George Zimmerman Court Hearing

The Orlando Sentinel

George Zimmerman’s attorneys can subpoena Trayvon Martin’s schools for his discipline records, a judge ruled today, but must keep anything they obtain private.

“I think that you’re entitled to those records,” Circuit Judge Debra Nelson said at a hearing this afternoon at the Seminole County Courthouse. The wide-ranging hearing ended about 3 p.m. after about an hour and a half of argument. Another hearing was set for next week.

The judge also granted Zimmerman’s request to subpoena Trayvon’s social media records, as well as those of a girl who says she was on the phone with him before the shooting.

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11 Responses to George Zimmerman Court Hearing

  1. Natalie Jackson‏@NatJackEsq

    Crump:”Now Trayvon Martin is being profiled again posthumously as a MMA-loving, violent thug under the guise of pursuing justice.” (3/4)

  2. JesusVotesObama says:

    this disturbs me to no end. trayvon’s school records have zero relevance in the trial of a man who shot him, in the dark, in a town he didn’t even live in. i see grounds for appeal already.

    • Mark O’Mara is trying to taint the jury pool by painting this innocent kid as a big black thug. We saw it in the first bond hearing when he showed the video of Trayvon at the 7-11.

  3. Natalie Jackson‏@NatJackEsq

    Attorney Crump’s Statement in this article sums up one of the big points…PROFILING IS BAD.

  4. News conference after George Zimmerman hearing

  5. Judge set an Oct. 26 hearing on gag order motion at 1:30pm.

  6. Mark O’Mara is a snake. O’Mara: Mr. Martin’s passing? What? The kid didn’t just pass away. He was killed by George Zimmerman, O’Mara!

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