Tamron Hall Takes Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston to the Woodshed

Tamron Hall slices and dices the GOP talking points.  She wasn’t having any of the  nonsense.

Rep Jack Kingston needs to buy a clue. The GOP FAILS with the bullshit talking point of President Obama fail.

President Obama  is not your friend; you want egg nog and movies go visit your grandma.   You want cigars, have them imported from Cuba 

The president is not nor will he ever be a part of the “Good Old Boy club.

Do your job, Kingston, and tell your Speaker, John Boehner to do his job; not the President.

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10 Responses to Tamron Hall Takes Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston to the Woodshed

  1. Lisa MB says:

    “This is not the time for our way or the highway.”

    Wouldn’t it be great if he actually listened to his own BS?

    Or even better, stopped spouting the crap about Obama’s so-called failed economic policies and spell out all the things the House has done to create jobs. (crickets)

    I think after 19 years of “friendship” politics, it’s time to send this moron to the unemployment line. #justsayin

    • “This is not the time for our way or the highway.”

      Wouldn’t it be great if he actually listened to his own BS?

      LMBAO…Isn’t that the truth. Can you believe this creep? Tamron was not having the nonsense. The GOP has dug a huge hole for themselves….and jumped in it!

    • Ametia says:

      It’s always about PBO coming to clean up the shyt;for these lazy azz do-nothing rethugs.

      He’s really shone the light on how much these fools can talk, and how LITTLE they’ve done in the name of governing. Just con artist in Brooks Brothers.

  2. Has John Boehner lost control?


    First, John Boehner wanted the Senate to pass a payroll tax cut bill. Then, he wanted to make a show of killing it. Now, he won’t hold a House vote on it at all.

    In the last and biggest political test of a wild year — Boehner’s final exam for 2012 — the House speaker has shown yet again that he doesn’t have the juice to whip his troops into line. If anything, it is rank-and-file House Republicans who are continually snapping their leader back to the pack when he gets too far out in front of them.

    His plans change with their whims, the latest of which is to escalate a battle with a nearly unified Senate and President Barack Obama over a two-month extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut, welfare and unemployment programs, and current Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors.

    GOP leaders on Monday abandoned a day-old proposal to vote down the Senate bill, which would have required Republicans to to defy their brand by going on record against a tax cut. Now, they’re portraying a procedural vote to create a House-Senate conference as an implicit rejection of the Senate’s bill. Republicans believe they can win a showdown with the Senate and either get the full-year extension of the payroll tax cut they seek or win the public relations war if 160 million working Americans see their taxes rise in January.

  3. Tamron Hall: “You are talking about movies and eggnog and nonsense.”

    Get him, Tamron! Beat his azz, but good! We don’t have time for the nonsense bullshit. There are serious issues at hand and this mofo want to play games. GTFOOH Kingston! The GOP done fugged up this time.

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