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Dennis Emmanuel Brown (February 1, 1957 – July 1, 1999) was a Jamaican reggae singer. During his prolific career, which began in the late 1960s when he was aged eleven, he recorded more than 75 albums and was one of the major stars of lovers rock, a sub-genre of reggae. Bob Marley cited Brown as his favourite singer,[1] dubbing him “The Crown Prince of Reggae”, and Brown would prove hugely influential on future generations of reggae singers.

Dennis Brown was born on 1 February 1957 at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.[4] His father Arthur was a scriptwriter, actor, and journalist, and he grew up in a large tenement yard between North Street and King Street in Kingston with his parents, three elder brothers and a sister, although his mother died in the 1960s.[

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  1. The Washington Post @washingtonpost

    ANALYSIS: Romney’s clear win hurts Gingrich’s try to call race choice between establishment & people: http://wapo.st/y0Hw6l

  2. BREAKING: Mitt Wins Florida Primary http://gocl.me/zzHXo0

  3. Ametia says:

    Virginia Democrat Proposes ‘Gender Equity’ To Anti-Abortion Bill, Requires Rectal Exams For Men Seeking Viagra

    By Tanya Somanader on Jan 31, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    The Virginia legislature is starting off 2012 with a bicameral attack on a woman’s right to choose. The General Assembly’s very first bill, House Bill 1, is a “personhood” amendment that seeks to essentially outlaw abortions. Over in the state senate, Sen. Jill Vogel (R) has introduced a bill that would require all women seeking an abortion “to have an ultrasound image taken to determine the gestational age of the fetus.” Piqued by the unnecessary intrusion into a woman’s doctor-patient relationship, state Sen. Janet Howell (D) sought to level the playing field.

    “If pregnant women should have to get an ultrasound before having an abortion, men should have to undergo additional medical procedures before getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction,” she noted, and introduced an amendment to Vogel’s bill requiring that men “undergo a digital rectal exam” for pills like Viagra:


  4. Mika Brzezinski Tears Into Reince Priebus’ ‘Disgusting’ Obama Comments: ‘You Made A Fool Of Yourself’


    Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski took on RNC chair Reince Priebus‘ recent comparison of President Obama to the Italian captain who abandoned his sinking cruise ship, saying her guests wouldn’t be responding to it this morning and calling the comments “irresponsible and despicable.”

    [wpvideo KQeXwCvN]

  5. rikyrah says:

    Romney Camp Jabs Back At The Idea They Just Bought Florida

    Did Mitt Romney improve as a candidate after his South Carolina shellacking — or did he just buy Florida? How this question is answered could have a big effect on how tonight’s primary results are received.

    Democrats and Romney’s Republican opponents would like you to believe the Buying Florida theory. For days now, they’ve been pointing to a big spending disparity between Newt Gingrich and Romney on TV as a sign that Romney’s not the leaner, meaner and better candidate his team would have you believe.

    On Tuesday, Romney’s campaign pushed back, telling reporters the tale of Romney’s big spending gap is overblown.

    A Romney campaign source told me Tuesday morning that Democrats are making too big a deal out of the spending disparity. After all, the Romney campaign said, Gingrich didn’t have to deal with the unions.

    AFSCME has been on air in Florida for 10 days, spending about a million bucks on a broadcast, cable and internet campaign tying Romney to unpopular Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R). AFSCME told me that around $900,000 of that total has been spent on TV. The union says their ad was “just taking advantage of an opportunity when voters were paying attention to Romney’s record.” The Romney campaign counts it as part of the negative campaigning they faced on the airwaves down here.

    The Romney campaign said that, in total, ads from Gingrich, plus Gingrich’s allied super PAC, plus the AFSCME campaign added up to about $4 million in the last week. Meanwhile, Romney’s spending plus that of his super PAC eclipsed that at $6.6 million.

    That argument, however, rests on accepting certain implicit assumptons that don’t strike everyone as reasonable.

    First, take the Romney’s camp’s insistence that the labor union AFSCME in effect counts as being pro-Newt. The Miami Herald holes in that argument back when it first reported on the AFSCME ad. The spot, which is hard-hitting and can be seen on TV pretty regularly here, has one flaw according to the paper: “Republicans probably don’t care.”

    In an email to TPM the Gingrich campaign shrugged off Team Romney’s AFSCME argument. “Who are they?” Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond joked.

    The Romney campaign is also muddying the waters a bit by making this about the last week versus the entirety of the Florida campaign. Romney’s been spending big bucks her for weeks, where Gingrich’s campaign (and AFSCME’s for that matter) just spooled up after South Carolina. In total, according to the numbers that we got from the Democratic media observer Sunday, Romney’s campaign spending on TV plus that of his super PAC through today is around $15.3 million. The total spending by Gingrich’s campaign, his allied super PAC and, for good measure, AFSCME? Around $4.3 million.

    A very big gap, by any measure — and one that his opponents are likely to keep harping


  6. rikyrah says:

    Barack Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School, but, of course, because he’s Black, he got the ‘ Black degree done in crayon’.

    He’s a Black man who was elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That he’s smarter than all those mofos put together should be an obvious given.


    Delusions of Obama the Idiot

    Jan 31 2012, 1:40 PM ET 88

    Jonathan Chait on Republican amnesia:

    The idea that Romney can “think on his feet,” and that Obama is all “flash,” expresses a common right-wing trope that Obama is actually an idiot: a charismatic speaker but helpless when not reading from prepared text. That is the basis for the GOP’s otherwise inscrutable obsession with TelePrompTer jokes – the TelePrompTer is an extremely common political tool, but many conservatives have come to believe that Obama would be helpless without it. That belief accounts for a major portion of Gingrich’s appeal — he has painted an appealing picture of himself exposing the stammering dope in a lengthy series of debates. Among other problems, this fantasy ignores the actual history of Obama’s debate performances …

    It’s amazing that the GOP has somehow convinced itself that Obama is some kind of beguiling intellectual lightweight. I fully expect him to take Mitt Romney apart in the debates.

    MCs act like they don’t know…


  7. rikyrah says:

    Why does Mitt Romney want to be president?
    By Eugene Robinson, Published: January 30

    When the empire strikes back, it hits hard. The Republican establishment is deploying every weapon and every soldier — even Bob Dole — in an increasingly desperate attempt to pulverize the Newt Gingrich rebellion. Eventually, the shock-and-awe campaign may work

    But then what? In the establishment’s best-case scenario, the party is left with Mitt Romney, a candidate whose core message, as far as I can tell, seems to be: “Yes, I made a ton of money. You got a problem with that?”

    It is remarkable that the well-orchestrated blitzkrieg to save Florida for Romney was designed solely to raise doubts about Gingrich’s character and electability — rather than convince voters that Romney, on the merits, should be president. It makes you wonder whether the GOP luminaries supporting this guy really believe in him

    statement issued last week by elder statesman Dole began by arguing that “if Gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse impact on Republican candidates running for county, state and federal offices.” Dole went on to criticize Gingrich as highhanded and erratic, before ending his brief missive with another dose of realpolitik.

    “In my opinion if we want to avoid an Obama landslide in November, Republicans should nominate Governor Romney as our standard-bearer,” Dole wrote. “He has the requisite experience in the public and private sectors. He would be a president we could have confidence in.”

    “Requisite experience” isn’t much of a hallelujah, yet it’s typical of the pro-Romney chorus that has been singing so loudly since Gingrich won the South Carolina primary. Meanwhile, the voices of some key potential choristers haven’t been heard at all: Two of the most prominent Republicans in Florida, former governor Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio, have declined to endorse anyone for the nomination.


  8. Dennis Brown – Let Love In

  9. Afghan Woman Estorai Killed After Having Baby Girl


    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan woman has been strangled to death, apparently by her husband, who was upset that she gave birth to a second daughter rather than the son he wanted, police said Monday.

  10. Meet the first six of the Tea Party Ten.


    Joe Walsh. Steve King. Sean Duffy. Frank Guinta. Chip Cravaack. Allen West.

    Even in the most extreme Congress in history, these six stand out.
    They’ve all voted to let women die, to gut the Clean Air Act and to destroy Medicare.

    But that’s just the beginning of the bigoted, sexist, anti-science, hypocritical, corrupt and downright crazy things that have been said and done by the first six congressmen with the dubious honor of being selected for the CREDO SuperPAC’s Take Down the Tea Party Ten campaign.

    Chip in $5 to defeat these Tea Party extremists.

    You’d think, as an elected member of Congress, you wouldn’t scream at your constituents for blaming the banks for our financial crisis. But Illinois’ Joe Walsh sure did.

    You’d think you wouldn’t openly praise shamed Senator Joe McCarthy or his shameful “un-American activities committee.” Meet Iowa’s Steve King.

    You’d think you wouldn’t say publicly that “Goebbels would be proud of the Democratic propaganda machine” or that anyone with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker was “a threat to the gene pool.” But Allen West is so crazy he thinks that’s ok.

    Wisconsin’s Sean Duffy is a former reality TV star who has co-sponsored every anti-choice bill in Congress, and admires Gov. Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin workers.

  11. Photos Of Osama Bin Laden’s Death May Be Released


    Photographs and video recordings of Osama bin Laden’s death may be released to the public, The Atlantic Wire reports.

    According to ABC News, the CIA has at least 52 images of Osama bin Laden that could make one’s stomach churn. The images in question reportedly are “quite graphic, as they depict the fatal bullet wound to UBL’s [Osama bin Laden’s] head and other similarly gruesome images of his corpse.”

    Following bin Laden’s death, Judicial Watch brought a lawsuit demanding the release of images from the raid that killed bin Laden under the Freedom of Information Act. Now, it appears that the Justice Department may have to comply in part.

    Dan Metcalfe, former director of the Department of Justice’s Office of Information and Privacy, told The Atlantic Wire that according to the government’s response to the lawsuit, there are parts of the records that are “legally required to be disclosed.”

    This reopens that possibility that postmortem photographs of bin Laden will be released.

    Wired.com notes that the CIA, for its part, claims that releasing the photos “could trigger violence, attacks, or acts of revenge against the United States.”

    Last May, a team of US Navy SEALs raided Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, killing the then-Al Qaeda leader and several others during a nighttime operation.

  12. rikyrah says:

    January 31, 2012 8:05 AM

    GOP Voters March To Polls, Dissatisfied
    By Ed Kilgore

    Today the GOP presidential nomination contest is very likely to reach the point of no return, with Mitt Romney poised for a victory in Florida that will make his nomination almost certain. PPP’s final tracking poll of Florida Republicans shows Romney with a solid eight point lead over Gingrich. More significantly, he leads 45-32 among the one-third of voters who have already cast ballots.

    But while Republican voters nationally may decide to do what their Establishment instructors have told them to do by “settling” for Mitt, they seem to have all the excitement of a child looking at a serving of broccoli. According to Pew’s occasional assessment of voter “satisfaction” with the president field, only 46% of GOP voters rate their options of candidates as “excellent” or “good,” compared to 51% who call the field “fair” or “poor.”

    This finding shows a slight deterioration in voter satisfaction with the field since the last survey earlier this month, and a pretty bad scene as compared to 2008, when at this point 68% of Republican voters had positive opinions of their field.

    Democrats should not take too much pleasure in the lukewarm attitudes of Republicans towards their field: lack of excitement is not always directly translatable into ambivalence about voting. As I’ve always said when people focus too heavily on “enthusiasm,” you only get to vote once, and when that threshold is crossed, it doesn’t much matter how you feel about it. All the evidence I’ve seen indicates that in 2012, Republican “base voters” will choke down that broccoli because they really, really want dessert (driving Obama out of the White House). But in the long months before November, you can expect them to whine and complain and make constant demands of their candidates, and their nominee, to make them happier.


  13. HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol

    Rep. Allen West backtracks after telling Dem leaders to ‘get the Hell out’ of the U.S. http://huff.to/AEBvCh

  14. rikyrah says:

    January 30, 2012 8:45 AM

    The Quiet Triumph of Obama Care
    By Harold Pollack and Greg Anrig

    We understand why President Obama trumpeted the killing of Osama bin Laden while barely mentioning health reform, his most significant domestic accomplishment in his State of the Union address last week. Ten years after 9/11, the killing of Bin Laden was an indisputable triumph for President Obama, welcomed by almost every American. In contrast, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), enacted with only Democratic votes by the scarcest of margins in 2010, remains a complex, highly controversial piece of legislation with outcomes and costs that remain to be seen in the years ahead.

    Yet surprising even to many advocates of health care reform, evidence is emerging that the ACA is already improving life for millions of average Americans. It is promoting long-overdue fundamental changes in our dysfunctional medical system. Moreover, because those reforms are starting to directly address heightened economic insecurities of average families – the personal financial conditions that will largely determine this year’s election outcomes – President Obama would be wise to more forcefully and more specifically explain how his health care bill is already helping millions of vulnerable families and the country as a whole. Sure, financially-pressured families will celebrate the derring-do of Seal Team Six. They should directly appreciate the immediate impact of improved insurance coverage and reduced medical costs.

    Here are five concrete realms in which the Affordable Care Act, which won’t even take full effect until 2014, has already had an impact:

    About 2.5 million more young adults are now insured because of the new law. The Affordable Care Act allowed individuals up to age 26 to remain on their parents’ employer-based insurance plans with substantial protections for individuals with preexisting conditions. These young adults can be married, living on their own or in school, and even holding a job. Figure 1 below was produced by experts in the Department of Health and Human Services, tells the basic story. These provisions began to take effect on September 23, 2010, and right around that time health coverage for young adults began to sharply improve, even as coverage for slightly older workers showed no similar break.

    The importance of these changes goes beyond the gratifying coverage trends—though it’s hard to recall such dramatic favorable change associated with a specific policy coming into effect. Millions of young adults suffering from cancer, cardiac conditions, diabetes, major depression, autism, intellectual disability can obtain decent and affordable coverage through their parents’ employers, thus avoiding the deeply-troubled market for individual and small-group insurance coverage.

    These provisions complement other ACA provisions, which right now provide unprecedented protections for children and adolescents. Insurance plans that cover children can no longer exclude, limit, or deny coverage to children under the age of 19 solely based on a preexisting condition.


  15. rikyrah says:

    Kansas Agriculture Secretary Asks Federal Government To Let Companies Hire Undocumented Workers In The State
    By Amanda Peterson Beadle on Jan 31, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Versions of an extreme immigration law — written by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach — has led to fear and an exodus of Latino workers in states like Alabama, Georgia, and Arizona. After watching their crops rot due to a lack of workers in 2011, many farmers are uncertain of what to do in 2012 if they cannot find enough laborers again. Even apple farmers in Washington state were hurt by harmful anti-immigrant laws in other states.

    But rather than follow Arizona’s model and run undocumented immigrants out of the state, Kansas Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman is seeking a waiver from the federal government so that companies can hire undocumented workers.

    According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, Rodman’s goal is “to create a legal, straightforward manner of organizing existing immigrant labor.” He has met with the Department of Homeland Security several times about creating a pilot program to connect employers with undocumented workers through a state-organized network. “I need a waiver,” Rodman told the Associated Press. “It would be good for Kansas agriculture.” Now, details are expected to come out this week about a bill that would create Rodman’s idea of a state-managed worker program:


  16. rikyrah says:

    Willard, Jumping on the Couch
    by Anne Laurie

    Another analysis of the Presumed Republican Nominee, from Paul Constant at The Stranger:

    As for Mitt Romney? For some reason, the guy has always reminded me of Tom Cruise, and I never could figure out exactly why that was. It’s not that both men have made People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People list, even though they have; or that both men belong to religions that creep everyone else out, even though they do; or that both men are ridiculously wealthy and unnaturally moisturized, even though they are. It wasn’t until watching Romney’s South Carolina concession speech that I finally realized what it was about him that made me think of Cruise.

    In all his movies and, more importantly for our purposes, in all his talk show appearances, Cruise only comes in one flavor—INTENSE. Even when he’s not gibbering up and down on an overstuffed settee, he’s staring directly at the person he’s talking to, his jaw clenched, his eyes smoky and penetrative. He can’t make jokes, because jokes are born of nuance and self-understanding, and Tom Cruise doesn’t have time for any of that shit. He’s busy being Tom Cruise all the goddamned time, and the only thing harder than being Tom Cruise all the time is being Tom Cruise when he’s pretending to interact with other human beings.

    For the last six years, Romney has set his formidable brain to one task: become the perfect Republican presidential candidate. He’s surrounded himself with the best political team money can buy. He’s financed extensive surveys of early primary states, he’s paid experts ridiculous sums of money to run scenarios for every single eventuality that could occur in the 2012 campaign, and he’s in all likelihood dropped exorbitant sums of money in the laps of branding experts to tell him at what angle he should hold the microphone away from his body to look most presidential.

    But like Tom Cruise, Mitt Romney gets lost in the Uncanny Valley because his outsize ambition blinds him. He’s spending all of his time thinking about what a perfect presidential candidate should say and look like and do rather than being a presidential candidate…

    But then, some people say Romney’s actually been planning on being president since approximately 1970:

    … Upon completion of his foreign mission, he immersed himself in the 1970 senatorial campaign of his mother, Lenore Romney, who was running against Phillip Hart in the Michigan general election. That same year, the Cougar Club — the all male, all white social club at Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City (blacks were excluded from full membership in the Mormon church until 1978) — was humming with talk that its president, Mitt Romney, would become the first Mormon president of the United States. “If not Mitt, then who?” was the ubiquitous slogan within the elite organization. The pious world of BYU was expected to spawn the man who would lead the Mormons into the White House and fulfill the prophecies of the church’s founder, Joseph Smith Jr., which Romney has avidly sought to realize…


  17. rikyrah says:

    01-31-2012 9:14 AM
    ABC/WaPo: Private Sector Experience of Romney, Gingrich Viewed Unfavorably

    New numbers from ABC News and the Washington Post show that the private experience of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is view unfavorably by the general population, but favorably by Republicans. Americans generally viewed “Gingrich’s work, since leaving elective office, as a consultant for companies with an interest in federal policymaking,” unfavorably by 54 percent, against 24 percent who saw it favorably. Republicans saw it slightly positively at 44 – 40.

    Romney scored much better, respectively. Americans saw his work “buying and restructuring companies before he went into politics” favorably 35 percent of the time, versus 40 percent who saw it unfavorably. Republicans were very keen on it — 58 percent see if favorably against only 24 percent who were down on it.


  18. rikyrah says:

    TPMLivewire 01-31-2012 9:26 AM
    Wasserman Schultz To Hold Event On Romney’s Ties To Medicare Fraud

    Tuesday morning, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will hold an event at a Florida Senior Center highlighting Mitt Romney’s ties to Damon Corporation and Medicare fraud.

    A little background: According to the DNC, Romney served on the board of Damon Corporation which was committing Medicare fraud by falsely billing Medicare for unnecessary blood tests. Bain Capital put $3.39 million into Damon and walked away with $7.4 million.

    Tuesday’s event is scheduled for 9:45 a.m.


  19. rikyrah says:

    anyone have the video for this?

    from the description at The Obama Diary:

    January 31, 2012 at 9:20 am
    The RNC wish they had a spokesperson like Debbie .W. Schultz. She was on Morning Joe and she decimated RNC Chair Reince Priebus for his disgusting statement about PBO being just like the Italian ship captain charged with manslaughter. She was phenomenal. Rep. Jack Kingston (R) of Georgia and Chris Matthews were on the panel and Debbie crushed every pathetic right wing talking point Kingston tried to bring up against PBO. Kingston said that Priebus was kind of wrong to use that analogy but his statement wasn’t meant with malicious intent and that PBO has indeed abandoned the economy.

    Debbie and lo and behold Mika came back at him and Priebus with guns blazing. Then Kingston who doesn’t know jack shit about the Floridian economy said PBO hasn’t done anything to positively impact the lives of Floridians. Debbie and Chris once again came at him guns blazing. They reminded him that when PBO took office, Florida’s unemployment was 15% and now its down to 9% so that’s an improvement. It’s not where PBO would ultimately like it to be, but it is a huge improvement. They also pointed out that when PBO took office, the DOW was at 6500 points and now it’s at 12,000 points and Floridians, especially older Floridian voters who watch the DOW very closely, know that it’s PBO who saved their bacon/retirement savings. They told Kingston that if it was a republican president who had saved the DOW, the GOP would be on a non-stop ticker tape parade and Kingston tried to deny it and down play the huge improvement of the DOW.

    When asked about Romney’s new pandering statement to older Floridian voters; that he will never ever cut/reform Medicare and Social Security, Debbie cut Romney to the quick. She pointed out that he 100% embraced the Paul Ryan Medicare bill which would fundamentally change Medicare as we know it and that while Romney panders to the Medicare crowd, voters should know that he served on the board of a corporation accused of and charged with Medicare fraud.

    Debbie was great! Just fantastic. Jack Kingston came to the adult table to try and play but was sent home with his tail between his legs. It was wonderful to watch. The viewing was made even sweeter because Joe Scarborough wasn’t there to ruin it with his priggishness.

  20. rikyrah says:

    found this comment at The Obama Diary:

    January 31, 2012 at 9:09 am
    Regarding the envy of the Republicans, there is a line from Othello which describes what is going on. Iago, Othello’s subordinate, has such powerful envy and jealousy he can hardly live. He tries to convince Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with Cassio, one of Othello’s officers. Iago’s feelings and reasons are well summed up in his statement: “He (Cassio) hath a daily beauty in him which doth make me ugly.” That was not just physical beauty, but inner beauty, that Iago could not tolerate. This, I think, is what drives the Republicans, but of course they cannot admit it.

  21. rikyrah says:

    Obama is the Reagan of 2012
    Newt and Mitt are clambering over each other trying to claim the Gipper’s mantle. But it’s a Democrat whose situation and rhetoric best mirror Reagan’s
    posted on January 30, 2012, at 12:45 PM

    Newt, who was defenestrated in the Florida debates, is marching to the beat of his own manic drummer toward defeat in the Sunshine State and into an unfriendly February schedule with no surcease of setbacks. Meanwhile, Mitt, riding the overwhelming throw-weight of his negative ads, moves a little less stiffly and a lot more aggressively toward a begrudged nomination.

    Along the way, they’re quarreling bitterly over who’s truer to Ronald Reagan. The charge that Gingrich isn’t or wasn’t is as far-fetched as a near-term colony on the moon. But no matter: Romney, who will say anything or shift any position, has the resources to convert a bald-faced lie into a convincing dividing line. It’s rich hypocrisy, literally rich, from a candidate who in 1994 pleaded that he was an independent in the Reagan years — “I don’t want to return to Reagan-Bush” — and who in the 1992 Massachusetts presidential primary voted for Democrat Paul Tsongas rather than casting a Republican ballot for either Bush the first or Pat Buchanan.

    The GOP is on the verge of selecting the most patently phony nominee in either party since the original empty suit named Warren G. Harding.

    It was Harding who famously said: “I like to go out into the country and bloviate.” And lost in this year’s bloviating combat over the Reagan banner is another reality that will at first rile and finally infuriate Republicans as the opportunistic Romney runs and then stumbles toward a November showdown with Barack Obama. For on the evidence of history, it’s likely that Obama will be the Reagan of 2012.

    The one is certainly not the ideological heir of the other. But this president is beginning to travel a path along an emerging political landscape that parallels Reagan’s in potentially decisive ways.


  22. rikyrah says:

    U.S. Midwest Jobs Return as Applesauce Joins Cars to Lift Obama
    QBy Jeff Green and Mark Niquette – Jan 29, 2012 11:00 PM CT

    From northern Michigan’s iron mines to Pennsylvania’s natural-gas fields, the industrial heartland of America is humming with jobs again as a region once left for dead recovers faster than the rest of the U.S.

    The turnaround may shape this year’s race for the White House as President Barack Obama seeks to reverse Republican gains in the Midwest. The title of his State of the Union address, “An America Built to Last,” evoked a theme of manufacturing’s revival meant to resonate on the campaign trail.

    The economies of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania — all states Obama won in 2008 — have improved faster than that of the U.S. since the recession’s depth in April 2009, according to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve. Michigan is expected to lead all 50 states during the next six months, the Fed data show.

    “We’re going back to a region we abandoned a long time ago to get energy again from rocks that were already drilled a thousand times,” said Clay Williams, chief financial officer for Houston-based National Oilwell Varco Inc. (NOV), which started in Oil City, Pennsylvania, in 1862. “We’re going back to our roots.”

    Economic recovery in so-called Rust Belt states may bolster re-election chances for Obama, who pushed the U.S.-backed bailout of General Motors Co. (GM) and Chrysler Group LLC, both based in Michigan. He visited the state in a three-day campaign swing following his speech, and was greeted by guest editorials in Detroit newspapers from Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus and Michigan GOP Chairman Robert Schostak criticizing his record on the economy.


  23. rikyrah says:

    Mitt Romney Tries To Rewrite His ‘Whiteness’; Says He Wishes He Could Claim He is Hispanic!

  24. rikyrah says:

  25. Ametia says:


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    Good Morning,Everyone! :-)

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