Video | President Obama: “I’m Really Proud Of You All”

As you can see and hear from the video, the defining moment in the campaign became clear when Voters stood in line and voted for President Obama.  And they wouldn’t have done this, if they didn’t BELIEVE in him.  That’s why his supporters got involved with the campaign.  There was  an emotional appeal.  It went beyond  great technology, and a strategic ground game.

36 hours ago, President Obama was re-elected for a second term.

Here’s a recap of his LANDSLIDE VICTORY:

Mitt Romney NEVER had the math to defeat the President. NEVER.

*HIGHLIGHTS of Call with Jim Messina, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Stephanie Cutter

With the phenomenal team of campaign staff and volunteers, the president increased and surpased his supporter base. Here’s a breakdown of what was learned from this election:

  • AFRICAN AMERICANS IN OHIO:  from 11%-15%
  • FL YOUTH VOTERS:  66% in 2012
  • LATINOS:  71%- The highest since 1996
  • FL: 57%-60%
  • LATINO VOTERS IN COLORADO:2008: 61%- 2012: 75%
  • CUBAN-AMERICANS in FL 13%-14%
  • 56% MODERATE VOTERS.  His staff and supporters identified these voters and determined their concerns like, social issues medicare, jobs, ACA, issues that mattered.
  • Voters don’t see COMPROMISE as a dirty word.  They want balance.
  • David Axelrod:  Repbulican party needs to do some Soul-searching as to whether they can represent America as America IS.
  • There are more  Democratic  in the Senate and House
  • Karen Tumulty from WaPo asked what was the point/effects of all the outside money in the campaign?  Axelrod:  I’d be asking where my refund is, but it would be worthy looking at the  breakdown of any results.  They couldn’t buy the WHITE HOUSE.
  • 83% Puerto Rican Vote-  The Hispanic commnunity are hard-working and know that education is important.  Jim Messina said that during the GOP primaries, they used the Hispanic vote as a “political football.”
  • David Plouffe said it is important to stay INVOLVED with the issues of the day.
  • To continue….

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  1. President Obama Thanks Sharpton For Aiding In Re-Election

    Rev. Al Sharpton, known for staying on the front lines and helping America confront its issues concerning race, recently was thanked by the Commander In Chief.

    President Barack Obama graciously thanked the reverend for his help in getting African-Americans energized to vote in the recent election, as well as keeping people informed on other racial issues across the country.

    Read more about the Sharpton’s involvement with the election and the community in The Daily Beast.

  2. Tim Hall: We Kicked their ass!

    Dee Hill: Say it correctly Tim. “We whooped dey natchal asses!!!!”


    Crying with Laughter

  3. I got emotional too. **sniff** He touched my heart!

  4. Ametia says:

    PBO: “You all are smarter, more organized than me. My hopes have been realized through you.”
    Humility is a sweet.

  5. Ametia says:

    BTW; you’re gonna need these:

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