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President Obama’s CBS Interview & His Campaign’s BAIN Focus Has Shades Of Enron Scandal

You all know the old saying: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Well now romney has had his day in the sun indirectly calling out President Obama’s legitimacy as a US. CITIZEN. Remember aligning himself with … Continue reading

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President Obama Speaks In Glen Allen & Fairfax,Virginia Today

President Obama stands in the pouring rain as he addresses the crowd at Walkerton Tavern in Glen Allen. LOVE THIS: President obama wraps up Glen Allen speech Excerpt The president took the stage at Walkerton Tavern in Henrico County at … Continue reading

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Video | Mitt Romney: BAIN 1999 Version & Apology Tour -Getting Paid To Do Nothing? | Outsourcer-In-Chief | Offshore Tax Havens

BTW, Mitt, I got your APOLOGY, RIGHT HERE: KEY WORDS:  1999, Outsourcing, offshore bank accounts, tax returns… MITT Romney ‘s Version of 1999 -Ametia’s revisions Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you; only want to make some profits I was Lyin’ … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning, Everyone. Enjoy this weekend with family and friends. hat tip-GLH From Teen Vogue: Defying Gravity: Teen Ballerina Michaela DePrince Refusing to be held back by a nightmarish past or ugly stereotypes, teen ballerina Michaela DePrince is ready to … Continue reading

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