Mitt Romney’s Easy Five-Step Approach to Foreign Policy

CHICAGO —In advance of Monday’s presidential debate, Obama for America is laying out Mitt Romney’s five easy steps for crafting foreign policy in a new video. By following this simple plan, Romney is sure to be a blundering success.


•Step 1: Get the facts wrong;
•Step 2: Undermine long-lasting relationships with your allies;
•Step 3: Frequently highlight your lack of experience;
•Step 4: Assemble a team of ideologues committed to endless war;
•Step 5: Mistake your enemies (“C’mon, Mitt…think!”).

That’s it: five easy steps to successfully lead America on the world stage – blunder by blunder.

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26 Responses to Mitt Romney’s Easy Five-Step Approach to Foreign Policy

  1. Get the transcript: Mitt Romney and the Republican Party’s antipathy toward reality

    MR. ROMNEY: I — I — I want to make sure we get that for the record, because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.
    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Get the transcript.

    MS. CROWLEY: It — he did in fact, sir.

    So let me — let me call it an act of terrorism — (inaudible) —

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Can you say that a little louder, Candy? (Laughter, applause.)

    MS. CROWLEY: He did call it an act of terror.

  2. Mitt Romney Leaked Video on Wanting Another Iranian Hostage Crisis

  3. After Libya misfire, pressure on Romney in foreign policy debate,0,2182172.story

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off on Monday in their third and final debate, it will be the Republican challenger’s last best chance to recover from his botched “Libya moment” and exploit vulnerabilities in his opponent’s foreign policy record.

    But Romney has an uphill struggle to make his case against Obama, who will be buoyed by the advantages of incumbency as well as polls showing him with an edge – though a shrinking one – on the question of who is more trusted in global affairs.

    With this week’s debate in Boca Raton, Florida, coming just 15 days before the election and devoted entirely to foreign policy, it could be the riskiest of the three nationally televised showdowns for Romney, largely because of his own inexperience and recent blunders on the world stage.

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  5. Bette says:

    I’m still amazed over that debate, Romney telling the president ” You’ll get your turn, I’m talking” or something like that. What the hell kind of man does that! A bullying liar, and why for cripes sake does anyone believe him? I don’t get it….If he has such distain for the office, what is he doing here? He wants to be king, that’s scary. Wish I had another place to run to if he buys his way in!

    • Mitt Romney is a disrespectful bully who thinks he can lie, bully and cheat his way into the White House. Mitt was dripping with distain & didn’t like the President challenging him on his outright lies and tried to treat our President with disrespect. The Romney family thinks they’re entitled to be in the White House. GTFOOH!

    • I think dictator,king is to lowly for him,we aren’t good enough to be subjects.I want to throw-up everytime l hear his voice let alone see that stupid looking face.Good call Bette,vote B.Obama

  6. Mitt Romney Rips Russia On Campaign Trail

    WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney calls Russia the No. 1 foe of the United States and promises to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin. But if he’s elected president, he might find that he’ll need Moscow’s help.

    Russia plays a critical role in facilitating the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The United States also needs Moscow’s cooperation on keeping nuclear materials away from terrorists and American adversaries, and preventing gridlock at the U.N. Security Council, where both countries have vetoes.

    While Romney has criticized President Barack Obama’s “reset” – his administration’s policy for improving relations with Russia – he has not said what exactly he would do differently beyond taking a tougher approach. Given U.S. interests in a cooperative relationship with Russia, some analysts think Romney may have to tone down his rhetoric if wins the White House.

  7. Rachel Maddow Reminds Us Again What Romney’s Foreign Policy Team Would Look Like

    With the final presidential debate on foreign policy coming up this Monday, Rachel Maddow again reminded us of the fact that Mitt Romney, with no real experience of his own, is just reassembling George Bush’s foreign policy team and hoped that this is a topic that is finally discussed during the debate on Monday evening.

    Maddow again featured too wrong to fail, Dan Senor, who’s been traveling around working with vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on the campaign trail for now. And she took the viewers through the long list of other Bushies who Mitt Romney has hired.

  8. Bill Maher Explodes At Conservatives Over Romney’s Libya Criticism: Your Attitude Is ‘F**k Facts’

    On Friday, Bill Maher‘s panel — consisting of the National Review’s John Fund, Daily Caller contributor Boris Epshteyn and MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor — took on the White House response to the Libya attack, and Mitt Romney‘s subsequent line of attack during the second debate. Why, Maher pleaded, can’t you just admit Romney was wrong?

    Maher began by noting the Libya moment from the second presidential debate, when Romney said the president didn’t call the attack an act of terror until 14 days later. He then showed a quote from the following day — in which Obama said “no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation.” As well as a quote from the day after.

    This is a gaffe, Maher said. As Fund and Epshteyn heatedly argued against that point, Taylor told them, “You watched Mitt Romney on the president, and buck his ass right into the hall.”

  9. Pat Lewis says:

    This is the arrogant face of a person who is not used to being challanged by the truth, especially by a man who happens to be black- The Curse of Cain – belief of LDS.

  10. Terry Moran‏@TerryMoran

    Ambassador Susan Rice wasn’t lying or covering up. She was relying on this CIA analysis of the Benghazi attack:

  11. Albright and Berger on @MittRomney’s blunder and bluster foreign policy:

    In last Tuesday’s debate, Governor Romney demonstrated the flawed nature of his approach to national security. Instead of outlining a clear and coherent vision of what he would do as commander-in-chief, he has chosen to attack the administration for alleged weakness. This accusation is based on assertions – that the president has failed to support allies or stand up for America – that are simply not supported by facts.

    Recall that, on his first day in office, President Obama confronted two hot wars, a persistent terrorist threat, a global economic crisis, a divided NATO and an America whose international prestige had fallen to the lowest levels since the Vietnam War. Obviously, the president possessed no magic wand and could not solve every dilemma overnight; but he immediately set to work and has shown a remarkable steadiness of purpose.

  12. Issa Carelessly Outs Libyan Civilians Working With U.S.

    Nothing seems to faze Mr. Issa or deter him in the least in his partisan witch hunts — not even endangering the lives of people who are covertly working with the United States. But then, Republicans aren’t really patriots. They just play them on TV:

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) compromised the identities of several Libyans working with the U.S. government and placed their lives in danger when he released reams of State Department communications Friday, according to Obama administration officials.

    Issa posted 166 pages of sensitive but unclassified State Department communications related to Libya on the committee’s website afternoon as part of his effort to investigate security failures and expose contradictions in the administration’s statements regarding the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi that resulted in the death of Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

  13. Many of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers helped push the U.S. into war with Iraq.

  14. Five myths about the bin Laden raid

    Osama bin Laden is dead, but he remains alive in the rhetoric of both political parties. On the campaign trail, President Obama has been touting bin Laden’s death as one of his singular achievements. Challenger Mitt Romney has suggested that credit belongs instead to “military and intelligence professionals.” The raid could come up again at Monday’s presidential debate on foreign policy. Here’s a recap of what happened that day — and what didn’t.

    1. The decision to launch the raid was a close call.
    2. Obama called off the raid several times.
    3. The SEAL team engaged in a lengthy firefight.
    4. Bin Laden lived in luxury.
    5. The Obama team has eagerly leaked secrets about the raid to reporters

  15. President Obama: Please proceed, Governor.
    Mitt Romney: Candy, I want to make sure we get that for the record.

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