Why Bain is Important -An Update

When I wrote my first Bain post, I said it was important because Willard Romney’s entire claim as to why he’s qualified to be President is because he was this successful businessman.

That he avoided his time as Governor of Massachusetts.

Nope. His entire spiel was that he was a successful businessman, and because of it, he would be uniquely qualified to be President of the United States.

I was like, ok, if you wanna play it like that, fine.

If your entire list of qualifications is based upon your time at BAIN, then let’s look at that time at Bain.

Since the first post, a number of things have happened.

Since the 2002 Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election, Willard has used the excuse, for all the bad stuff that has come up with Bain —

What has happened since my first post, is that THAT claim, has had serious doubts placed on it. Thanks to actual reporting by the Boston Globe,

now the story is the following: Romney legally declared himself the “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president” in a period when his company says he had “absolutely no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm or with any of its portfolio companies.”

Not only that, but there is listed that Willard received a compensation of


each of those years.

I want to make this clear, because I was confused about this point myself.

I thought it was JUST $100,000 for each of those years.

It was not. It was AT LEAST $100,000.


It could be MILLIONS.

Possible MILLIONS for compensation for WHAT exactly, since BY HIS OWN LIES, he supposedly had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COMPANY DURING THAT TIME.

Which means, it’s what…



The actual amount is…..


So, that’s one problem for Willard.

Found this at another blog explaining the crux of the problem:

Henry Blodget from BusinessInsider sums it up:

So, enough with walking a fine line rhetorically.

Here are the questions that the Romney campaign needs to answer:

Was Mitt Romney “chairman, CEO, and President” of Bain from 1999-2002 (even if he had physically “left” and was spending 100% of his time running the Olympics)? If the answer is “yes,” then Romney is responsible for what Bain did during that period–full stop.


Were the filings submitted to the SEC inaccurate?

The answer to those two questions cannot be “both.” It’s one or the other.

Here’s another.

David Corn, from Mother Jones, has recently revealed Willard’s investment in a Chinese company DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN OUTSOURCING.

And, there is NO DOUBT, that Willard was in charge of Bain during that time.

There are a number of videos about this.

From Rachel Maddow:

Romney Could Have Committed a FELONY in Ducking Association With Bain Capital

LIAR Mitt Romney Strikes Back By LYING That Obama is a LIAR (2/2)

Lawrence O’Donnell dedicated his entire show last night to the LIES OF MITT ROMNEY.

Part 1

Next, Lawrence had on a former SEC Commissioner.

Then, Lawrence had on David Corn

Finally, Lawrence dealt with a summary of Willard’s lies.

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9 Responses to Why Bain is Important -An Update

  1. rikyrah says:

    Bill Burton ✔@billburton716

    Shorter Romney: Anderson! Anderson! Stephanie Cutter is being mean to me.

  2. rikyrah says:

    From the comments at The Obama Diary:

    July 13, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Mitt Romney should not have done those network interviews. Every one of them reported on his shady and conflicting SEC filings, outsourcing at Bain, how the buck stopped with him at Bain yet he claimed to be 100% focused on the Olympics, how he was the sole shareholder, the president, the CEO, how there are documents signed by him after 1999 even though he claimed to not be affiliated with Bain. CBS was particularly and shockingly brutal with the truth. Gasp! When Romney came on, all voters saw was a man whining and dodging questions. The preceding reports about him were devastating. Obama 2012 is doing a bang up job on defining Romney. They made sure that in other for Romney to respond to Bain questions, all the networks had to talk about the Boston Globe article, the Mother Jones article, the Washington Post article. Brutal. Just brutal. The journalists interviewing him were useless, but whoever the research folks behind the scenes are, they deserve some credit for laying out all the articles that defined Romney and caused him a headache.

    Romney was just horrible. Yikes. Even his outrage and demands of an apology from Pres. Obama was fake and not human. It was very weird.

    • Ametia says:

      Mittrens needs to have a seat, and I don’t mean on his white privileged throne. He destroyed Newt Gingrich after South Carolina primaries.

      I hope to see Mitt’s Ken-like hair go up in a cloud of smoke after the Obama camp NUKES his ass.

  3. rikyrah says:

    the President pulled the Harry Truman card.



    President Obama said Friday that Mitt Romney deserves to be held accountable for his work at Bain Capital during a leave of absence, and that issues surrounding the timing of his exit raise “legitimate questions.”

    “It’s pretty clear to me that I’m responsible for folks who are working in the federal government and you know, Harry Truman said the buck stops with you,” Obama said in an interview with TV station WJLA.

    Obama noted that Romney, despite insisting he had no input into Bain’s operations after 1999 while on leave to run the Olympics, was listed in numerous SEC filings as the firm’s top officer.


  4. Ametia says:

    last night’s show for me, was one of Lawrence O’Donnell’s best. Appreciated the variety of folks he had on the panel too. H, Rachel, and Big Ed have been calling out LYING Mitt since forever. Lat night he finally showcased other pundits, authors, etc. to call Romney out for what he is, and back it up with facts———Romney’s a LIAR

  5. Ametia says:

    Can’t access the links to LO’s piece.

  6. Ametia says:

    TELL.IT. rikyrah. You were way ahead of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA.

    THIS: “If your entire list of qualifications is based upon your time at BAIN, then let’s look at that time at Bain.” FAIR GAME, MITTENS.

    It still boggles my mind to think that Mitt Romney thought his record would not come under scrutiny. Is he that arrogant, insulated, priviledged?

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