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Video | Romney Campaingn Claims He “RETROACTIVELY RETIRED” | Americans Have Their Say & So A Does 2001 YouTube Clip Introducing Him As CEO Of Bain!

Really, Ed Gillespie? So you’re saying Mitt Romney bears no RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever for Bain-owned companies that went OUTSOURCED jobs and companies that went BANKRUPT, even though Mitt Romney was legally responsible for its action from 1999-2002? Let’s hear what Americans … Continue reading

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No surprise FUCKED NOISE’S Shame KKKLANITY gets child murderer George Zimmerman on his show- My sentiments exactly, Jueseppi. I don’t give a fuck what Zimmerman says. JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON MARTIN!

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Mitt Romney’s NEW AD Attempts To Dodge His Tax Returns/Bain Debacle With Desperate Distractio​ns & Dancing Horses

CNN SAYS OTHERWISE, MITT. Washington Post Headline:  4 Pinocchios for an unproven Romney claim of ‘crony capitalism’ Hoping to turn attention away from questions about his departure from Bain Capital a decade ago, Mitt Romney this week has sought to … Continue reading

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The Obama Campaign Sues the State of Ohio Over Early Voting

Here’s the background. When the GOP in Ohio took over in 2010, one of the things they did, in addition to trying to strip away collective bargaining rights for unions, was to create all these new voter restrictions. But, after … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread | Oleta Adams Week!

Happy HUMP day, Everyone. From Think Progress:  15 Prominent Republicans Who Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns Right Now   Won’t you help save 170 jobs at Sensata, Mitt?

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