Photos | President Obama 2012 Election Victory

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  2. We’re a Winner

    No more tears do we cry

    And we have finally dried our eyes

  3. Reblogged this on cadesertvoice and commented:
    Great photos from last night!! Thank you, 3ChicsPolitico!

  4. Christopher Hayes‏@chrislhayes

    Looking at the exit polling it’s clear the Obama campaign has built the most formidable field operation in the history modern campaigns

  5. Poll: Latino Vote Devastated GOP Even Worse Than Exits Showed–politics.html

    Mitt Romney lost Latinos by unprecedented margins — even worse than the initial exit polls showed — according to a study by Latino Decisions.

    An election eve poll of 5,600 voters across all 50 states by the group, which has researched the Latino vote throughout the campaign, concluded Obama won by an eye-popping 75-23 margin. Their research concluded that CNN’s exit poll estimate of 71 percent of Latinos breaking to Obama likely undercounted their support, although they agreed with the assessment that turnout equaled 10 percent of the electorate

    “For the first time in US history, the Latino vote can plausibly claim to be nationally decisive,” Stanford University university professor Gary Segura, who conducted the study, told reporters.

    According to Segura, the Latino vote provided Obama with 5.4 percent of his margin over Romney, well more than his overall lead in the popular vote. Had Romney managed even 35 percent of the Latino vote, he said, the results may have flipped nationally.

  6. vitaminlover says:

    I like the color blue.

  7. Obama Dominates Headlines at Newseum


  9. 3Chics is celebrating President Obama Victory Botswana style!

    [wpvideo WKNQ0Iru]

  10. Ametia says:

    WOW! SG2; your galleries are thing our sheer beauty… just breathtaking. I love the first family, Dr. jill & VP Biden. And the Obama campaign, they are the BEST, STEALTH TEAM. EVER!!!!!

    Thanks for all your creative genius, SoutherGirl.

  11. Thank you ladies for the most excellent work you did getting information out to us. The three of you were vital part in helping our president server 4 more years. God bless you ladies.

  12. rikyrah says:

    this is so wonderful, SG2. thank you

  13. CNN lit the Empire State Building in New York City in blue to display the result of the presidential election on Tuesday, indicating that President Obama, a Democrat, was re-elected. The lights were similarly set up to flash red if the challenger, Republican Mitt Romney, won the night.

    • Carol says:

      Spectacular night! President Obama spoke so eloquently during his Victory speech..truly a class act. I have never seen such a speech in my lifetime! God Bless All!

  14. BBC News – Obama second term: What it means for the world

  15. Nation’s Capital Jubilant Following Obama Win

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