A Letter to Mrs. O

I found this video by accident- the link was in the comments at another blog. When I clicked on it, I was so moved. So touched. It was by a teenaged Black girl who tried to put into words and video what First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama meant to her. It touched me, because watching this video, THIS is the intangible to having the first Black First Family in the White House. This is the kind of thing that you can’t measure, but it’s going on across this country. I see it everytime I look at a picture of POTUS or FLOTUS with the youth. YOU CAN SEE IT. You can see how they are seeping into the consciousness of the young people, and I will say it again: THIS, too, is but another reason why the right-wing, and some on the left despise our President and First Lady. Because, they are lifting the veil from the minds of these children and taking them to another place. I hope if you tweet, you will tweet this video. If you know of sites, leave the link. I want this video to go viral.

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7 Responses to A Letter to Mrs. O

  1. dival says:

    ‘Wow what a country we live in!” We returned this great family to the White House for a second term because the people spoke of their desire for closing the gap to get what we all deserve. The freedom to be who we are and to be blessed in our talents that we can use to contribute to the greater good. We are inspired by the leadership of Michelle and Barack Obama, and girls! I was lucky to have been at the second inauguration and posted a blog with pictures “On the Scene”.

  2. Tyren M. says:

    Hello 3Chics! I shared this with my (4yo) daughter today. She loves the First Lady’s style. That said, who do I have to hit up for one of those “Yes We Did (Again!)” cups like below. I want to take one to work Wednesday after the election. I like watching heads explode. Have a good night.


  4. Thank you, Rikyrah!

    It brought me to tears! I’ve tweeted it and posted on a number of blogs. Our beautiful First Lady is such a wonderful role model for America!

    She’s representing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ametia says:

    THANK YOU, Rikyrah! I will indeed share this video with all I know. You’ve said it all. Our youth see their potential to move beyond the stars; actually their aren’t any limitations, except for the limitations, we have made for ourselves. Let the haters be mad; we’ve got work to do.

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