  Now there’s back and forth on whether she should serve it at all.

Florida AG: Anthony shouldn’t skirt ‘supervised release’ from jail


Anthony had been convicted of felony check fraud for stealing a checkbook from a friend and writing five checks for $644.25. Orange County Circuit Judge Stan Strickland ordered her to serve the year of probation following her release in the charges involving her daughter, but a clerk misunderstood the judge and prepared an order that the judge later signed instructing that Anthony would serve the probation while in custody awaiting trial. Source

                     Hide your pets, hide you checkbooks!

                                           HIDE YO KIDS! 

Apparently she is in an undisclosed region of Flroida, because she fears for her life.

Furthermore, the state argues that Anthony never completed requirements of her probation while behind bars.

“Legally, it is clear that a defendant cannot serve probation while incarcerated,” the state writes, citing a previous ruling that stated “the rehabilitative concept of probation … presupposes that the probationer is not in prison.” 

So what’s the deal with her having to return to the state of her crime and serving her probationary period?

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5 Responses to Casey Anthony Returns To Florida: “Hide Yo Kids”

  1. Leslie says:

    But the state can’t honor sometthing that doesn’t exist. And serving probation while incarcerated is a huge oxymoron! The purpose of probation is to help the ‘criminal’ become a productive member of society which can’t be done while in jail!

  2. Ametia says:

    Casey Anthony reports for probation in Florida
    By Cynthia Johnston | Reuters – 5 hrs ago..

    ORLANDO, Fla (Reuters) – Casey Anthony, the young Orlando mother acquitted of killing her toddler daughter, reported for probation on Wednesday in Florida in a check fraud case, the Department of Corrections said.

    Anthony, 25, voted the most hated American in a celebrity poll after a jury found her not guilty in July of the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, dropped from public view following her release from jail. Her lawyers confirmed she had moved out of state.

    But earlier this month, a judge ordered Anthony to return to Florida to report for a year of probation for a different crime — check fraud charges she admitted to in 2010.

    “Casey Anthony reported to probation in Florida on Wednesday evening,” the Florida Department of Corrections said in a statement.

    Another statement would be released on Thursday, it said.

    Confusion has swirled around that case. Earlier this week, Anthony’s lawyer told Fox News his client was back in Florida in a safe location.

    The original judge in the check fraud case told Anthony she must serve her probation after her release from jail. But his intent was not written into the final sentencing order, leading officials to allow Anthony to complete her probation while she sat in jail awaiting trial for the murder charge.

    The judge, Stan Strickland, filed a clarified version of the sentencing order on August 1, following Anthony’s July 17 release.

    Her lawyers, seeking to have that order quashed, argued the court had no jurisdiction to tell Anthony to serve probation now and that it violated her rights against double jeopardy.

  3. HonGyakku says:

    “So what’s the deal with her having to return to the state of her crime and serving her probationary period?”

    The deal is that everyone seems to ignore the fact that Baez has a singed paper by the original judge that says she is starting her probationary period……..while she is in jail. Signed legal document with the state seal that the state should honor. They also have another legal document signed by the probation officials, with another state seal on it, stateting she has “finished her probationary year successfully”. These legal STATE documents mean nothing? “The judge stated orally….bllah blah…” you can not prove what he did or didnt “say” but you CAN prove what he signed his name on as a reached agreement. If the state does not have to honor its signed agreements with civillians then why should we honor the “deals” we made with the same state? Every “license” is an “agreement” you made with the state that the state will hold YOU accountable to. Let the state be held to THIS agreement also. if the state does not honor its agreements then neither should we!

    Morality of right and wrong has nothing to do with any of this…this is not a country based on “morals” …it is a country based on “laws”. Those documents were legal……let the state bite the bullet on this one and hold that judge accountable for his stupidity in allowing this to happen. It is not up to the lawyer to show the judge he is being stupid….the judge should realize that on his own or step down for incompitence!

  4. janelwhite says:

    Love the picture of the baby and the shirt. :) Either way on this issue regarding probation, it will end up with Casey receiving even more cash in awards won to Casey from the upcoming batch of lawsuits. I suspect Baez hopes that Casey will have to do the probation because that will surely be overturned on the Appellate levels and by winning the case by the document of release from probation by the probation department. The only question remaining is whether Casey will ultimately become a multi-millionaire or a billionaire from the screw-ups confirmed by the state of Florida in the expected lawsuits to be filed from the defense. -Jane

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