Isn’t it interesting that the Unemployment Numbers Suddenly Don’t Matter?

FOR well over a year, we had Willard, with the assistance of the MSM, lying about that the President said that he promised the unemployment rate would be below 8% during his first term.

1. He never said it. It was in some policy paper put out by an economist.
2. The MSM never checked Willard for the lie. Steven Benen did, in his weekly column about Willard’s lies , but the MSM never did.

A funny thing happened on Friday.

The unemployment rate went to 7.8%.

Whaddya Know.

Under 8%.

It would seem to me that that would be a story to celebrate. Americans finding employment in these still sorta bad times. Not what they were, unlike the MSM, my memory is longer than a gnat’s and I remember the time when this country was shedding 750,000 jobs A MONTH.

So, wouldn’t you think that this wonderful bit of information would be spread high and low by the media. That they would be praising the new lowered unemployment rate.

But, that’s not what has happened. Sure, there were the initial reports of it, and then, they allowed those crazy ass conspiracy theorists to run amok on tv – to allow them to sully the good news that the American people had received and cast ‘doubt’ on it.

Of course, the MSM didn’t question Willard about the lowering of the unemployment rate and how a meme he’s had – based upon a lie – has been just blown out of the water.

It’s been basically crickets from the MSM on the unemployment rate. Watch the Sunday Shows, and it’s like the Unemployment Rate lowering never happened.

Interesting, isn’t it?

If it weren’t so obvious and pathetic.

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  1. Ametia says:


    Gallup Daily: U.S. Employment
    Each result is based on a 30-day rolling average; not seasonally adjusted

    Gallup tracks daily the percentage of U.S. adults , ages 18 and older, who are underemployed, unemployed, and employed full-time for an employer, without seasonal adjustment. “Underemployed” respondents are employed part time, but want to work full time, or they are unemployed. “Unemployed” respondents are those within the underemployed group who are not employed, even for one hour a week, but are available and looking for work.

    Unemployment and underemployment are calculated as a percent of the workforce. Payroll to Population is a measure of those who are employed by an employer for at least 30 hours per week. Payroll to Population is calculated as a percent of the total population. Daily results reflect 30-day rolling averages based on telephone interviews with approximately 30,000 adults. Because results are not seasonally adjusted, they are not directly comparable to numbers reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which are based on workers 16 and older. Margin of error is ± 1 percentage point.

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  2. Awww! Upset With Coverage, Jack Welch Quits Fortune Magazine

    Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric who recently suggested the Obama administration had manipulated last week’s jobs numbers, has resigned from his role as a contributor to Fortune magazine.

    “Welch said he will no longer contribute to Fortune following critical coverage of the former CEO of General Electric, saying he would get better ‘traction’ elsewhere,” Fortune’s senior editor Stephen Gandel reports today.

    Welch became synonymous with a jobs-numbers-truther movement Friday when he tweeted, “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.” Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer publicly criticized those remarks yesterday on MSNBC, and today ran a story citing Welch’s record as a “job destroyer” during the 20 years he ran General Electric.

    Sexy Girl Middle Finger

  3. Eric Bogan says:

    The only pundit I have seen in my local newspaper this morning commenting on the jobs report was Krugman, and he even had to refute the bullshit of Welch about ‘cooking the books’! Folks should tweet these MSM idiots and tell the to stop blockading the jobs report!

  4. Ametia says:

    Excellent post, rikyrah! You know this race isn’t close, by a long shot. That 7.8% was just another carrot folks are trying to dangle in front of the Black President.

    The media is going to portray it as such for ratings and profit. Using theatrics and fear-mongering to mask those huge CROWDS at President Obama’s events.

    The handwringing from the left and the outright racism and hate from the right make for a cauldron of pure fuckery.

    We know that Women, Gays, Hispanics, Blacks, the youth, and now elderly, you know that disdain that Romney has for the 47%, they are in the President’s camp. So seriously, who is LEFT for the Mittens?

    BIG MONEY, which includes the likes of that troll Jack Welch and rat’s nest-headed Trump.

    When it comes to President Obama, the media, Gop, racists, and big monied interest will keep MOVING THIS:

    And I’m pretty DAMN sure, POTUS knows their game. GET OUT THE VOTE, FOLKS!

  5. Isn’t it strange,from the red side of the street the Obama administration,fudged the numbers,or those chicago people will do anything to get Obama reelected.Are you kidding me the red guys are the liers they take super pak money,and work only for people of means,not the 47% that really do pay taxes,and want a chance,to live a littlebit before they let us die without health care,walk one week in any of our shoes,(that is if we even own shoes),and with our means of money,bills and a stressful life,and just mabey you might understand why we do not want r&r in our white house.You think your so entitled that you con everyone,lie cheat and call our president,nasty racial names and comments,and expect us to belive that POTUS is rigging numbers.Check it out the two biggest bitchers,jack welch,and dump trump,your fired.C ya

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