FCC Violation: Milwaukee Radio Stations Accused of Giving Walker Free Air Time

The Media Action Center has been monitoring the five local Talk Radio shows on Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s WISN (Clear Channel) and WTMJ (Journal Communications) and has come up with some stunning results. Members of Media Action Center Wisconsin will release those results at a press conference Tuesday, May 22, at 10:00 AM, in front of WTMJ, 720 East Capitol Drive Milwaukee, and supporters of Tom Barrett will be present to demand comparable time throughout the remainder of the campaign.

The Media Action Center found that each of those radio stations are giving an average of 50 minutes every day to Scott Walker supporters to promote their candidate, while giving only seconds to Tom Barrett supporters. That’s the monetary equivalent each of those radio stations giving between $70,000 to $180,000 in free airtime to the GOP – every week during the recall election.

Republicans are breaking the law in Wisconsin…SURPRISE! Will the FCC intervene and give require Tom Barrett equal airtime?

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2 Responses to FCC Violation: Milwaukee Radio Stations Accused of Giving Walker Free Air Time

  1. dgillem says:

    Will they stop at nothing,the republican party is the most curupt,group of liars,cheatets,thives,backstabbing raciests that has ever been in office.No one can convice me of anything differant,even that chicken shit bonner won’t speakup and defend our president,Nancy Palosi has more balls than,that lilly livered no nothing,numbnuts.Rommy is just as bad he can’t talk about his record in Mass,so what ever he is asked about how badley he did,47th in jobs,creater for Obama care.He sucked as a govenor,and beleive me he will suck even worce as a (gag)president.Come on people if his morman religion teaches him and his cult to make the so called christians,of this country want a liar,and cult follower,you need your head examined,( of coarce if you live in Mass healthcare is free so it wont cost you right,the rest of the u.s.can kiss his ass right.I pray everyday some of these right wing biggets,raceiest,and very rich,that obviously think the middle class and poor wake up before Nov,God help us.Get ready kids,teens,and seniors,your food,pell grants,planed parenthood,medicare,and s.s.i.will all go away,just so the wealthy congress,reps,and lobbiest,can hand it over to wall street,haven’t you had enough.I have and our president may not be perfect but with the lameass people he has to work with,he gets my vote.

  2. If you can’t play nice play dirty.

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