3 Chics Politico In Charlotte, NC For The 2012 Democratic National Convention| Pre-Convention Musings

HELLO, EVERYONE! Ametia here. I arrived in Charlotte, NC around 12 midnight. Hubby’s a trooper; drove the entire trip. Of course, we hit the bunkers immediately. I was up by 10 am today and we took off for the Convention Center to scope out the terrain. Charlotte is beautiful. As we approached the Convention Center, there’s an electronic billboard with a pic of President Obama and that famous red, white, and blue logo. OWS protesters are in town.  The security is off the chain here.

I’ll post pics tomorrow.

Did you all see Stephanie Cutter on Face The nation this morning? I ran in to her at the center, and said a quick hello. She was cordial and kept it moving. The lady is definitely on a mission. Hubby and I spotted Jonathan Capehart, as we were leaving the Mimosa Grill.

I’ll be blogging live from the DNC. Starting Tuesday, I’ll be blogging from the halls of the Time Warner Cable Arena. Democratic Party Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz and First Lady Michelle Obama will be speaking Tuesday, among others.

Here are some video highlights from the Sunday morning talk shows:

Vice President Biden in Wisconsin– LOL God love him!

PBO in Bolder, Colorado

I’m thoroughly, deliciously tired. I’ll hang out downtown tomorrow for CarolinaFest, take pics, and post them when I can.


And give Rikyrah & SG2 some love, while I’m gone, PLEASE.  Thank you!

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I am a Spiritual traveler, a devoted wife, mother, sister, lover of dream study, reading, theater, music, dance, and thought-provoking discussions on love, life, humor and service.
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8 Responses to 3 Chics Politico In Charlotte, NC For The 2012 Democratic National Convention| Pre-Convention Musings

  1. rikyrah says:


    check your email


  2. rikyrah says:


  3. rikyrah says:

    RIDE-OR-DIE JOE was on point!!


  4. rikyrah says:


    So happy you got there safe!!

    cannot wait to see your posts from Charlotte!!


  5. Reblogged this on cadesertvoice and commented:
    3 Chics Politico In Charlotte, NC For The 2012 Democratic National Convention| Pre-Convention Musings


  6. Enjoy the DNC and look forward to your blogs and photos!! Love you and your work, Ametia!!


    • Ametia says:

      Thank you cadesertvoice. It’s definitely Summertime here, and the folks are most gracious and hospitable. Please feel free to share the post links.


      • SouthernGirl2 says:

        Hello there, Lady! So happy you made it safely! Have a great time! Wave at me when you’re on camera! Love you! I’m on my way to tweet this! Call me whenever you get some free time! ***hugs and kisses***


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