Rush Limbaugh, Leader of The Republican Party: Tells Speaker John Boehner To “Put The President In His Place” WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

In an UNPRECEDENTED move, Speaker John, “Orange Julius” Bohener caves to Limbaugh’s call to refuse the President’s request to hold a joint session to deliver his jobs plan Wednesday, September 7.

“What he (BOEHNER)  oughta do is say ‘no’ and offer September 6th, September the 8th, September the 9th, September the 10th…whatever, but he doesn’t get September the 7th. He should do this. It’s very simple. He says to the president, ‘you did not consult me before you publicly issued the date. You were obviously trying to disrupt the plans at the Reagan Library. You’re going to have to learn that if you really want to work together as you repeatedly claim, Mr. President, I’m gonna show you how it’s done. Here are the dates that you can have.”  Audio HERE.

So we have another attempt by the GOP to obstruct, delay, and disrepect the President of the United States from serving the needs of the American people.  Make no mistake about it, President Obama will address the joint session next week.  In the meantime, this show of cowardice, disrespect, and biogtry masquerading as bravado will backfire on  John Boehner and the GOP.+

The White House has scheduled the joint session with congress for next Thursday, 9/8/11.  Watch football or watch the President? 

This is all about JOBS, right?  My guess is the GOP has no workable plans for job growth nor intentions of passing a jobs bill.

Why Boehner Consults Limbaugh

Snip:  “By the time I got out of the car, I was both deeply respectful of Limbaugh’s ability to lead an audience into a cul-de-sac by just raising his voice and using the inflections commonly associated with reasonable argument, and appalled at how deft all this right-wing talk has become. There’s no way even Rachel Maddow with her Rhodes Scholarship can touch this. It is the finely honed rhetoric of religion, in which a reasonable argument is often constructed on a strange (to me) premise.”

And while the left and right continue to assail President Obama on jobs, the economy, disasters, Libya, unions,, ad nauseum, this president is leading in his own deliberate manner.

Who’s your daddy, John Boehner?

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5 Responses to Rush Limbaugh, Leader of The Republican Party: Tells Speaker John Boehner To “Put The President In His Place” WHERE ARE THE JOBS?

  1. Ramo Tringo says:

    Never in American political history has a president been denied the opportunity to address a joint session of Congress until this president decided to have a black father! Rush Limbaugh says that President Obama is trying to look bigger than the Republicans and John Boehner should “put him in his place.”….. Well Rush, FYI, he IS bigger than the Republican party. He kicked their butt in 2008 in a landslide victory and he’s already put in his place,— the White House — by the majority of Americans!

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